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    A subtropical beauty in the heart of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a popular tourist destination all around the world and for all the right reasons. Described as the ‘prototype upon which heaven was based’, it is known for its wonderful white beaches and natural allure that has attracted couples worldwide. Our Mauritius Honeymoon Packages magnify the romantic experience that couples look for in their honeymoon trip.

    How to best plan a Romantic Mauritius Honeymoon tour?

    This jewel of an island nation is perfect for romantic getaways, family vacations, or solo adventures which is why it is quite popular for couples to travel to this beautiful land of wonders for their honeymoon.

    If your dream is to escape in the cocoon of nature with your soul mate, we at GT Holidays, have the best Mauritius Honeymoon Tour Packages to make that dream of yours come true.

    What is the cost of Mauritius honeymoon package?

    Mauritius Honeymoon Package Cost depends on the number of days you are planning to stay, your choices, special services, and anything else that you’d like to customize to your package.

    Mauritius can be quite expensive for some if you just stick to high-end resorts and hotels. Even basic necessities are expensive than they should be which makes it quite an extravagant affair.

    Mauritius Honeymoon Package Price can start anywhere from INR 15,000 to INR 20,000 and go up to INR 3,00,000 and more. This tour could be quite an upscale experience but it’s a small price to pay for your honeymoon in return for the marvels of nature.

    Which part of Mauritius is best for honeymoon?

    Mark Twain once said, “You gather the idea that Mauritius was made first and then heaven was copied after Mauritius.” He wasn’t wrong; Mauritius is indeed nature’s gift to us. The whole of Mauritius is absolutely stunning and has its unique charm to it.

    If you are looking to bask in the powdery white beaches with volcanic mountain backdrops, the east coast is most renowned for honeymooners; whereas the flat, calm beaches of the west are favoured by families.

    The north of Mauritius is a hub for tourism with the highest concentration of hotels, resorts, beaches, and entertainment. The south has something more interesting to offer with hotels squeezed onto calm stretches, and cliff top walks. There is something to explore in each layer of Mauritius.

    What is the best time to visit Mauritius for honeymoon?

    Being a subtropical island country, Mauritius is generally hot and humid, but May to December is some of the best months to visit Mauritius for a honeymoon. The weather is cool, dry, and sunny making it perfect for couples to relax and enjoy the sun, and surf at beaches.

    If you enjoy being surrounded by people then the island’s peak season from October to April could be fitting for you, but it could also get hot, humid, and rainy.

    Why GT holidays is the best travel agency for Mauritius Honeymoon Packages?

    Being in nature’s haven like Mauritius, there is so much that you want to do and at the same time, you don’t because you are there on your honeymoon and you wish to unwind and just stay in.

    This blend of being able to explore all the pristine beaches, islands and partake in all the water activities along with being able to just have a relaxed day and travel this island paradise off the coast of Madagascar on your own with the love of your life is something we understand and truly value, and it can be seen in our thoughtfully created Mauritius Honeymoon Packages for couples.

    What are some of the best beaches in Mauritius for honeymoon?

    Mauritius attracts visitors from all around the world with its sparkling teal lagoons, multi-coloured coral reefs, gorgeous green mountains, rainforests, exotic wildlife, and amazing volcanic sceneries.

    It’s going to be difficult for tourists to not witness the striking beaches spread out all around this island country. Here are some of the best beaches that you can visit for your honeymoon:

    • Trou Aux Biches Beach – The crystal-clear shimmering water brings about serenity to the area which makes it ideal for couples to spend some romantic time here away from the people.
    • Tamarin Beach – Be privy to the unique black sand found alongside the shoreline of this beach on the west coast of Mauritius. With no coral reefs to tame the waves, the water is quite fierce here making it the perfect spot for camping and surfing.
    • Flic En Flac Beach – Perfect for wanderers in love, it is one of the longest beaches of Mauritius gifting us with shining calm waters, scenic sunsets, coconut trees, and a whimsical ambiance that gives you all the feel of being in a movie.
    • Pereybere Beach – Dive in the deep blue sea, go snorkeling, or simply observe this miracle of nature, it is one of the most popular beaches visited by couples.

