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All You Need to Know About Hong Kong Tour

Hong Kong has long been associated with rich cultural influences. Visitors embarking on a journey to a land of both modern and traditional influences is an unforgettable experience of a lifetime. Travellers can check out various experiences, including snacking on street food, eating at fine-dine restaurants, and shopping at Hong Kong’s many street stalls.

There’s so much to experience in Hong Kong – from the bustling atmosphere of Mong Kok’s night markets to the picturesque scenery of the Victoria Harbour. Remember to make time for the multiple attractions in the Central District. Make sure you explore the hidden gems of Lantau Island.

Indian travellers can now check out amazing Hong Kong tour Packages with GT holidays, which are thoughtfully designed to provide immersive and hassle-free experiences.

Table of Content:

About Hong Kong

Hong Kong is well-known for its technological advancements in Asia and is also one of the few advanced countries to have retained both traditional influences and embraced modern evolution. Travellers can find ancient monasteries and temples juxtaposed with modern malls and concrete skyscrapers within the city. People are warm and have great respect for their heritage. Age-old recipes and beliefs are still held dear and assimilated beautifully with modern life.

Our Best Budget Hong Kong Tour Packages

Hong Kong Tour Packages Duration Highlights
Experience the Best of Hong Kong 3 Nights 4 Days Kowloon, Victoria Peak, Ladies Market, Jewellery Factory Visit
Hong Kong With Disneyland 5 Nights 6 Days Macau, Disneyland, Hong Kong City Tour
Explore Hong Kong With Macau 4 Nights 5 Days Ocean Park, Disneyland, Victoria Peak, Jewel Factory Visit
Hong Kong & Macau package 5 Nights 6 Days Hong Kong, Macau’s’ Historical Centre, Ruins of St. Pauls, Casino Visit, Jewel Factory Visit

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Fascinating Facts about Hong Kong:

  • Hong Kong is home to more than 7 million people, making it one of the world’s most densely populated places.
  • The city has one of the highest numbers of skyscrapers, with over 1,300 buildings reaching heights of 100 meters or more.
  • Hong Kong has a vibrant street food culture, offering a wide variety of delicious and affordable culinary delights.
  • The city has a unique blend of East and West, influenced by both Chinese and British cultures.
  • Hong Kong is known for its efficient and extensive public transportation system, including its famous double-decker trams and Victoria Peak tram.
  • The city boasts a stunning skyline, especially at night when the buildings are illuminated by a dazzling display of lights.

Top Natural Wonders in Hong Kong:

  • The Dragon’s Back trail offers breathtaking views of Hong Kong’s coastline and surrounding islands, making it a popular hiking destination.
  • Hong Kong has several beautiful beaches, such as Repulse Bay and Shek O, where visitors can relax and enjoy the sun.
  • Sai Kung Peninsula is known for its stunning rock formations and clear turquoise waters, making it a paradise for kayaking and snorkelling.
  • The picturesque Tai O fishing village is a unique attraction with its stilt houses and traditional way of life.
  • The Hong Kong Geopark, located in the northeastern New Territories, features dramatic volcanic landscapes and unique rock formations.

Did You Know?

  • Hong Kong is home to the world’s longest outdoor covered escalator system, which spans over 800 meters.
  • The city has a vibrant arts and culture scene, with numerous galleries, theatres, and music venues.
  • Hong Kong Disneyland is one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions, offering magical experiences for visitors of all ages.
  • The city has a rich history and heritage, with landmarks such as the Man Mo Temple and the historic walled city of Kowloon.
  • Hong Kong is known for its shopping opportunities, from luxury brands in Central to street markets like Temple Street Night Market.

Top Reasons to Visit Hong Kong

Victoria Peak

Pick the most iconic attraction of Hong Kong to seek adventure and capture the city’s stunning visuals from Victoria’s Peak. A tram ride to the place will give you breathtaking views of Hong Kong’s skyline. An amazing place to capture Instagram-worthy pictures from your visit.

