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Did you know the concept of a honeymoon isn’t new, and people have been going on honeymoons since the 5th century? Apparently, couples spent their first few moons drinking mead to prepare themselves for conception – hence the term honeymoon. It doesn’t matter if the wedding is minimal or grand, every couple needs a few days to unwind and relax before settling into marital bliss.

If Spain is on your list of potential honeymoon destinations, we suggest you contact our tour operators to help create customized Spain honeymoon packages, which are curated specially for you. We’ll help you plan everything in detail and even help you throw a surprise for your spouse during the vacation. Call us for detailed information about our travel packages, including Spain honeymoon package cost and flight details.

Why Visit Spain?

Spain is a popular tourist destination for its warm climate, beaches, food, Mediterranean lifestyle, and numerous heritage sites. With over 49 UNESCO world heritage sites, it is one of the world’s most Instagrammed countries.

The people are warm and friendly and do not resent tourists. In most places, especially the cities, you can get by with English, although you may find it harder to communicate in smaller towns. However, you can still find answers to your questions thanks to the locals who are happy to help.

Spain is a country of extremes – while cities like Ibiza, Madrid, and Barcelona are wild and famed for their nightlife, some towns like Morella and Castellfollit de la Roca are quiet yet charming. Similarly, while some parts of the country have a Mediterranean climate, places like the Sierra Nevada and Catalonia have an Alpine climate. So much so you can experience summer and winter on the same day, within a 100 km drive from the Sierra Nevada to the coastal town of Granada.

The country celebrates festivals all year round. Some famous ones include La Tomatina, Semana Santa, Carnival of Cadiz, and the San Fermin Festival of Pamplona. Some of them are unique and found nowhere in the world. For instance, the La Batalla del Vino festival involves people pouring red wine over one another.

Spain Tour Packages

Places Included in our Spanish Honeymoon Packages


Barcelona is famous for its Gothic architecture, contemporary art, tapas bars, and busy nightlife. If you love architecture, walk around the Eixample District and the El Raval Neighborhood to admire the beautiful buildings. The city is equally famous for its cathedrals, including the Basilica de Santa Maria del Mar, Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor, and the Basilica Santa Maria del Pi. Some of the world’s famous artists, including Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso, put their place in the world’s art scene. It is equally renowned for its street art, attracting admirers from around the world. There are plenty of food stalls in Boqueria Market selling cured meats, seafood, fresh bread, cheese, fruit juices, and drinks. The place is famous for its excellent parks and museums.


Madrid is not only the capital but also a fashion mecca, thanks to the unique boutiques and local fashion stores lined across the streets. The city is famous for its hidden tapas bars, including the ones found in the San Miguel food market. The buildings in Madrid are world-famous and loved for their intricate designs. The Plaza Mayor and Palacio de Cibeles are a must-visit when in Madrid. It has the world’s finest collection of Spanish and Latin art preserved in its art museums and galleries.


Seville is renowned for its heritage buildings, fine weather, and cultural activities. The town is a gastronome’s delight, thanks to the multiple tapas bars that dot its streets. The famous flamenco, a Spanish dance and music style, originated in Seville. Bullfighting, the controversial Spanish custom, was once at the heart of Sevillano culture. If you’re visiting Seville between March and October, don’t miss the Plaza de Toros de Seville for a ringside view of the spectacle. You could also see the adjoining museum to understand the sport’s history and relevance to Spanish culture. The Cathedral de Sevilla is the largest Gothic structure in the world and the third-largest church in the world, with 80 chapels. The Alcazar Palace is a must-visit in Andalusia, showcasing the best of Moorish and Mudejar architecture.


Over 2.5 million tourists visit Granada alone every year to explore Alhambra Palace and its beautiful gardens. It was ruled by the Muslims for over 800 years and was their last stronghold in Europe until it fell to the Catholics in 1492. The Alhambra is a huge Moorish palace built around the 1200s using red stone. It is loved for its beautiful architecture, incredible courtyards, and exquisite tilework. The Cathedral de Granada is equally famous and built over a mosque during the Reconquista period, i.e., when the Christians took Spain back from the Muslims. You’ll find beautiful interiors, stained glass, impressive stone arches, and grand columns throughout the cathedral.

