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Affordable Malaysia Destination Wedding Packages with GT Holidays

A wedding means a new starting of your life where, along with the right companion, you enter the new world. How about starting this new life with a destination wedding in Malaysia? Isn’t it exciting?

Everyone, especially a girl, has a lot of dreams about her marriage. She wants everything to be perfect and memorable at her wedding. And, a destination wedding can be the ideal way to make it all unforgettable.

This article is going to help you with knowing everything about wedding venues in Malaysia with price and other essential details. So check out this article without worrying about Malaysia Destination Wedding Packages and money.

Which Part of Malaysia is Best for Destination Weddings?

Malaysia is one of the most preferred locations for destination weddings by celebrities and many people across the globe. Malaysia is a place with the abandoned beauty having borderline of the tourist places like Indonesia and Thailand.

Moreover, you will get all the modern facilities with vibrant culture and rich heritage at the place.

The reason for picking up Malaysia for a destination wedding is simple. Discovering Malaysia is like finding many faces of the same place. Malaysia is a perfect combination of culture, beauty, and food that makes you call it a country home. You can’t deny its foreign significance and rich history that makes this place diversifying. Malaysia is indeed an excellent place for destination weddings.

Malaysia has perfect and soothing weather across the region. So, you can go to any of its tourist locations, for your destination wedding. You will find all the luxurious hotels and beaches at every corner of the country which will make it perfect for your destination wedding.

Tips for Destination Wedding in Malaysia

When you decide on a particular place for a destination wedding, you need to take care of some of the basic things that may cause issues if not done correctly. Have a look at the crucial tips.

Visa for Indians

Being an outsider or an international individual, you need to have a visa to enter Malaysia. However, the application process for Malaysia access is easy and can be done from any of the Indian cities.

You may get your visa process done within six months, including all the legal formalities. And you can check more information about the visa application process on their official website.

Flying schedule

When you are flying for Malaysia, Malaysia Airlines can be the best option for you. At the same time, Air Asia and Jet Airways have a direct flight daily from Delhi, Mumbai, and other metro cities to Kaula Lampur. You can reach your destination within 5 hours.

The Climate of the Place

Climate is an essential part you need to consider before finalizing any location for your destination wedding. Malaysian weather changes from East to West. However, the climate of the country remains the same throughout the year.

If you want to go to the Western part of Malaysia, the time between December to February is the best, whereas, for islands in the Eastern region, June to August will be a perfect time.

What is the Cost of the Malaysia Destination Wedding Package?

Of course, destination wedding packages seem quite pocket cutters. But, the good news is, Malaysia destination wedding packages are affordable to everyone who has considerable savings and a dream of a destination wedding.

The cost of Malaysia’s destination wedding package is not too high. However, it depends on various factors, such as location, number of days to stay and guests, the high or low season, number of functions, your professional wedding planners, an extra expense like photoshoots, etc.

Moreover, the choice and decision are all yours, if you want to go with a grand destination wedding with a top location and venue, or a small destination wedding with elegant events. You will find all kinds of Malaysia destination wedding packages with the versatility to cater to all pocket sizes.

However, the minimum Malaysia destination wedding package can go up to RM 50,000, which is around 8 lakh in Indian currency, and USD 11,000. Whereas on a grand level, a Malaysian destination wedding cost may go up to RM 2,00,000, which is around 35 lakh in Indian currency and USD 47,000. Again, the package does not include additional stays and a honeymoon fare.

If you choose GT holidays, Malaysia destination wedding costs can be kept reasonable for your honeymoon planning.

Best Beaches for Destination Wedding in Malaysia

Malaysia is primarily known for its beauty and is recognized as the best place for destination weddings. However, a beach destination wedding in Malaysia is like a dream. So, here are some of the best destination wedding beaches in Malaysia.

The Datai Langkawi

The Datai Langkawi will be a perfect destination wedding spot. Whatever your choice is, whether it’s a traditional Malay wedding or a simple romantic wedding, you will get the best deals here. It is an ideal amalgamation of modern and explicit joy. However, the hotel’s team will help you throughout to make your wedding perfect as it’s the best destination wedding place in Malaysia.

Avillion Port Dickson

Even if you wish to have a simple destination beach wedding, Avillion Port Dickson gives you the pleasure of their unique stage setting. They have an experienced team to help you with your dream wedding.