Avenue of Stars

Hong Kong is known for its vibrant film industry and a dedicated place to pay homage to the galaxy of stars. Avenue of Stars will give you a glimpse of handprints and statues of famous actors and actresses while walking down the promenade. A setting sun will be the perfect end to a spectacular evening as you witness the Symphony of Lights, a stunning multimedia show illuminating the entire night sky.

Star Ferry

The Hong Kong Harbour has its charm. It’s hard to miss the enjoyment of sailing on a boat as you check out the amazing views of the city from the shores. This iconic ferry ride from Victoria Harbour should be on your must-do list.

Temple Street Night Market

Understanding the local culture with a visit to the Temple Street Night Market will give you insight into the various things sold, from food to accessories. It is a good place to shop and get good bargains from stall vendors with various items to satiate your buying spree.

Lantau Island

This island is home to the famous 112-foot bronze Tian Tan Buddha statue and is integral to every Hong Kong tour package. Thanks to the Po Lin Monastery, it is a place of calm surroundings. A cable car from Ngong Ping is the perfect ride to see the entire island from a 360-degree perspective.

Ocean Park

It’s a great educational and entertaining space created specifically for families. Enjoy thrilling rides, view exotic marine life, and watch animal shows. This place is full of fun and interesting things for all ages to do.

Hong Kong Disneyland

One of the most fun places is Hong Kong’s Disneyland, where you can enjoy the rides. Look out for Disney’s favourite characters from every nook and corner. The dazzling entertainment, including fireworks and parades, is an indulgent activity for any child or adult.

Symphony of Lights Cruise

To end the tour, a ferry to see the city’s skyline dazzle with lights and sound shows through Victoria Harbour. While you sit back and enjoy as the entire place comes alive with vibrant light and sounds, the entire show will captivate your senses.

Top things to do in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has several attractions and places to visit which can be part of your itinerary.

Wong Tai Sin Temple

Visitors can admire the beautiful architecture of this Taoist temple, which is dedicated to the Wong Tai Sin, who is considered immortal. People can experience the serene atmosphere while worshipping amidst the rituals performed by the monks residing there.

Hong Kong Museum of History

Want to learn about Hong Kong’s rich past? The Museum of History is the place to visit. It contains many exhibits and artefacts, including multimedia presentations that enable visitors to learn about the place in detail.

Nan Lian Garden

Away from the city, a beautifully landscaped garden awaits you. Nan Lin Garden was made in the traditional Tang Dynasty style. The garden boasts serene ponds, lush greenery, and ornate pavilions adorning almost every part of the place, blending nature architecture in a beautiful embrace.

Tai O Fishing Village

Visitors can ride through the picturesque village known for its vibrant markets, delicious seafood and stilt homes. This place is popularly called the Venice of Hong Kong, as this floating fishing village takes you through its waterways.

Man Mo Temple

It’s a great space to explore religious architecture, as this temple is one of the places of spiritual heritage revered both by locals and tourists. The temple’s atmosphere brings in calmness as you see large hanging incense coils wafting an aroma of devotion through the intricately carved wooden temple structure.

Hong Kong Park

Hong Kong Park is a great place to enjoy the beautiful cascading waterfalls and greenery around it. The park has a specific place for birds called the Edward Youde Aviary. After a stroll in the park, you can sit back and relax by sipping the traditional tea served in Chinese tradition.

Ten Thousand Buddha Monastery

To reach this unique monastery, one must ascend a steep hillside, which is well worth it as the visitor gets to see life-size golden Buddha statues as you enter the main temple complex. The temple boasts an impressive collection of Buddhist relics and artefacts.

Sai Kung Peninsula

The location is a perfect ending to your vacation, with pristine beaches awaiting you. The clear turquoise waters are ready for diving in or even hiking trails in the area, adding to the fun of exploring the Sai King Peninsula. A boat trip along the islands will take you to amazing waterfront restaurants with fresh seafood menus.

Things to do as a solo traveller

When you travel alone, you can see many places and be a little adventurous. You could try hiking, sailing, snorkelling, and other activities.

Exploring street markets

Wandering every nook and alley of Hong Kong and shopping on the streets is fun when you are a solo traveller and have all the time in the world to check, compare and bargain. You can either shop for accessories, electronic goods, and souvenirs at the Temple Street Night Market or the Mong Kok’s Ladies Market.

