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A honeymoon is an ideal way for newlyweds to begin their life together. It also helps them relax from the stress of planning for the wedding. At GT Holidays, we specialize in designing affordable honeymoon packages that match your budget and taste.

Why Is Kodaikanal the Best Place for A Honeymoon?

Kodaikanal is often referred to as the ‘Princess of Hill Stations.’ It combines two words- ‘Kodai’ and ‘Kanal. This beautiful hill station is famous for its fog-covered mountains, pleasant climate, and pine forests. In fact, there’s no better place than Kodaikanal for a romantic holiday. At GT Holidays, we have put together several Kodaikanal honeymoon packages that suit different budgets and preferences. We aim to simplify your travel experience with organized activity options and unique locations.

Kodaikanal Honeymoon Package Cost

How To Plan a Romantic Kodaikanal Honeymoon Tour?

Surrounded by dense forests, lush green surroundings, scenic waterfalls, tranquil lakes, and more than comfortable guest houses, Kodaikanal is one of the best honeymoon destinations in South India.

This enthralling location welcomes tourists all-round the year thanks to its delightful weather and welcoming hosts. There are plenty of activities and sightseeing opportunities that make Kodaikanal an ideal honeymoon destination. Some of the activities included in our Kodaikanal honeymoon packages include nature walks, trekking, camping, horse riding, and boating.

How Much Does a Kodaikanal Honeymoon Package Cost?

Known for its winding roads and colonial buildings, Kodaikanal is ideal for newlyweds seeking inexpensive vacation ideas. At GT Holidays, we create well-curated Kodaikanal honeymoon packages that include some of the best locations and accommodations.

A typical package ranges anywhere from INR 20,000 to INR 30,000 and could go up to INR 50,000.

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Popular Attractions in Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal attracts tourists from all around the world who come here to experience its natural beauty. When looking for Kodaikanal honeymoon packages, make sure it includes some of the below-mentioned locations:

Guna Cave

Famous for being the spot where the movie ‘Guna’ was shot, this cave is a prominent tourist attraction in Kodaikanal. The place was initially called Devil’s Kitchen from one of the stories in the Mahabharatha – legend has it that the Pandavas cooked their meals in these caves.

Vattakanal Falls

The Vattakanal Falls is closer to popular attractions like Liril Falls, Pillar Rocks, and the Kodaikanal Rose Garden. The best time to visit Vattakanal Falls is between October and January.

Kodaikanal Honeymoon Package Price

Perumal Peak

The Perumal Malai Peak is one of the peaks in the Perumalmalai Hills and a part of the Greater Western Ghats. It is a popular trekking route that begins from the Perumalmalai Village and covers a distance of 7 km, taking about 3 to 4 hours one-way.

What Is the Best Time to Visit Kodaikanal for Honeymoon?

Kodaikanal is extremely appealing throughout the year but especially pleasant during the winter. October to June is best for outdoor and other sightseeing activities. November to February is chilly and ideal to find some of the best Kodaikanal honeymoon packages.

The winters aren’t teeth-chattering cold but pleasant enough to make your romantic time with your loved one cozy. April to June is summer season and crowded, thanks to people looking to escape the sweltering heat. July to September is monsoon and ideal for cheap Kodaikanal honeymoon packages.

Why Choose Kodaikanal Honeymoon Packages from GT Holidays?

Despite being a small hill station, there are plenty of tourist attractions in Kodaikanal. At GT Holidays, we’ve carefully put together honeymoon packages that include all major locations and activities. With us, you can experience everything that this enthralling hill station has to offer.

What Are Some of The Best Lakes in Kodaikanal for Honeymoon?

The true essence of this magical location lies in its pristine lakes and majestic waterfalls that make up most of what Kodaikanal is all about. With our Kodaikanal Lake honeymoon package, you can witness first-hand what it feels like to be in the heart of heaven, feeling the equanimity washing over you.

Kodaikanal Packages for Couples

Kodai Lake

A man-made wonder, this age-old lake resembles a star and is one of the best lakes in Kodaikanal. It is famous for its shimmering waters, surrounded by the scenic beauty of the hills and sensational vistas.

Berijam Lake

An au naturel lake surrounded by pine trees, the calm waters make for a peaceful visit where you can set up a blanket nearby for a mini picnic. And if you are lucky, you might spot some migratory birds too. From here, you can also go to the nearby hills or do some boating; no matter what you do, you are in for a fun time.

Mannavanur Lake

This isolated beauty is called ‘Nature’s Paradise’ and rightly so. Covered in mist and surrounded by lush green forest, it is known amongst couples for its unique ‘Coracle Riding’ – a type of boat that’s circular and cozy enough for couples the scenic beauty together.

What Are Some of The Best Places to Visit in Kodaikanal for Honeymoon?

With the weather so pleasant and views so alluring, being in Kodaikanal indeed feels like being in a movie surrounded by everything so fascinating and charming. Here are some of the locations included in our Kodaikanal trip package for couples:

Pine Forest

Click swoon-worthy pictures with your love in this beautiful forest full of pine trees and travel right into a romantic movie. You can even go horse riding here to make it all the more real.

Pillar Rock

This famous spot is a miracle of Kodaikanal, consisting of three vertically positioned huge rocks with a chamber between two rocks.

Kodaikanal Trip Package for Couples

Kurinji Andavar Temple

The Kurunji Andavar Temple is dedicated to Lord Murugan and was built in 1936 by a European lady who converted to Hinduism. During the summer festival in May, the temple is very popular among locals. It also offers a breathtaking view of the Vaigai dam and Palani Hills.

Best Hotels and Resorts to Stay in Kodaikanal for Honeymoon

There are plenty of hotels and resorts in Kodaikanal offering quality accommodation at a low cost. Some of the popular resorts in this area include:

Sterling Kodai Lake Resorts

Situated on the banks of Kodai Lake, this luxurious resort has a European touch to it while offering some of the best views.

The Tamara Kodai

More on the lavish side, this resort features a recreational center for an action-packed and romantic holiday.

Kodai Resort

Closer to most famous attractions, this contemporary style resort often enjoys more preference than others and for all the right reasons.

With GT Holidays’ best Kodaikanal Packages for couples, you can visit this ‘Queen of a hill station’ in all its glory, enhancing your honeymoon experience.

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FAQs about Kodaikanal Honeymoon Packages

What Is the Best Time to Visit Kodaikanal?
Kodaikanal has pleasant weather throughout the year, but the ideal time for honeymooners is winter. The best months to visit Kodaikanal are between October and March when the weather is extremely pleasant.
How Many Days Are Enough for A Kodaikanal Trip?
Minimum two days and a maximum of five days are more than enough to enjoy your trip to this beautiful hill station.
Is Kodaikanal Safe for Couples?
Yes, it is safe to visit Kodaikanal for couples and anyone looking to escape the busy city life.
How Can I Reach Kodaikanal?
Madurai International Airport is 120 km away and the nearest airport to Kodaikanal. The hill station is well connected to various cities, including Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Trichy, and Ooty.
How Can I Travel Within Kodaikanal?
The best way to get around in Kodaikanal is by foot or bicycle.
Visa Requirements for International Travelers Visiting Kodaikanal
You need a valid passport and visa or e-visa to visit Kodaikanal. You also need a valid e-pass from the district administration to see certain areas.

Get the Guaranteed Best Vacation Deals from GT Holidays

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