Travel Story of a Hairdresser Offered 1000 Haircuts in 1 Year

We, at GT Holidays will always look for some interesting real stories around the world. It gives a great joy when we are chatting with people who share their own travel experiences. In this week, we will have a quick conversation with Jun Kuwabara, a Japanese hairdresser who travelled across the world to do 1000 […]

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New Travel Startups That Offer a Fresh Mapping Experience

Maps play a great role for travellers as they use while moving to newer and localized places.  More and more discovery is made to reach the desired destination. The printed maps will be no longer useful though appreciated by few travellers. At present, the travellers expect to get all the information about a destination in […]

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Travel Preparation – 5 Things to Know Before You Board

Whatever your final destination may be, you need to smoothly get through the boarding process in the airport. GT Holidays presents you the top 5 effective strategies to implement before your travel. Let’s have a peep into the main article below: Stay Secure  It is always important to stay alert right from the start till […]

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Top Incredible Places to Visit in Diwali

Diwali is one of the popular festivals celebrated in various states of India. This festival of lights symbolizes that evil power will vanish and good deeds will come to the people. Everyone ensure to clean their entire house before this special festival. Most of the Hindus celebrate the festive for 5 days in which they […]

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