Hike Victoria Peak

As a solo traveller, you can hike one of the most beautiful peaks in Hong Kong and check out the panoramic views. The Peak Circle is covered with lush greenery. The skyline is beautiful, as you can see Victoria Harbor.

Visiting art galleries

Hopping from one gallery to another to check the beautiful art pieces is great, as there are so many, and being a solo traveller gives you time to check on as many as you can, not only the popular ones. The Hong Kong Museum of Art, PMQ and Tai Kwun are the regular spots you shouldn’t miss. Apart from this, there are other amazing galleries one can explore.

Culinary adventures

A solo traveller can fully explore the local food route. You can go to many places, try them out, and pick out the differences in the making, use of ingredients, and flavours. For example, the teas from different tea houses scattered across Hong Kong taste differently. The other local delicacies are worth trying, including unique preparations of fish and meats.

Tai chi in the parks

Tai Chi is a popular martial art, and you can join locals practising this art in special parks like Kowloon Park or Victoria Park. This martial art is part of the wellness culture that people have followed for many years.

Discover hidden gems

Some unexplored places are good for checking out when you are a solo traveller. Everyone follows the popular place list. You can be the rule-breaker, check out some fascinating places not thronged by people, and retain their authenticity.

Things to do on a family trip

With the family, you need to check out exciting places to keep the children engaged with activities and places of interest. Hong Kong has several places that are part of child-friendly tours that take you to places that will help keep the entire family entertained.

Hong Kong Disneyland

With so much to do, such as enjoying fun rides, meeting favourite Disney characters, and watching parades and shows, the entire day is fun and enthralling for both children and adults.

Ocean Park

It is a marine-themed amusement park with animal exhibits. The park also has thrilling rides, and entertainment shows for all age groups.

Avenue of Stars and Symphony of Lights

The symphony of lights accompanied by music, lights, and narration is enthralling as the lights dot the city’s skyline brilliantly, making it seem unbelievable and fun to watch.

Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car

Taking a tour around Lantau Island and visiting the iconic Tian Tan Buddha statue in Ngong Ping 360 cable car as a cultural tour around the village is exciting for kids to see the local culture and have fun on the tour.

Family-friendly Hikes

Family-friendly hikes offer scenic views, lush landscapes, and good picnic spots. Exploring the Dragon’s Back trail and Lamma Island Family Walk are good options.

Hong Kong Science museum and space museum

These places will interest children as they explore the interactive exhibits and do hands-on activities. Children will learn science, technology, and space exploration in a fun way.

Historical attractions in Hong Kong

Exhibits and artefacts

These exhibits date back to prehistoric times. All the archaeological findings from photographs, models and other detailed presentations using multimedia are part of the museum exhibits.

Thematic galleries

Hong Kong’s theme-based galleries showcase various aspects of its history. Visits to the Natural History Gallery, the Prehistoric Hong Kong Gallery, the Cantonese Opera Heritage Hall, and many such galleries are exciting ways to explore Hong Kong in the true sense. Each gallery is designed with specific time periods and particular themes in mind, enabling visitors to glimpse the greatness of the place.

Interactive and engaging displays

The concept of interactive displays can allow people to fully experience what needs to be conveyed. This makes the learning experience more exciting, especially when learning history. The interactive elements using multimedia presentations make the exhibits come alive on screen, offering the visitor an informative and engaging aspect.

Artifacts and Replicas

Historical artefacts and their replicas primarily house the museums in Hong Kong. These replicas are created to enable visitors to visualise the past. They showcase the costumes worn, tools used, maps, and everyday objects that help people learn about the lives, traditions, and cultural practices of Hong Kong natives.

Exhibitions and events

These exhibitions and events are regularly organised to display Hong Kong’s history with fresh perspectives from local artists. These temporary displays add value to the subject by delving into specific areas of interest.

Multimedia presentations

The digital element of multimedia presentations adds life to history, allowing the visitor to have a multi-sensory experience. Historical events are brought to life with much more vibrancy and engage people better. The video and audio recordings tell about Hong Kong’s cultural and social development over the years.

