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Are you all set for your dream wedding? Do you secretly wish to escape to a quiet island far away from the noise and crowd? Visit us to choose from a wide range of Langkawi honeymoon packages. At GT Holidays, we’ve put together honeymoon packages that match your needs and taste. You can even speak to our representative to help you plan the vacation of a lifetime.

Why Visit Langkawi?

An archipelago of 99 tiny islands on the western coast of Malaysia, Langkawi is a perfect honeymoon destination. It offers the perfect blend of tropical flora, sandy beaches, palm trees, dense forests, and stunning landscape.

Langkawi Honeymoon Packages

Why Choose Romantic Langkawi Honeymoon Tour Packages?

Langkawi is the perfect place to experience nature up close. While most islands in Langkawi are uninhabited, only a few are inhabited and earmarked for tourism. Below are some of the islands that you must include in your Langkawi honeymoon package:

Pulau Beras Basah

This place looks straight out of a postcard and is an untouched beauty with lush green mountains, pristine beaches, clear blue waters, and palm trees decorating the shores. While there are no accommodation facilities on Pulau Beras Basah, there are a few water-based activities like swimming, banana boating, parasailing, and jet-skiing. If you love photography and looking forward to capturing some brilliant photos with your loved one, make sure it is included in our Langkawi trip package for couples.

Pulau Bumbon

A few minutes away from Kuah, this island offers a serene and beautiful getaway for honeymoon couples. You can visit this island on a day trip organized by local boat operators.

Pulau Dayang Bunting

Dayang Bunting is the second-largest island in Langkawi, offering plenty of exciting activities for honeymooners. Dayang Bunting means ‘Isle of the Pregnant Maiden’ and, true to its name, is shaped like a pregnant woman. It is a tropical island with a large freshwater lake believed to grant fertility to women without children. The lake is also perfect for a good swim. With beautiful green thickets all over, this island is a lovely place to spend a day with your loved one. If you love adventure, explore Gua Langsir, a cave that houses thousands of bats. Unfortunately, like many of the other islands of the archipelago, this one too has no facilities for accommodation.

Pulau Payar Marine Park

This island offers the best snorkelling and diving experiences and is the perfect destination for water sports enthusiasts.

Pulau Singa Besar

This tiny island is a haven for nature enthusiasts. Remember to carry your camera to capture some beautiful shots of exotic birds, snakes, lizards, and monkeys at the sanctuary here.

Langkawi Honeymoon Tour Packages

Pulau Tuba

The island is ideal for honeymoon couples who love jungle trekking and bird watching. Soak in the marvel of nature up close on this island.

Rebak Island

Home to the Vivanta by Taj, the island offers a quiet romantic getaway with its beautiful sandy beach. There aren’t too many activities to do on this, but the climate and atmosphere are perfect for honeymooners looking to bask under the sun or surf on the waves.

Fun Activities Included in Your Langkawi Honeymoon Package

You and your loved one may want to explore some famous tourist spots at Langkawi.

  • Langkawi Sky Bridge: This 125-meter-long pedestrian bridge at 700 m above sea level offers a breathtaking view of the islets, Gunung Mat Cincang, and the Telaja Tujuh waterfalls.
  • Dataran Lang: A flying eagle-shaped structure that houses many premium stores, restaurants, fountains, and a perfect view of the ferries at the harbor.
  • Langkawi Cable Car: Get a birds-eye view of the lush green rainforests, gushing waterfalls, and beautiful islets on a 15 minutes ride.
  • Gunung Raya: The highest peak of mountains in Langkawi with exciting walking trails and home to many exotic species of flora and fauna
  • Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls: This place offers a rare sight of seven connected water pools formed by seven waterfalls.
  • Black Sand Beach Langkawi

Must-Try Delicacies in Langkawi

Malay food is Langkawi’s staple cuisine. It includes fresh seafood and vegetables with unique herbs and spices. Some of the popular Malay dishes that you must try when at Langkawi are:

Nasi Tomato

Tomato rice cooked in tomato pulp, spices, and coconut milk and served with seafood, fresh veggies, pineapple & peanut salad, or the famous beef rendang(coconut milk-based curry).

Langkawi Tour Packages

Ikan Bakar

A Malay specialty, this grilled fish is prepared with spices, fermented shrimp paste, folded in banana leaves, and roasted over the charcoal stove for that unique flavour.

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Pajeri Nenas

A delight for vegetarians, this coconut-based curry is cooked with sweet pineapples- a tropical staple.

Nasi Lemak

One of the most famous Malay dishes, is a coconut-flavored rice dish served with fried peanuts, vegetables, Shrimp Sauce, and fried anchovies(fish).

Beef Rendang

A beef specialty cooked in coconut curry and served with ghee rice.

Gulai Ikan Talang Masin

An Indian Muslim delicacy where salted fish is cooked in coconut and lemongrass gravy along with vegetables and pineapples.

Langkawi Trip Packages

Assam Pedas

A very popular Malay and Indonesian sour and spicy stew prepared with fish and fresh vegetables.


A Malaysian specialty snack where meat is marinated in a unique paste and placed on skewers to be barbequed and sold fresh.

Reaching Langkawi and Getting Around the Island

Langkawi International Airport is a small yet well-connected airport with flights coming in from many destinations around the globe. Langkawi is well connected by various means of transport, and you can go anywhere on the island in buses, taxis, rent-a-cars, and even motorbikes. GT Holidays’ comprehensive Langkawi Honeymoon Packages can even arrange for your local transfers.

Shopping in and Around Langkawi

Langkawi is home to many duty-free shopping arcades and stocks up on the latest imported goods. The markets offer attractive clothing and hand-crafted souvenirs. Some colorful flea night markets are open on certain days, offering many exciting knick-knacks. Some of the leading shopping arcades in Langkawi are

  •   Teow Soon Huat Duty-Free
  •   The Zon Duty-Free Zone
  •   Jetty Point Complex
  •   Cenang Mall
  •   Atma Alam Batik Village for exquisite batik print and cultural works
  •   Coco Valley for exclusive duty-free confectionary store
  •   Temoyong Night Market
  •   Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall

There are plenty of reasons to choose a Langkawi honeymoon package, especially from travel experts like GT Holidays. We design our package keeping in mind your heart’s desires and ensuring that your honeymoon at Langkawi remains the most memorable trip of your life. Get to know about our daily offers by visiting our Instagram Profile.

Get the Guaranteed Best Vacation Deals from GT Holidays

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