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    Blissful Romance with Ooty Honeymoon Package

    Who wouldn’t love waking up to the lovely fragrance of the monsoon showers and enjoying a flavored tea? With the incredible Ooty honeymoon packages, you can gift your partner one of the most memorable trips where you both can completely immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. Nothing could be a better way to celebrate love, relax, and experience pure bliss than organizing a trip to one of the most beautiful honeymoon locations, Ooty. The peaceful hill stations, at an elevation of 2200 meters, have retained the charm and serenity of Ooty. Ooty is always a perfect change and escapes from the hustle and bustle of city life.

    At GT Holidays, we offer a romantic Ooty honeymoon tour package and a premium Ooty honeymoon package with the flight to cater to all your needs while maintaining quality standards. Explore our amazing Ooty Trip Package for Couples to experience the magic that Ooty has to offer in the embrace of your love.

    How to Plan a Honeymoon trip to Ooty?

    Planning a trip can be a stress-inducing activity even though you are familiar with the destination. An ill-conceived trip can result in the loss of money as well as time. Here are some tips to remember while you’re preparing for the journey of your dreams:

    • Pack all your necessities depending upon the time of your travel and the weather in Ooty.
    • Check out the romantic Ooty honeymoon tour package offered on our website and read more about the list of attractions you would like to visit in Ooty.
    • Before you get started, grab all the necessary contact information of your travel partner, GT Holidays, so that you can easily contact us in the case of an emergency.

    What is the cost of Ooty Honeymoon Package?

    A stay of three nights and four days is sufficient for honeymooners who want to see all of Ooty’s major attractions, but couples can prefer a much more relaxed stay that can ignite your romance. Ooty honeymoon package cost is predicted to be about INR 6500 per couple based on an average daily expense. The flight costs are not included in the final calculation since they are dependent on a variety of factors such as timing and availability.

    Which part of Ooty is Best for a Honeymoon?

    With Ooty honeymoon packages, you can enjoy the enthralling scenic beauty with your beloved. On your romantic escapade, majestic hills, dancing waterfalls, gorgeous lakes, and valleys, will mesmerize you. If you’re looking to create a list of attractions in Ooty, check out the must-visit places included in the romantic Ooty honeymoon tour package. With so many fascinating sights to visit, we guarantee that your honeymoon in Ooty will most definitely be your most memorable trip.

    Botanical Garden

    It is one of Ooty’s most famous landmarks and a significant tourist destination that spans 22 hectares of land. The lush green surrounding consists of rare flowers, well-maintained bushes, and blossoming trees. Taking a stroll with your love amidst the exotic flowers is a memory to be cherished till the end of time.

    Rose Garden

    Enjoy the stunning display of the world’s largest and rarest rose collections at the Rose Garden.

    Ooty Lake

    Ooty Lake, which covers 65 acres, is one of the most popular attractions for couples visiting Ooty. Enjoy the boating experience while experiencing the cool breeze and relaxing in the spectacular surroundings.

    Tea Estate

    You don’t have to be a tea lover to go on a honeymoon to a hill station surrounded by beautiful green tea farms. But if you are a tea lover, heaven is waiting for you at the tea estate.

    Doddabetta Peak

    It is the highest mountain in Nilgiri Hills from where you may enjoy the panoramic view of Ooty.

    What is the Best Time to visit Ooty for a Honeymoon?

    From October to February, although the daytime temperature remains mild and pleasant for touring. Most couples visit Ooty during the winter season to enjoy the chilly weather. Temperatures can even drop below 5 degrees Celsius on occasion. It’s worth noting that the coldest months are January and February.

    Why GT Holidays is the Best Travel Agency for Ooty Honeymoon Packages?

    GT Holidays is a fully integrated travel firm that provides complete solutions for both businesses and travel enthusiasts worldwide. The company strives to fulfill the needs of the clients while offering the utmost transparency and cost-effective solutions. GT Holidays offers customized Ooty Tour & Ooty Honeymoon packages for couples at an affordable cost.

    Best Waterfalls in Ooty for Honeymoon

    Well, here’s a list of some of the best waterfalls in Ooty that you should visit if you want to relax and enjoy the visual treat.

    • Catherine Falls is a mesmerizing sight to see.
    • Katary Falls is one of the most visited waterfalls in Ooty.
    • Law’s Falls offers scenic beauty for visitors.
    • OtehKodaaru (Halasana Falls) is a well-known waterfall in India.
    • Pykara Falls is a must-visit that offers an enchanting view of nature.

    Best Places to visit in Ooty for Honeymoon

    Ooty Lake

    It is one of the most romantic spots in Ooty for newlywed couples looking to spend some quality time together. You may go boating or rent a cycle for a romantic trip around the lake with your partner.

    Botanical Garden

    The garden consists of rare and luscious trees and plants. You may experience a sense of inner peace when you visit the garden. A 20 million-year-old tree trunk may be seen in the heart of the Gardens.

    Avalanche Lake

    In Ooty, Avalanche Lake is one of the most adventurous places. You can walk alongside the lake while the cool breeze hugs your body. You may also go fishing and spend the night camping with their sweetheart near the lake.

    Best Hotels and Resorts to Stay in Ooty for Honeymoon

    When arranging a honeymoon, it is essential to select the appropriate accommodation. Take a glance at some of the top-rated hotels for couples in Ooty. Listed some hotels:

    • Ooty’s Savoy Hotel
    • Sullivan Court at Fortune Resort
    • Elk Hill Resorts and Hotels in Sterling, Ooty

    At GT Holidays, we offer customized Ooty honeymoon packages and you will receive discounts on the Ooty honeymoon package price. GT Holidays also offers great deals and discounts on various vacation packages.

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    FAQs about Ooty Honeymoon

    How can I travel in Ooty?

    Buses, taxis, hired bikes, and auto-rickshaws are some of the low-cost options available for traveling within Ooty.

    How can I reach Ooty?

    The nearest domestic airport to Ooty is Coimbatore and all the three means of transportation, namely, train, road, and air, may be used to travel to Ooty.

    Is Ooty safe for Honeymoon Couples?

    Ooty, reportedly, has quite fewer cases of violence and is in general a safe and secure place.

    How many days are enough for the Ooty trip?

    Ooty can be easily covered in 2-3 days.

    Which is the best month to visit Ooty?

    October can be considered as the best time to visit Ooty, especially for couples on honeymoon.

    What is the best time to Honeymoon in Ooty?

    The best time to visit Ooty is during the winter.

    Visa Requirements for International Travellers visiting Ooty?

    Tourists traveling to Ooty must carry a tourist visa that is valid for three months.

      Best Offers On Honeymoon Packages
      (Upto 30% Off)

      We assure the privacy of your contact data. This data will only be used by our team to contact you and no other purposes.

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