Chronological narrative

The exhibits present in the museum are arranged according to the dates, allowing the visitors to understand the historical progression of Hong Kong’s history. Right from the early beginnings to the present day, all the events are chronologically placed to grasp every period, and their significance is highlighted in the way they are placed.

Best places to eat in Hong Kong

As an Indian traveller, you can explore Hong Kong’s culinary tastes both on the streets and in local restaurants that serve authentic food from the region. Experience the burst of flavours from the local fare while trying out an amazing range of food varieties not found anywhere in the world, which is a delight for every traveller. Hong Kong’s food blends British and Chinese influences, which are reflected in its recipes.

Dim Sum

Hong Kong celebrates Cantonese cuisine, serving delicious dim sum with a variety of seafood, including seasonal vegetables. These dim sums are a staple of the region’s renowned eateries and teahouses. Visitors can try the classic har gow, or shrimp dumplings, and the siu mai, or pork dumplings, which draw a sizable crowd.

Street food

A serpentine line of food stalls adorns the local market scene of Hong Kong as you try every bite of their delicious fare, made freshly in front of your eyes with quick precision and served with love. From egg waffles to skewered meats, every other unique delicacy is served to hungry customers. Interesting beverages such as milk tea in Hong Kong are a must-try.

Fine dining

Hong Kong has several Michelin-starred restaurants, and it’s a great place to try out and find dining experiences with high-end cuisine served by acclaimed chefs. Relishing the gastronomic masterpieces from these high-end establishments is a treat for your palate. The grand experience dining experience is incomparable, with unique food combos in style.

Seafood restaurants

The best seafood experience prepared with Chinese flavours from seafront restaurants is a must-eat for every visitor. The live counters, where you can choose from an array of seafood and accompaniments, from steamed fish to stir-fried prawns, provide the fine taste of the ocean.

Fusion eateries

New-age cuisines have developed fusion eateries, which are equally popular and thronged by a lot of people. Using global ingredients and local flavours adds a twist to the meal and offers creative food cocktails. The east and west blend has offered different options for locals and visitors to check out exciting new flavours and embrace the cosmopolitan spirit.

Tea experiences

Since there is a Chinese influence in Hong Kong culture and traditions, they have also adopted the traditional Chinese tea rituals or ceremonies that are widely followed in teahouses. Trained professionals have carried out this elaborate tea preparation and pouring ritual for years. They know the perfect blends to enable the flavours to sing on your palate and provide the right notes. These teas have numerous health benefits as they offer a deep sense of the cultural significance of the making and origin.

Dessert delights

Those with a sweet tooth or not must try the variety of sweet treats Hong Kong offers. The traditional and fusion recipes can be a great way to end your culinary journey. There is plenty to savour, from silky egg tarts, creamy mango pomelo sago, and chilled tofu pudding. You shouldn’t miss out on the fluffy pineapple buns, the crowd favourite.

Shopping in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is famous for its shopping experience. As a traveller, your bags may be full of interesting things to buy, from amazing local handicrafts to trending fashion and electronic gadgets. The Hong Kong markets have something for various tastes and interests.

What to buy

Electronics is one of the most popular buys in Hong Kong. The latest versions of smartphones, cameras, laptops, and other tech accessories can be found in Mong Kok’s Computer Centre and Golden Computer Arcade.

Fashion and Clothing are unmatchable in Hong Kong as you see traditional, trending, and luxury brands for sale from the local street markets to boutiques and malls. High-end designer wear in Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui, and Mong Kok provide affordable street fashion in Hong Kong and offers a variety of clothing options.

Jewellery and watch buying in Hong Kong markets are a delight because of the sheer variety and range of options in design, colour, brands, and definitely craftmanship. Specific areas in Hong Kong are known for their artists, such as Central and Tsim Sha Tsui, which have popular jewellery stores and watch boutiques.

Antiques and artefacts are collectables that visitors look forward to buying in Hong Kong. Special streets cater to this demand and sell Hollywood Road and Cat Street. Vintage coins, posters, jade sculptures, etc., dating back centuries, are of great value and hold a special place for those passionate about such collections.

