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Anantya’s design is inspired by Laurie Baker and Geoffrey Bawa’s ideals of minimalism, eco friendliness and trueness of materials. The resort has been designed to leave a minimal eco footprint, using reconditioned tiles and stone pillars, locally procured rubble and brick, sewage treatment and water saving, contour constructions and many other techniques.

Anantya Resorts Cottage
Anantya Resorts Outdoor Patio
Anantya Resorts Pool Villa

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Our Cottages

Anantya features 31 lake-facing villas in 6 categories, each offering something special to the discerning traveler. The villas seamlessly blend the outdoors and the indoors to create a refined space to retreat and relax. Rustic local finishes of mudwalls, exposed brickwork, handmade tiles on sloping roofs…

Sadhana Pool Villas

Anantya Resorts Sadhana Pool Villa

Veda Pool Villas

Anantya Resorts Veda Pool Villa

Prana Jacuzzi Cottages

Anantya Resorts Prana Cottage

Siddhis Villa

Anantya Resorts Siddhi Villa


Indulge in unforgettable dining experiences at Anantya. Choose from a variety of dining options.

Svaad Restaurant

Anantya Resorts Svaad Restaurant

“Svaad” restaurant is the resort’s main and primary dining option. This Al…

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fresco dining room is a beautiful space to sit down, savour your meal and watch the ever-changing yet timeless horizon. Svaad serves a Pan-Indian menu with a smattering of International dishes. Fancy something which isn’t on the menu? Just ask and our chefs will be happy to cook it up for you. We can cater to Vegetarian, Vegan and Jain cuisines.

Lakeside Picnic

Anantya Resorts Lakeside Picnic

We offer you the opportunity to dine in harmony with nature. Enjoy the soothing…

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sound of the lake’s water lapping by the shore and feel the gentle breeze as you sip your cuppa by the lake.

Private Dining

Anantya Resorts Private Dining

“Enjoy a private dinner to celebrate a special occasion or just to make it a night…

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to remember”

Soma Bar

Anantya Resorts Soma Bar

The Soma bar provides magnificent panoramic views of the water.

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The bar is located on the first floor, above the restaurant. You can sit for hours at the bar savouring your drink and soaking up the view.


Yoga Retreats

Yoga at Anantya Resorts

Yoga Inspired Vacations for Individuals or Couples or Families…

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Looking for a yoga retreat to recharge and connect with your true self or with your partner?
Need a yoga retreat that suits your schedule and is private for just you and your loved one? Want to take a family vacation focused on wellness?

  • For Yourself
  • For Couples
  • For Families

You can tailor make your daily schedule, based on our suggestions:

  • Begin the day with a morning yoga session
  • 30 minutes of meditation
  • Breakfast, served as a buffet
  • Enjoy the day reading a book, swimming in the lake or lounging by the pool. Visiting a local attraction like Padmanabhapuram Palace, Thiruvattar Temple, or Kanyakumari. Take a bicycle ride in the countryside.
  • Lunch, Pre-fixed Meal
  • In the afternoon, indulge in an Ayurveda massage therapy. Or learn to make your favourite dish with a cooking demonstration.
  • Evening Yoga Session
  • Dinner
  • Bedtime!

Group Yoga Retreats

Anantya Resorts Outdoor Yoga

Are you a yoga teacher who wants to plan a yoga retreat for your students…

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and don’t know where to start? Leave the planning to us, just get your students together, pack your bags and leave to reach us!

Customize your group yoga retreat at Anantya. Pick:

  • The number of nights of stay.
  • Estimate of the number of students who will attend the retreat.
  • What type of food will your like?
  • What activities would you like to include? We suggest: lounge by the pool, swimming in the lake, hiking, yoga on the mountain top, a vedic puja, cooking demonstration, visit a yoga ashram, enjoy a cultural show. Visit our “Experiences” page for more ideas.
  • Would you like to add Ayurveda massages to focus more on wellness on this retreat?


