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    An Unforgettable Romantic Munnar Honeymoon Packages for couples

    There is no better way to celebrate two people’s eternal union than with Munnar’s honeymoon vacations. The lovely weather and stunning scenery in Munnar wonderfully complement your fairytale mood. You can enjoy the creamy mountains, fresh tea slopes, and lush vegetations paired with the cold climate. With GT Holidays Munnar honeymoon packages, you can explore stunning tourist spots and spend quality time with your better half.

    Tips for Munnar Honeymoon Packages

    • Please make sure to follow all the rules and regulations while visiting the National parks
    • Start your trip in the early morning to avoid the busy roads
    • Bring cozy yet comfortable clothes and wear sunscreen to protect from sunburns
    • Last but not least, respect the customs and etiquette of the place and people

    What is the Cost of the Munnar Honeymoon Package?

    GT Holidays provides you with a high-end quality honeymoon experience for a competitive price and our Munnar Honeymoon Package Price varies from Rs.7,547 – Rs.27,400.

    Which part of Munnar is Best for your Honeymoon?

    Munnar has so many aesthetic spots to explore and we must say there is no heaven on earth like Munnar’s cold climate, hot street food, and green lushes. Therefore, we provide the best Munnar honeymoon tour packages for newlywed couples to make the most out of the romantic moment of their life.

    Here is a list of the best places in Munnar to make things easy for you:

    • Munnar Top Station
    • Lakkam Waterfalls
    • Echo Point, Tea Estates
    • Tea Museum
    • Eravikulam National Park
    • Attukad Waterfalls
    • Blossom Park
    • Mattupetty Dam
    • Kundala Lake
    • Pothamedu View Point
    • Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

    What is the best time to visit Munnar for your Honeymoon?

    We suggest you pay a visit between December to February for Munnar honeymoon packages. Tourist all over the world prefers to visit during the winter months because the weather is pleasant and comfortable. The ideal time for a honeymoon is when the minimum temperature drops to 10 degrees Celsius.

    Why GT Holidays is the Best Travel Agency for Munnar Honeymoon Packages?

    We are one of the leading travel agency companies providing Munnar trip packages for couples.

    • We provide you with professionally organized Munnar honeymoon packages.
    • Our travel agency invest our precious time for clients satisfaction and happiness.
    • GT Holidays have a backup team just to guide and advise you throughout the whole trip.
    • Our team is good at planning exciting activities for couples.
    • We invest our time to save your time and money.
    • 100% reliable and open for any types of queries related to your package.

    Best Lakes in Munnar for Honeymoon

    Romantic Munnar Honeymoon Tour Packages are not at all complete without visiting one of the surreal lakes in Munnar. Let’s take a look at the Munnars beautiful lakes:

    Kundala Lake

    The attractive Kundala Lake is located around twenty kilometers away from the hill town of Munnar. It is about 1700 meters above sea level. You and your significant other can simply arrange a picnic in Munnar with the help of GT Holidays. The lake forms an artificial dam Kundala Dam, which is yet another highlight of this region.

    Elephant Lake

    The Elephant Lake gets its name obviously from the elephants because these beautiful animals from Munnar forest often stop by to take a drink from the lake. The lake itself is a mesmerizing sight, therefore, we recommend couples with Munnar Honeymoon Packages to visit this picturesque scenery.

    Best Places to Visit in Munnar for Honeymoon

    Once you have decided on Munnar for your honeymoon after ruminating a lot, the next crucial step is to find what is fun for couples in Munnar. GT Holidays is here to put an end to your rumination. Below given are some finest list of places you must visit in Munna:

    Kolukkumalai Tea Estate

    Kolukkumalai Tea Estate is breathtaking for its green tea estate on the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. On the romantic getaway, don’t forget to visit the factory tour,  the organic handmade tea, aesthetic views of Anayirangal Dam, and the Meeshapulimalai trek.

    Mattupetty Dam

    The construction of Mattupetty Dam was a part of the Hydroelectric project that dated back to the 1940s. The main aim of the construction was water conservation and power generation. Interesting activities to do here are speed boating at Mattupetty Lake, trekking at nearby Shola forests, and visiting Indo Swiss Farm Project.

    Lockhart Gap

    Lockhart Gap is a  highly recommend landscape located approximately around twelve to thirteen kilometers away from Munnar. However, there is an interesting fact behind the name, the name derives from the gap formed by the two mountains that looks like a heart from a certain point. Apart from the interesting name, the location is a complete paradise surrounded by floating mist, emerald tea slopes along with rare species of fauna.

    Eravikulam National Park

    Eravikulam National Park is in Kerala’s Idukki district and is around 12-13 kilometers from Munnar. Eravikulam National Park is home to the rare Nilgiri Tahr, which is found only in the Nilgiri highlands of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The Neelakurinji flowers are yet another highlight of Munnar which blooms once every 12 years. It blankets the entire terrain with its beautiful hues of blue, violet, and purple. The best places to visit here are  Nilgiri Tahr, Neelakurinji flowers, Anamudi Peak, and Lakkam Waterfalls.

    Echo Point

    It is a fun place to visit for a honeymoon! It is usual for couples to shout the names of their loved ones to feel content with the phenomena of echo. The Echo phenomenon, boating at the lake, Top Station, Kundala Lake are the must-visit at Echo Point.

    Best Hotels and Resorts to Stay in Munnar for Honeymoon

    What’s better than a cozy hotel or resort to enjoy the stay in Munnar? Here is the list of best hotels and resorts for the Munnar Trip Package for Couples.

    • Elixir Hills
    • Amber Dale Luxury Hotel and Spa, Munnar
    • Abad Copper Castle Hill Valley Resort
    • Broad Bean Resort & Spa
    • The Munnar Queen
    • SpiceTree Munnar
    • Tea Village Munnar
    • Deep Woods Resort
    • Mountain Club Resort
    • The Wild Trails Munnar

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    FAQs about Munnar Honeymoon

    What is the best time to Honeymoon in Munnar?

    Winter is the ideal season when it comes to honeymoon.

    How many days are enough for the Munnar trip?

    You must spend at least three full days enjoying the beauty of Munnar.

    Which is the best month to visit Munnar?

    The best month is to visit between December and February.

    Is Munnar safe for Honeymoon Couples?

    Yes, Munnar is safe and welcoming towards honeymoon couples.

    How can I reach Munnar?

    You can reach Munnar by air, by rail, or by road. Cochin International Airport is the nearest airport and is about 125 kilometers from Munnar. The nearest railway station is in Kochi or Ernakulam. If you want to travel by road, you can rent a cab or take a bus to Munnar after you arrive in Kochi, Aluva, or Ernakulam.

    How can I travel to Munnar?

    Buses, taxis, rented bikes, and auto-rickshaws are some options for you to travel cheaply inside Munnar.

    What are the visa requirements for International Travelers visiting Munnar?

    International travelers visiting Munnar should obtain a tourist visa.

      Best Offers On Honeymoon Packages
      (Upto 30% Off)

      We assure the privacy of your contact data. This data will only be used by our team to contact you and no other purposes.

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