Chinese medicine is a much-followed practice in the region, and several believers of its healing powers find it easy to buy and use for ailments. Getting them from elsewhere may not be as authentic as getting them from the source. Dedicated shops that have for generations been selling and making Chinese medicines sell them in places like Sheung Wan. They sell traditional Chinese medicine, herbal teas, and health products.

Street food and snacks are an essential part of travelling across Hong Kong. Each region has Chinese or British influences that make the dishes unique and the way they are prepared and served. Local delicacies include locally sourced ingredients, such as fish balls, dim sims, pineapple buns, and egg tarts.

Traditional Chinese crafts in Hong Kong are made by local artisans who have been involved in the craft for generations. The delicate designs and detailing are impeccable and unique to the region. Visitors can shop for Chinese tea sets, silk products, calligraphy brushes and hand-painted fans in Stanley Market and Cat Street for these items.

Souvenirs will always remind you of your trip to Hong Kong; such items form a great part of your shopping experience. You can check out exciting things in the market, such as miniature junk boats, Chinese lanterns, chopsticks, and Chinese-themed stationery that are part of your memento collection. Tourists can shop for them in Tsim Sha Tsui and Central.

Things to remember when shopping in Hong Kong

Remember to compare prices, especially for high-value items like electronics, and consider the seller’s reputation before purchasing. Tourists must watch for special promotions or discounts, particularly during significant shopping seasons or festivals like Chinese New Year.

Top places in Hong Kong to explore

Visitors can’t just get enough of the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong. Each city and district offers a blend of uniqueness in culture, history and modernity.

  • The Central of Hong Kong stands out for its skyscrapers and busy street hubs. It is the financial district of Hong Kong. The Man Mo Temple is next on the list, as you will find out it’s dedicated to the Gods of literature and martial arts. Then it is time to shop till you drop and fill up your shopping bags with all the luxury brands from around the walk down Queens’ Road Central up to the Landmark Mall. When you are done, take a leisurely stroll along the Central Promenade overlooking Victoria Harbor or take the tram to check the panoramic views from Victoria Peak.
  • Tsim Sha Tsui will give an amazing shopping and dining experience as you take a walk down its vibrant streets to catch up on some retail therapy in one of the largest shopping malls in Hong Kong, Harbor City, with some of the best luxury goods. When you are done and tired, it’s time to pick one of the most sumptuous traditional Cantonese dim sum meals. The evening cannot be complete without a visit to the Avenue of Stars and the stunning views of Hong Kong’s skyline and Victoria Harbor. If you are a history buff, then the Hong Kong Museum of History is the place to understand the rich cultural heritage of the place.
  • Mong Kok’s vibrant chaos makes crowds beeline to check out the fun and extravaganza the place has to offer. From the Ladies’ Market and Temple Street Night Market, tourists can be fascinated by the quirky stuff on offer, from eateries to handicrafts made in traditional ways on the trendy streets of Tung Choi Street and Sai Yeung Choi Street. If you want to enjoy a peaceful place, Nan Lin Garden and Chi Lin Nunnery will take your mind off the bustling city. The local nightlife in Mong Kok is fun, with lively bars, karaoke lounges and nightclubs.
  • Causeway Bay provides the best retail therapy, lined with luxury boutiques, department stores, and trendy fashion outlets.

Food, Art, culture, and craft in Hong Kong

As an Indian traveller, you can enjoy a diverse and enriching travel experience that resonates with your cultural background and interests. As a visitor to Hong Kong, you will find a fascinating mix of experiences that cater to your interests in food, art, culture, and crafts.


Hong Kong is a food paradise with delectable dishes that are known across the globe. Dim sums in Hong Kong are popular street food found in most eateries, either steamed, baked, or fried. They are sweet or savoury and served in bamboo baskets—a large coastline guarantees fresh seafood that is perfectly cooked. Roasted meats are delicacies made in local cooking styles, such as roast duck, crispy pork belly, and soy sauce chicken, which belong to the must-eat list of many visitors. Hong Kong’s beloved desert egg tarts are filled with creamy custard and flaky pastry shells. Visitors can’t stop raving about teas made in teashops, unique blends with condensed milk, or just strong black tea.