“Astitva,” Anantya’s Ayurveda spa embodies the essence of holistic wellness. The term “Astitva” in common usage means “existence.” But in Sanskrit, it stands for the attainment of the complete potential of everything. In its purest form it is the attainment of God himself. At Anantya, we use Ayurveda, Yoga, and Meditation to align the body, mind, and the spirit to attain wellness that guests will carry with them into their daily lives, in their pursuit of “Astitva.”


Check out Weddings held at Anantya here:

Anantya Experiences

Anantya is uniquely poised to cater to all travel desires. Enjoy a quite relaxed vacation, a rejuvenating experience, or a more thrilling ride. Make Anantya your destination or use Anantya’s location to explore Tamilnadu and Kerala.


Anantya Resorts Varkala Beach Tour


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A beach par excellence, a temple which will foretell the end of the world, a place to wash away your sins or the place to perch yourself on a cliff’s edge and watch the ocean beneath you. Varkala is a truly spectacular beach. Oh! To be a bird soaring over Varkala to see its wonderful colors.


The picturesque beaches at Kovalam make for a wonderful day trip. You will be dazzled by Kovalam’s 17 Kms of coastline with its rock outcroppings that naturally create 3 sandy crescent shaped beaches. The first of these beaches is the “Lighthouse beach,” named for the Vizhinjam lighthouse that stands right at the beach.

Group Activities

Dinner at Anantya Resorts

BBQ Dinner at the Flat Rock,

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Enjoy a barbeque dinner with a camp fire at the “Flat Rock,” a beautiful rock outcrop in the midst of the rubber plantation. Arrive here as the evening rolls in and wait for the sky to turn dark as night sets in. Enjoy your dinner under the star studden sky. Dance around the camp fire. Play some group games, sing songs, narrate ghost stories maybe! Perfect for family gatherings, reunion groups, corporate groups.

The Base Camp,

Gear up for a rugged outdoor camping experience. Striking a balance between bare basic to glamping, this campsite has tented accommodation and indoor plumbing! Ideal for school groups and corporate team building events. In this rugged outdoors is a rock cut amphitheatre for your team to gather. Participants will be engaged in rope activities like Burma Bridge, rope walking and climbing. Soft hikes, Plantation walks and bird watching can be included for a complete team outing.


Fishing at Anantya Resorts


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“Try your hand at native fishing. The local fisherman throw their nets into the water and rell in the fish. Trust us, it looks easy only when the fisherman does it!”

Take a Corracle Ride,

Ride in the country boat in Chittar lake.

Hike with Cultural Visit

Anantya Resorts Cultural Visit

Kalimalai Kurushumalai,

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A hike to twin peaks, offering an outdoor as well as a spiritual experience.
You will leave Anantya on country roads, drive around the dam, pass through typical rural areas and arrive at the base of the revered twin peaks of Kali Malai and Kuruchu Malai; the abode of Mother Kali of the Hindu faith and Jesus Christ of the Christian faith.

Chitaral Jain Temple,

A short hike to a see a Jain temple and to enjoy wonderful views of the countryside. The Chitharal Jain Temple is about 20 km from Anantya. The monument which is on top of a hillock is believed to date back to the 9th century AD. At the top the hillock is a cave containing rock-cut sculptures of Jain Thirthankaras and attendant deities.

Hike to Marituvamalai & Visit Kanyakumari

On your way to Kanyakumari is “Marutuvamalai”, which means “Medicinal Mountain.” Legend goes that this mountain fell off the large Sanjeevini mountain that was carried by Hanuman to Sri Lanka to revive Lakshman.

Nearest City to Visit

City Visit at Anantya Resorts

Nearest “Big” City of Interest,

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Trivandrum is the nearest city from Anantya. Despite all the growth in and around the city, Trivandrum is still a “small town” at heart. Kerala’s capital where you can see some historical buildings, find great places to shop for local art, furniture, silk saris, ride a boat on the backwaters, or enjoy a kathakali performance. There is plenty to explore in Trivandrum.

Tribal Experiences

Tribal Experiences at Anantya Resorts

The Kani Experience,

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The Kaani are a small tribe of less than 12,000 people that lived in the forests of Kanyakumari, who have their own unique dialectic language, customs and traditions. The Kanis have been relocated out of the forest to adjoining areas. The Kani youth have a strong motivation to preserve their customs and traditions.