    Which are some of the best places to visit in Mauritius for honeymoon?

    Apart from the beautiful beaches and lagoons, there is so much you can do during your stay in this island paradise.

    Chamarel Village- This quaint village in the south of Mauritius, also called ‘The Seven Coloured Earth’ is famous for its uneven volcanic coloured surfaces with a mix of yellows, purples, oranges, and reds.

    • Ile Aux Cerfs – This ‘Treasure Island’ located off the east coast makes for a picturesque retreat, and is one of the most popular honeymoon attractions where you can go parasailing with your partner or relish in some barbeque on the beach.
    • Wellness Spa – One cannot go to Mauritius and not get its famous ‘Mauritian Spa’. You can choose from a mix of Indian, Chinese, African, and European Therapeutic Spas.
    • Skydiving – If you and your partner are true adventurers from the heart, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this extreme sport on the northeast of the island.
    • Champ De Mars – Watching the thoroughbred racing themselves is not something that every island or country has to offer. It makes it one of the most fascinating experiences to have on your honeymoon.

    Which are some of the best hotels and resorts to stay in Mauritius for honeymoon?

    Mauritius has some of the most luxurious resorts and hotels in the world, which could make up even staying in for the whole trip worthwhile.

    • Paradise Cove Boutique Hotel – An adult’s only retreat, the couples can enjoy in the infinity pool with the best sea and bay views in the utmost form of luxury.
    • LUX Belle Mare – A five-pearl property with a timeless vibe, this luxurious property is equipped with heated pools, private outdoor areas, a microbrewery, and the largest swimming pool on the island.
    • Constance Prince Maurice – A remote beachfront boutique resort, it has beautiful pools, luxurious spas offering hydro-therapy pools, and yoga with stunning views of the calm lagoon.
    • Radisson Blu Poste Lafayette Resort & Spa – Especially for couples and honeymooners, it is an intimate resort offering privacy and much-needed solitude to couples.

    A beautiful island known for exploring, with botanical gardens, Indian temples, colonial houses, walking with lions, and even swimming with dolphins, it is known for its hospitality to visitors worldwide. These magical elements of Mauritius are what make it so popular amongst honeymooners, and we can best help you with all the preparations with our Mauritius Honeymoon Packages to augment your overall experience.

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    What is the best time to honeymoon in Mauritius?

    Mauritius has pleasant weather throughout the year to welcome tourists from all around the world, but winters in Mauritius are the best time for couples to experience great weather and have a good time.

    Which is the best month to visit Mauritius?

    May to December are some of the best months to visit Mauritius for Honeymooners. The weather is cool and you get to have a good surfing time alongside quad biking and hiking.

    How many days are enough for Mauritius trip?

    A week is more than enough to enjoy the natural beauty and the scenic beaches that Mauritius has to offer.

    Is Mauritius safe for Honeymoon Couples?

    Yes, Mauritius is more than safe for couples. It’s the perfect destination for the honeymoon as couples can do so much from skydiving, beach hopping to exploring temples, scuba diving, and revelling in Mauritian Spa.

    How can I reach Mauritius?

    The most efficient way to go to Mauritius is to either take a flight and land at Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport or board a holiday cruise.

    How can I travel in Mauritius?

    Buses are the cheapest and most convenient way to get around in Mauritius. You can also drive a car or motorbike as petrol is relatively cheap. There are taxis available too if you don’t want to get in the hassle of driving.

    What are the Visa Requirements for International Travellers visiting Mauritius?

    Tourists travelling to Mauritius from India can avail ‘Visa on Arrival’ option and pick up their Visa Documents from the immigration desk after reaching. To avail of this Visa, you must possess an Indian Passport (valid for at least 6 months from the date you travel), return tickets, proof of accommodation, and proof of income that will show the expenses covered on your trip.

      Best Offers On Honeymoon Packages
      (Upto 30% Off)

      We assure the privacy of your contact data. This data will only be used by our team to contact you and no other purposes.

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