Dubai is an extravagant city where people don’t do anything by halves. From the Dubai Mall to the Dubai Frame, innovation and opulence define this Middle Eastern metropolis. It’s a place for futuristic skylines, including the Burj Khalifa and Palm Jumeirah. If you are interested in optical illusions, visit the Museum of Illusions in Dubai. Make sure it is included in your Dubai tour packages. Here are a few things you must know before visiting the Museums of Illusions in Dubai.

When Was the Museum of Illusion Started?

The Museum of Illusion in Dubai was founded in 2018 at Al Seef. It is a part of the global chain of museums, with the first museum started in 2015 in Croatia. You can visit the museum from three main areas – Deira, Old Dubai, and Bur Dubai. It is always a few minutes’ walk from the Dubai International Airport and the Al Fahidi Metro.

Museum Of Illusions Opening and Closing Time

The Museum of Illusions in Dubai is open from Sunday to Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. The museum is open from 10 a.m. until midnight, from Thursday to Saturday.

Museum of Illusions Dubai

What’s Special About the Museum of Illusions in Dubai?

The Museum of Illusions displays how the human brain perceives the outside world. The entire museum spans 4,845 square feet, featuring 80 interactive exhibits, including optical illusions, stereograms, and holograms. There is also a playroom full of puzzles and brainteasers designed to challenge your mind. Some of the interesting attractions in the museum include:

Optical Illusions

The museum has a huge number of images that use colour and light to fool the visitors’ minds. Some of these images are shapeshifters designed to play with your mind. In fact, observing them for just 30 seconds can make them change, diminish, move, or disappear. For instance, the Tilted Room gives you an illusion that everything’s titled.

The Ames Room

The Ames Room is a magical space where visitors appear as giants in one corner of the room but turn into dwarves at another end of the same room.

The Vortex Tunnel

This room is designed to test the balancing abilities of the mind. Visitors entering the room will be tricked as if walking through a rotating cylinder. Soon enough, you will lose your balance and even fall. The fear of losing balance and your head spinning is real.


These are 3D illusory images and objects where objects come and disappear and then come back in different forms to confuse and surprise visitors.

Chair Illusion

This attraction is based on the Law of Proportion and Perception. When sitting on the chair, visitors look tiny while the person next to it is a different height.

Other attractions in the Museum of Illusions in Dubai include the anti-gravity room, Head-on-a-Platter, True Mirror, etc.

How Much Does the Museum of Illusions Cost in Dubai?

Tickets to the Museum of Illusions in Dubai cost around AED 80 for adults and AED 60 for children. You can also buy family tickets with access for two adults and two kids.

What To Buy at The Museum of Illusions in Dubai?

You can buy keepsakes for children and loved ones at the shopping area near the mall. You can purchase educational toys for younger children, 3D lighting globes, pencils, t-shirts, and over 90 dilemma games.

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