Visit a Tribal Settlement

A 20-minute jeep ride from Anantya to the edge of the forest, your path will take you through the orderly rows of rubber trees, through wild fern covered hillsides, over gushing waters of the dam and into the wild disorderly and beautiful forest.


Anantya Resorts Yoga


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Join in a morning yoga session to start your day full of energy.


Pamper yourself at Astitva, Anantya’s Ayurveda spa. A relaxing head and shoulder massage or a full body massage lathered in the reviving Ayurveda oils.

Family Activities

Anantya Resort Mathur Aqueduct Visit

Thirparappu Waterfalls,

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You will leave Anantya on country roads and drive through rural communities to arrive at a cool refreshing waterfall with a charming riverside temple. The falls which is on the Kodayar (Kothai) river is 300 feet wide and falls from a height of nearly 50 feet. Upstream from the waterfalls, is a small Shiva temple on the banks of the river.

Mathur Aqueduct

The bridge is an Aqueduct in Southern India, in Kanyakumari District of Tamil Nadu state. Built over the Pahrali River (also called Parazhiyar), it takes its name from Mathur, a hamlet near the Aqueduct, which is at a distance of about 3 kilometres from Thiruvattar town and about 60 km from Kanyakumari, the southernmost town of India.

Artisan Interaction

Artisan Interaction at Anantya Resorts

Balaramapuram Weavers,

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Balaramapuram, a small town in Kerala is the weaving center for the handwoven cloth worn by generations of Maharajas, the royal family of Travancore and the people of Kerala. Here you will meet the weavers who painstakingly create these understated elegant off-white cloth with its beautiful golden zari “dhothi” for men and the “settu-mundu” that a Kerala bride wears on her wedding day.

Temple Jewelery

Meet the artisans who hand make traditional pieces of jewellery that adorn the idols of goddesses in temples, the Bharatanatiyam dancers, and brides on their wedding day. Visit is to a 5th generation artisan who is striving to keep his art alive when the younger generation wants to move away to bigger cities and take up desk jobs.

Farm Visit

Farm Visit at Anantya Resorts

Meenakshi Orchard Visit,

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Visit Meenakshi Orchards while you drive from Madurai to Anantya or take a trip from Anantya to see this farm. The farm is located near Tirunelveli town slightly off the main Madurai -Kanyakumari highway. This 300 acre fruit farm grows Mangoes, Sapota and Gooseberries among other fruits. It is a flourishing green space amid dry landscape.

Outdoors/Soft Adventure

Hiking at Anantya Resorts

Plantation Walk,

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Walk through a 1000 acre estate with a history of a hundred years at a leisurely pace, stopping to see and understand the many different species of plants and trees. Teak, Mahogany, Jack fruit and Peepal trees in addition to the ever popular Coconut, Banana and Rubber. Learn cultivation practices and environmental precautions taken in the estate. Watch out for many colored insects and small medicinal plants and flowers in the undergrowth.


“Anantya is at the foothills of the Western Ghats and this lends for many hiking trails in the surrounding plantations and forests. We recommend a few here.”

Hiking Kalimalai Kurushumalai

A hike to twin peaks, offering an outdoor as well as a spiritual experience.
You will leave Anantya on country roads, drive around the dam, pass through typical rural areas and arrive at the base of the revered twin peaks of Kali Malai and Kuruchu Malai; the abode of Mother Kali of the Hindu faith and Jesus Christ of the Christian faith.

Hiking Forest Trail

Surrounding Anantya, within a half hour drive are the reserved forests with its dense tall forest trees, waterfalls, lakes, birds, and wild animals. On your trail through the forest you will be led by a Forest Guard who will point out the forest trees, the animal markings on the way, the fruits and berries that grow only in the forest.


Temple Visit at Anantya Resorts

Padmanabhapuram Palace,

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The palace complex is closed on Mondays. Last entry 4:00 pm (Combine this with a visit to the temple of the Travancore Kings).

