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    Love Blossoms with Kerala Honeymoon Packages

    Kerala is a land gifted with the beauty of Mother Nature with a variety of delightful destinations. The lush greenery and the coastal paradise make ‘God’s Own Country’ the first choice of newly married couples. If you have already started dreaming about being in Kerala then, why wouldn’t you check out our Kerala honeymoon packages to spend your honeymoon period in the state of pure bliss!?

    GT Holidays offers the best Kerala honeymoon tour packages for you to experience the true beauty of Kerala and spend some quality time with your beloved. Hill stations, wildlife reserves, gorgeous Kerala backwaters, and pristine beaches may all be included in our best Kerala packages for couples. We provide you with a range of additional advantages that includes assurance of safe travel, high-quality accommodations, and dependable guides and cabs, all at a low cost. So, what are you waiting for? Start packing right away for your romantic getaway.

    Tips For Honeymoon in Kerala

    If you’re searching for Kerala Honeymoon packages that cover accommodation, food, local transportation, and sightseeing, check out our Kerala trip package for couples and prepare well in advance. We will curate packages according to your requirements.

    • Pack your clothes according to the season you are planning to travel. Carry light cotton clothing, caps, and sunscreen lotion with you in the summers. Wear warm clothes, a raincoat, and an insect spray during the monsoons.
    • Carry necessary medications in advance if you experience mountain sickness.
    • Many temples have strict dress codes; make sure you dress accordingly for your visit.
    • Check out the romantic Kerala honeymoon tour package offered on our website so that you can shortlist the best scenic beauties for your romantic escapade.

    What Is the Cost of The Kerala Honeymoon Package?

    The Kerala honeymoon package costs at GT Holidays start from Rs. 24,000 to Rs. 1,00,000. The prices may differ based on factors such as where you stay, how you travel, and of course, how many destinations on your list to visit throughout your journey.

    Which Part of Kerala Is Best for A Honeymoon?

    Kerala can be considered a couple’s paradise that offers the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of life. Every place in Kerala refreshes you with its breath-taking natural beauty and offers picturesque views. The following are some of Kerala’s most beautiful spots.

    • Munnar
    • Thekkady
    • Wayanad
    • Alleppey

    What Is the Best Time to Visit Kerala for A Honeymoon?

    Kerala honeymoon packages allow you to witness misty hills and exotic romantic destinations throughout the year. However, the months of October to February are perfect for romantic getaways because you get to witness serenity in the lap of nature with your beloved. Travelling is much more comfortable during this time because you don’t have to deal with the scorching heat and extreme rainfall.

    Why GT Holidays Is the Best Travel Agency for Kerala Honeymoon Packages?

    GT Holidays allow you to discover incredible honeymoon destinations and provides you with unique travel ideas at a reasonable price. GT Holidays is a fully integrated travel firm that provides complete solutions for both businesses and travel enthusiasts worldwide. Our primary aim is to fulfill the needs of the clients while offering the utmost transparency and cost-effective solutions. We provide a diverse selection of the best Kerala packages for couples.

    Best Beaches in Kerala for Honeymoon

    Kerala beaches are undoubtedly amongst the best beaches in India and a perfect place for couples to enjoy the tranquil ambiance. We’ve set up a list of Kerala’s most romantic beaches that every couple should visit. These beaches are unique with regards to their beauty as well as ambiance. Taking a stroll with your love is your idea of romance, then witness the magic unfold at these beaches.

    • Kovalam Beach is an internationally renowned beach that offers diverse leisure options to indulge in with your best half.
    • Kappad Beach is a historically significant beach and this majestic site is a must-visit.
    • Kannur Beach is a lesser-known yet lovely beach for visitors to sit and relax.
    • Marari Beach is ideal for a romantic getaway and lazing around with your beloved on the golden sand.
    • Cherai Beach is a captivating spot especially if you are looking for solitude and to rejuvenate yourselves.
    • The landscape is what makes Varkala Beach so stunning and is one of the biggest honeymoon spots in Kerala.
    • Somatheeram Beach is ideal for swimming and is famous for Ayurvedic Resorts.
    • Bekal Beach is popular because of its backwaters as well as old forts.

    Best Places to Visit in Kerala for Honeymoon


    Enjoy the scenery and feel refreshed while you walk around Munnar’s beautiful waterfalls and tea estates. The hill station will provide you with a sense of serenity as you embark on the road to a wonderful married life. So, check out our Kerala trip packages for couples that include Munnar.


    Kumarakom is a mesmerizing location that offers exotic sightseeing, boating, and fishing facilities. Kumarakom’s bird sanctuary is a must-visit and is included in our Kerala honeymoon packages. Do not miss out on the exquisite houseboats.


    You should not miss out on the lush woods of Thekkady while you are in Kerala. It offers India’s largest wildlife sanctuary with a wide range of exotic flora and fauna.

    Best Hotels and Resorts to Stay in Kerala for Honeymoon

    We have included all the best accommodation alternatives for you in the list below, ranging from affordable to luxury depending upon the Kerala honeymoon package price you opted for.

    • Thekkady’s Spice Village
    • Munnar’s Tea Valley Resort
    • Kumarakom Lake Resort located in Kottayam
    • Alleppey’s Coco Houseboats

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    FAQs About Kerala Honeymoon

    What is the best time to honeymoon in Kerala?

    The winter season is the best season for couples looking for a romantic escapade as the rains subside during this time and one can enjoy the soothing and cool climate, especially in the hill stations.

    Which is the best month to visit Kerala?

    The best time to visit Kerala is in the months of October to February.

    How many days are enough for the Kerala trip?

    You can cover some of the prominent destinations and enjoy your honeymoon within 4-5 days.

    Is Kerala safe for Honeymoon Couples?

    Kerala is a secure place to visit for a honeymoon.

    How can I reach Kerala?

    There are several means of transport available to get to Kerala from different parts of India. You can check out the Kerala honeymoon package with flight and fly to one of Kerala’s four international airports: Trivandrum, Kochi, Calicut, and Kannur. If you want to drive to Kerala, you’ll need to take the National Highways. Train services are also available throughout the year.

    How can I travel to Kerala?

    Kerala offers a wide range of transportation choices for visitors. Taxis, auto-rickshaws, buses, a 1050-kilometer railway network, boats, and ships are all available modes of transportation within the state.

    Visa requirements for international travelers visiting Kerala

    Tourists visiting Kerala must have a three-month tourist visa.

      Best Offers On Honeymoon Packages
      (Upto 30% Off)

      We assure the privacy of your contact data. This data will only be used by our team to contact you and no other purposes.

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