Best Resorts to Stay in Malaysia for Wedding Ceremony

If you dreamed of a grand destination wedding in Malaysia, you always wanted to know the best destination wedding venues in Malaysia. Among many of the locations, here are the best destination wedding resorts in Malaysia.

Pangkor Laut Resort

The reason for Pangkor Laut Resort is one of the best destination wedding locations in Malaysia is, you will enjoy a great destination wedding with a sea breeze on the white sandy beach. The island is located three miles away from the West Coast of Malaysia. It will be a perfect place for an elegant wedding.

Tanjung Rhu Resort

Tanjung Rhu Resort will give the pleasure of 5-star accommodation, along with relaxing full-body massage amenities at Jhiva Rhu spa. It is their special facility to comfort you in between dozens of chores of weddings. Moreover, they offer you various wedding themes, such as Indian weddings, Malay weddings, Western weddings, Knot, Puteri-Putera, etc.

Gaya Island Resort

Gaya Island Resort offers you a great destination wedding place, with their unique expertise in all the events. They will organize the events in your culture’s demands and the way you want it to be. Their special touch to your events makes your gathering unforgettable.

Berjaya Tioman Resort

Berjaya Tioman Resort is one of the best places for a destination wedding in Malaysia due to their grand classic events, along with panoramic views. Also, they have a western setup arrangement such as a bottle of wine for the bride and groom, a bridal bouquet, a corsage for the groom, etc. it is a special treat for our stars of the day.

Gem Island Resort Spa

Gem Island Resort Spa is an excellent place for your destination wedding dream. Moreover, many of the national and international celebrities choose this place for their accommodation. Keeping this aside, you can have a sunset and sea view on your special day, with their excellent services. You will be surprised by the presence of cute turtles on the exchange of your vows, as they have made it their center of attraction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a destination wedding in Malaysia cost?
The destination wedding cost in Malaysia varies depending on various factors, like the guests, locations, wedding package, and so on, including the exchange rate of USD to local currency. However, the average cost of a destination wedding in Malaysia can go up to $35,000, around 26 lakh in Indian cash.
When is the Best Time to get married in Malaysia?
The climate of Malaysia remains the same throughout the year as it is a tropical region. However, for a destination wedding, if you want to be in the Western part, the period between December to February will be suitable. Whereas, if you selected the Eastern area, the duration between June to August would be preferable.
How do I plan a Destination Wedding in Malaysia?
Destination wedding gives butterflies in the stomach due to excitement. And when you have decided to go to a place like Malaysia, you need to be ready with the vital planning. However, you need to start planning by determining the location for your wedding, preparing a guest list, currency exchange, accommodations, visa process, the suitable period for the wedding, organizing events, and so on. Last but not the list, you need to consider and calculate the expenditure you will spend on the wedding.
How much is an all-inclusive destination wedding?
Well, this element depends on various factors, along with the location of a wedding. But, it is seen that the all-inclusive destination wedding's average cost is lower than that of the average cost of a domestic wedding. You can check it from the survey, wherein in 2019, the average price of a destination wedding was $8,237, including accommodation, airfare, and the wedding package itself.
Do you pay for guests at destination weddings?
At most places, the guests take responsibility for their fares, such as for bookings, hotel rooms, airfare, and the extra expense, such as shopping and food. However, bridesmaids will have to spend the fare for their wares, hair, and makeup. Also, groomsmen will be expected to take care of their own expenses.
How do I Book a Venue or Resort for a Destination Wedding?
After deciding on which place you want to go for your destination wedding, you need to see which companies offer you the destination packages for the same venue as the wedding packages. When you are done with this selection, you can either book it through their official website or consult their team.
Is a Destination Wedding being safe during the pandemic time?
No one is unaware of the situation of the Covid pandemic. And the restrictions and precautions are essential to be taken for the betterment of the current situation. Talking about the destination wedding during pandemic times, I will not be entirely correct if I say YES. But, if you and, of course, everyone takes proper care and precautions, the wedding can be safe.
Do you organize only Weddings or other events as well?
GT holidays are specialized in arranging tours and holidays for a variety of groups at different locations. However, they are offering you the services of various types of terms, such as educational, international, Indian, along with honeymoon packages.

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