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The GT Holidays Private Ltd (‘the Company, ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’) accepts bookings subject to the following conditions. We wanted to inform that these conditions will be applicable only for tour arrangements booked by the clients with the company. Once you book your tickets with us, it means that you have accepted our terms and conditions in a correct manner. All references in these conditions such as “booking”, “tour” or arrangements means the tour arrangements and does not specify anything particular. Please ensure to read over the terms and conditions in our website as to get a clear idea of the respective rights.

1. Your Tour Contract

The contract placed between the Client and Company (between “you” and “our company”) is important to us. We assure that the contract placed between us will not be revealed to any of the private third parties. GT Holidays will stand with their customers in matters of any dispute, claim or any disputes arise between us. However, we are not responsible for the problems caused in your own matters or personal. No employee in the company other than the director of GT Holidays has the right to vary or omit any of these terms. No promises will be offered for discounts and promotions unless it is made in written form.

2. Secure your Booking

To secure the booking, GT Holidays requests the customers to pay an amount for minimum deposit. This is mandatory for all the tour packages and sometimes high deposit amount will be asked to cover payment conditions. You need to read over the booking conditions and general information of the tour packages selected. Any doubts regarding the booking process can be cleared over the phone or you can send an email to The tour company shall assist you in any kind of tour related matters.

3. Payment for your Tour

After the deposit, you are required to pay the balance amount within a period of one week. In certain cases, the people would be asked to deposit the full payment at an earlier stage before the start of the holiday. The “balance due date” will be estimated to the customer at the time of direct contact in our office or through email. In case of non-payment, the tour company has the right to cancel your booking at any point of time.

Account Details

Account no : 250105000116
Account type : OD
Bank : ICICI
IFSC Code : ICIC0002501

All payments should be made against this account only and not to any other accounts or gpay numbers.

4. Change in Booking

If you are interested to make any changes in the booking, then you are requested to directly visit our branch office with your receipts. The changes will be made on the basis of certain emergency conditions alone. We do not entertain the people to make repeated changes. Minor changes will only be allowed. It will be applicable only under certain conditions.

5. Cancellation of Booking

Cancellation of booking is allowed in our tour company. But, it merely depends upon the situation. You have the right to cancel the tickets provided under certain circumstances. You need to inform us through call or email before a stipulated period of time. Cancellation charges will be imposed for the customers in few cases. It is important to know that the amount paid will not be refunded at any cost.

6. Complaints

If you have any complaints regarding the holiday arrangements, then you have the right to complain to us at We are eager to hear your complaints and solve to the best extent. You can specify the type of complaint in the mail and send us. Our customer service team will look at the issue and get back to you in a period of 24 hours.

7. Our Responsibility for your Tour

We ensure to arrange each of the holiday arrangements with great care and attention. GT Holidays is responsible for our employees, agents and suppliers at the course of travel. Other than that, we are not responsible for any criminal or violent act that takes place during the time of travel. You should act diligently and enjoy your holiday trip. We advise to stay away from all kind of illegal activities in your journey.

8. Brochure/ Website/ Advertising

The information contained in our website, brochure, itineraries and other advertising material is believed to be clear and understandable for all the visitors. However, there may be errors occasionally and information may be changed at any time. We request all our customers to check out the terms and conditions before at the time of booking. If you find anything complicated, please drop a mail to us at

9. No Smoking Policy

We request all our customers to stay away from smoking at the time of travel. Smoking can really kill the lives of you and others. We do not permit our customers to smoke in the vehicles.

(Please read over the terms and conditions as they are set to our respective rights. Accepting our terms and conditions can offer a safe journey).

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