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If you’ve imagined a honeymoon that includes a perfect blend of natural beauty, culture, and culinary adventure, visit us to choose from over 15 Bali honeymoon packages. People love this vibrant island because it has everything to satiate your romantic and adventurous spirit – from tropical sunshine and jungle thrills to elegant temples and culinary adventure.

Why Is Bali a Popular Honeymoon Destination?

With more than 10,000 temples and the omnipresence of Hinduism, Bali is worthy of its nickname – The Island of Gods. The sheer natural beauty of Bali can be seen through its magical forests, volcanic mountains, magnificent coral reefs, and iconic rice fields. It is one of the most sought-after honeymoon destinations. At GT Holidays, we have curated some of the best Bali honeymoon packages that cover the myriad aspects of this mystical island but at an affordable cost.

Bali Honeymoon Package Cost

How To Choose a Romantic Bali Honeymoon Tour Package?

When looking for Bali honeymoon packages, you must consider the places your partner and you would love to see and explore. Would you like an action-packed adventure or prefer to relax, indulge, and unwind? Luckily for you, Bali has something for everyone! At GT Holidays, we put together packages that match your preferences and tastes.

How Much Does a Bali Honeymoon Package Cost?

At GT Holidays, typical Bali honeymoon packages range anywhere from INR 10,000 to INR 1,00,000, depending on the number of days you’re visiting, the itinerary, accommodation choices, etc. Our all-inclusive packages include accommodation, complimentary breakfast, activities, and airport transfers, but you could customize it to suit your preferences.

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Which Part of Bali Is Best for Honeymoon?

Bali’s tropical landscape and beautiful sandy beaches make the place ideal for a honeymoon. No wonder it is known to be one of the most romantic destinations in the world.

But Bali has so much to offer than its scenic beauty; people from all around the world come to this place to seek spiritual gratification, enjoy its epic nightlife, explore its jungles, climb mountains, and do much more.

If you are looking to de-stress the mind and body while enjoying nature in its true glory, Central Bali is the place for you. You will find yourself amidst sacred temples, shrines, rice paddy fields, scenic waterfalls away from the beaches and crowd, and gain a whole new appreciation for culture and art. But Southern Bali offers you a completely different experience with its luxurious resorts, secluded beaches, and amazing views of the setting sun.

What Is the Best Time to Visit Bali for Honeymoon?

The best time to visit Bali is between April to October when the weather is warm and there’s little rain. July to August and around Christmas and New Year’s are also good times to visit, but the island gets crowded. January and February are off-season because of the rains, but they’re also a great time to find cheap Bali honeymoon packages.

Bali Honeymoon Package Price

Why Choose GT Holidays as Your Travel Partner?

It’s not every day that you get to visit an exotic location like Bali for your honeymoon. We understand that this is a one-time opportunity for many couples to unwind and let loose before getting back into their routines. We custom-design packages that accommodate all your needs, going above and beyond in ensuring that you have a memorable experience.

What Are Some of The Best Beaches in Bali for A Honeymoon?

Bali is known for its white sandy beaches with clear turquoise water and plenty of snorkeling activities. Some of the island’s famous beaches include:

Jimbaran Beach

A clean white sandy beach with shallow waters and a long stretch of coastline, it is one of the best beaches in Bali and most apt for swimming. Couples can relish the exotic seafood cuisine served by the beach, making it the most romantic dinner ever.

Bingin Beach

If you are a fan of surfing, you must visit this beach. It was once a quaint beach but quickly gained popularity as a surfing location. It also offers a great view of the sunset, giving off a romantic vibe for honeymooners.

Bali Package foar Couples

Padang-Padang Beach

This beach was one of the filming locations for ‘Eat Pray Love.’ It has become a popular tourist beach, thanks to the beautiful view of the Indian Ocean and surfing activities.

Suluban Beach

Labelled as ‘Blue Point,’ it is one of the most extraordinary beaches providing some of the best sunset views on the island. It is surrounded by natural limestone formations making it one of the most iconic beaches in Bali.

Which Are Some of The Best Places to Visit in Bali for Honeymoon?

There are so many places to visit and things to do in Bali. At GT Holidays, we include most of the locations mentioned below in our Bali honeymoon packages.


Uluwatu is one of the most loved towns in Bali. With sprawling beaches and a hip lifestyle, this place is a hit amongst Instagrammers. Don’t forget to catch the special ‘Kecak Fire’ dance here on your visit.

Bali Packages for Couples

Spiritual Retreat

This divine island is known for its spiritual healing practices. Tap into the spiritual side of Bali with a rejuvenating spa session, or visit a temple for some soul-searching.

Mount Batur

This is an active volcano but safe for hiking. You can join a hiking tour to enjoy the panoramic view of the surrounding countryside.

Which Are Some of The Best Hotels and Resorts to Stay in Bali for Honeymoon?

You do now want to be exhausted on your honeymoon, which is why choosing the best hotel or resort is extremely important. Here are some of the hotels and resorts you can choose to stay in for your honeymoon:

  • W Bali – Seminyak – Best for a chic honeymoon
  • Four Seasons Bali at Sayan – Best for a spiritual jungle retreat & romance
  • Radisson Blu Bali Uluwatu – Best for a cliff top stay
  • Alila Villas Uluwatu – Luxury accommodation
  • Six Senses Uluwatu – Best for peaceful sea view

Call now to enquire about the best Bali honeymoon packages at a price you can afford. We promise to amplify the whole experience!

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What Is the Best Time to Honeymoon in Bali?
Some of the best months to visit Bali are from April to October- especially if you want a great surfing experience. For honeymooners, the best months are June or September.
Which Is the Best Month to Visit Bali?
Bali is stunning all year round, but May, June, and October are known to be some of the best months to visit Bali on a budget.
How Many Days Are Enough for A Bali Trip?
A week is more than enough to bask in the amazing weather and take in the wonderful sights that Bali has to offer. But, you can indeed extend your trip if you want to explore Bali in great detail.
Is Bali Safe for Honeymoon Couples?
Bali is relatively safe for anyone who wishes to visit this beautiful island. It is also a famous tourist attraction, especially for honeymooners.
How Can I Reach Bali?
You can take an international flight from your country, which will get you to Ngurah Rai Airport, which is close to many of Bali’s famous resorts and hotels.
How Can I Travel Within Bali?
One way is to book a car for yourself and hire a driver so you can escape from the hassle of weaving through traffic. The other option is to bike through the island, an eco-friendly but exhausting idea.
Visa Requirements for International Travelers Visiting Bali
Indians planning to visit Bali for less than 30 days do not need a visa. But if you intend to stay for more than 30 days, Indonesia offers a visa on arrival for an affordable fee.

Get the Guaranteed Best Vacation Deals from GT Holidays

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