Like every country, Hong Kong holds a special place for art; it has special themed galleries to honour the various local, western, modern, and ancient art. The diverse collection of Chinese art, including paintings, calligraphy, and ceramics, is part of several galleries. Numerous art installations in museums and galleries or street art are celebrated in special places such as PMQ, which houses studios, shops and exhibition spaces for local artists and designers. People eager to watch street art can check them out on the streets of Central Sheung Wan, which have vibrant Graffiti and murals by local artists and designers. Both established and emerging artists get a chance to showcase their artistic abilities in contemporary galleries in Central and SoHo.


Hong Kong has its ancient roots and influences from British colonialism. While evolving, a modern cosmopolitan has been added to the existing culture. Traditional experiences still exist, and modern society still values and carries this forward. A Taoist temple, Wong Tai Sin, is where the locals and tourists find solace as they pray for fortune and health. Some villages still follow the traditional way of life and cook with shrimp paste, like the Tai O Fishing Village, living in stilt houses. However, if you seek modernity, you need not go as far as you check out the Symphony of Lights. This multimedia light show combines music, lights and narration, illuminating the entire Hong Kong skyline. The local food festival called the Cheung Chau Bun is held every fourth lunar month, wherein you can check out the bun towers and lion dances, which are part of the Taoist rituals practised by the Cheung Chau islanders.


Hong Kong Crafts are primarily influenced by Chinese craftsmanship. With the contemporary designs, you could find such intricate wooden carvings and coils of incense q at the Man Mo temple. Heritage sites such as Tai Kwun houses galleries, shops and studios that pay an ode to Hong Kong’s culture with local crafts, pottery, textiles and jewellery. Ancient and vintage items are found in ceramics, furniture and handicrafts, showcasing the historical and cultural significance played on the art made during those times.

When is the best time to visit Hong Kong?

Depending on the weather and the events you would want to be part of will help you choose dates to visit Hong Kong. Also, GT Holidays has the best recommendations for you:

March to May is the spring season in Hong Kong, with pleasant temperatures for visiting Hong Kong as you roam around the city and countryside without being affected by the weather, which is sunny and mildly humid. The Hong Kong Arts Festival commences in March, during which you can catch up on music, dance, and theatre. It is a good time to visit Hong Kong as you don’t have to bump into peak season crowds and enjoy all the popular tourist attractions without any hassle.

June to August is Hong Kong’s sultry summer, accompanied by heavy rains and typhoons. But since it is time for the summer holidays, there is a peak in the influx of crowds, and accommodation prices are skyrocketing. People like to beat the heat by indulging in water sports, and an eagerly awaited event this season is the Dragon Boat Festival, which is celebrated with much fervour. Along with boat races, traditional festivities are held on the waterfront.

September to November is when the temperatures go down, and Autumn sets in, with lesser rainfall. However, a rise in humidity is seen in these months. It is one of the ideal months to come by and check the tourist spots. People who have avoided harsh summers and don’t like the cold winters prefer this season to check out Hong Kong and partake in the famous Autumn Festival, which showcases lantern displays, captivating traditional performances and enjoying mooncakes.

December to February is the beginning of the cold months. The winter in Hong Kong is mild and cool but accompanied by slightly colder temperatures. Fewer tourists are seen; however, for those who don’t like crowds and want to check out Hong Kong’s tourist spots, it would be a great time to do so. It’s the time of the Chinese New Year celebrations, and if you want to check out the festivities and be a part of them, which feature vibrant parades and fireworks, pick this season to travel.

Visa information for Indian travellers

Indian travellers can obtain a visa exemption for 14 days of stay for tourism purposes only. However, it is advisable to check with the Hong Kong Immigration Department about the latest regulations and requirements for travel or consult travel experts.

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Travel Tips

Visa Information

Visa Information

Check visa requirements before traveling, ensuring a smooth entry and compliance with destination regulations.

Health and Safety Tips

Health and Safety Tips

Prioritize health, stay hydrated, follow safety guidelines, and maintain personal hygiene for a secure journey.

Currency and Tipping

Familiarize with local currency, consider customary tipping practices for respectful and seamless travel experiences.

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