Thiruvattar Temple

Visitors are required to adhere to a dress code. Men have to remove shirts to enter the premises. Appropriate dress wear is available at the resort.


The tip of India’s mainland offers spectacular ocean views, sunrises and sunsets. It is an also a great human experience.

Suchindram Temple

This temple is dedicated to the Hindu Trilogy, Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. While Brahma stands for creation, Shiva stands for destruction and Vishnu stands for balance in nature. It is unusual to find a temple devoted to all three of the main gods of the Hindu religion.

Chitaral Jain Temple

The Chitharal Jain Temple, belonging to members of the Jain faith is located in the small village of Chitharal.

Cultural Performances

Kathakali, Bharatanatyam, Chendai, Kootu, and Puliattam… experience the traditional dances and music of Kerala and TamilNadu. Watch a Kalaripayittu martial arts performance. All these can be organized at Anantya Resorts.

Resort Activities

Anantya Resorts Night Time Walk

Plantation Walk,

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Experience the life of a rubber tapper: “Start work at 5:00, report for muster, collect your tools, walk in undulating terrain from tree to tree, slice off a thin bark in a swirl, collect the latex in coconut shells.” On this trip you will hear the stories of the rubber plantation: of how a native Brazilian tree made its journey to India, how these plantation are cultivated and how they contribute to the lives of the people in the area.

Water Activities

Engage in the leisurly activity of swimming in our infinity pool, tossing a ball around, or bouncing in a pool zorbing ball, or swim in the warm waters of the lake.

Cooking Demonstration

Our chefs will cook up some healthy food, which is sure to tickle your taste buds, and give you ideas to take to your kitchen!

Bird Watching

Blessed to be in the tropics, Anantya is home to more than 100 variety of birds, many of them endemic to Southern India. From the common to the seldom seen. Kingfisher, Vernal Hanging Parrot, Chesnut-headed bee-eater, Cormorant, Scaly breasted Munia to name a few. If you are an avid bird watcher, be sure to visit Koonthakulam Bird Sanctuary, which sees nearly 10,000 migratory birds visit during the winter season.

Cycling & Picnic Lunch

A relaxed bike ride surrounded by greenery, bright blue skies, and clear lake waters. Lean your bike and hug the curves as the road snakes its way through the countryside. Find a quiet spot by the lake for a family picnic lunch.

Elephant Interaction

Meet these gentle giants in a playful feeding, bathing and riding bareback session.


Catch your dinner of fresh water fish from the lake. Tilapia (Cichlid), Rohu (Carp), Catla (Indian Carp), Karimeen (Green Chromide/Pearl Spot). Go native! Try throwing the fishing net like a native fisherman. He makes it look easier than it is!

Nightime Walk

The darkness is inviting at Anantya. With no lights for miles around, Anantya is a wonderful place to watch the night sky with all its twinkling secrets. Walk with torches in the night through the tall trees and find a clearing to observe the sky. The right time of the year and your path will be lined with fire flies dancing in the dark. Fun for children of all ages!

Bathe in a Waterfalls

Come monsoons and all the waterfalls are swelling and bubbling over. Thriparrapu waterfalls is a popular attraction just a few kilometers from Anantya. If you don’t want to venture even that far or deal with the crowd, walk through the plantation and discover our streams that skip over rocks and create waterfalls and natural pools to bathe in!

“Kreeda” Games Area

Enjoy our selection of outdoor games, badminton, throw ball, basketball, throw a frizbee, fly a kite. Anantya also has a variety of traditional indoor games like Pallankhuyal, Aadu Puli Aatam, Astha Cheema, Dahdi, maybe last seen in your grandmother’s childhood!


Anantya By The Lake, is a tranquil resort that overlooks the scenic Chittar Lake, located approximately 90 mins away from Kanyakumari and Trivandrum railway stations.

Anantya resorts offers 31 lake-facing villas that seamlessly blend the outdoors and the indoors to create a refined space to retreat and relax. Explore Tamilnadu and Kerala through a rejuvenating experience at Anantya resorts.

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