Spain Travel Package

San Sebastian

San Sebastian is famous for its churches, buildings, and beaches. And food as well! Did you know the city boasts the second-most Michelin-starred restaurants in the world? The Playa de la Concha is San Sebastian’s most famous beach and gets its name from its shape. The nearby Ondarreta Beach isn’t as famous, but perfect if you want to avoid the crowd. The city is also popular for its multiple festivals. For instance, the La Tamborrada is held especially to celebrate the city’s gastronomic history. The Semana Grande is famed for its open-air concerts and fireworks.

Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela is a pilgrim town that once symbolized Christian resistance to Islam. The city, once completely destroyed by the Muslims, was rebuilt in the 11th century. For hundreds of years, pilgrims have been walking the Camino de Santiago or the Way of St. James to visit the relics of James the Apostle. The buildings are inspired by Romanesque, Gothic, and Baroque architecture. Among the most notable monuments in the city is the Portico da Gloria, a cathedral influenced by Romanesque architecture and decorated with intricate floral motifs and ornamental moldings. Similarly, the Santiago de Compostela is a famous pilgrimage where people come to admire the largest incense burners in the world.

La Rioja

The region of La Rioja is famous for its extensive vineyards, wineries, and the range of activities that take place around the vineyards. Besides high-quality wines, La Rioja is renowned for its breathtaking scenery and unique history. If you love adventure, we suggest choosing Spanish honeymoon packages with plenty of activities, including hot air ballooning, horse riding, and ziplining. Don’t miss the Fiestas de San Mateo or the Rioja Wine Harvest Festival, where people throw barrels of wine at one another.


Cordoba has an interesting mix of Spanish, Moorish, and Roman cultures. It was once the capital of the Caliphate and is now home to Medina Azahara, the country’s largest archeological site. The Great Mosque or Mezquita Cathedral was built around 784 and is a World Heritage Site. Similarly, Emperor Augustus built the Puente Romano around the 1st century, but it was rebuilt multiple times during medieval times. When in Cordoba, you mustn’t miss the ruins of a Roman temple that was discovered in the 1950s.

Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Spain


The Alhambra Palace was built around the 13th century by the Nasrid Dynasty, the last Muslim rulers to reign in Spain. It represents the best of Muslim art and architecture in Spain.

Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia is one of Antoni Gaudi’s famous works and combines elements from Art Nouveau, Catalan Modernism, and Gothic architecture. While work for the church began in 1882, the building is still under construction, representing only 70% of the final design.

Spain Travel Packages

Royal Palace, Madrid

The Royal Palace is open seven days a week and is still used for state ceremonies. The entire structure was built using granite stones and boasts over 2000 rooms.

Plaza Mayor Salamanca

The place is close to Madrid and one of the largest public squares in Spain. It used to be a marketplace and a bullfighting arena, but it is now famous for its architecture.

Call us to learn more about our Spain honeymoon packages, including detailed information about Spain honeymoon package costs.

Santa Maria de la Sede Cathedral

This is the largest Gothic cathedral in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


When is the best time to visit Spain?
Spring and Fall are the best time to visit Spain and the ideal time for great deals on our Spain honeymoon packages.
Which is the best month to visit Spain?
March to May and September to November are the best months to visit Spain. But if you’re looking for affordable Spain honeymoon packages, plan your vacation around December to March.
How many days are enough for Spain?
Given the multiple historical sites and cities, you will need around 9 to 12 days to explore the country. But if you’re short on time, we also offer mini Spain honeymoon packages for three days, like the Barcelona Free and Easy package.
Is Spain safe for honeymoon couples?
Spain is a very safe country in Europe where you can walk freely without fear of being robbed. Spain is also a tourist-friendly country where people are happy to help tourists.
How can I reach Spain?
There are a few direct flights from India to Spain, from Delhi, Chennai, and Mumbai to Barcelona and Madrid.
How can I travel within Spain?
You can travel within Spain by bus if you’re budget-conscious. But if you’re planning to travel between cities, we suggest traveling by train.
What are the visa requirements for international travelers visiting Spain?
Indians need a valid Schengen visa for Spain, with a tourist visa valid for up to 90 days.

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