How does a voyage in the heavenly arms of mother nature sound to you? Well, if this excites you, then it’s high time to get away from your lethargic couch. Come on, engage yourself in the thrilling world of oceans with Cordelia Cruises Chennai.

Our Indian ocean is one of the crucial parts of the ecosystem. It binds many environmental factors together. Cordelia Cruises is a reputed Indian cruise company that aims to give you the best holiday experience on the cruise.

You will explore several exciting facilities and services in this cruise journey. Along with our mesmerizing experience, you will get to experience a panorama that is worth viewing.

Cordelia Cruises Chennai is a cruise liner based in India. It is introduced by Waterways Tourism Pvt Ltd. It is the only Indian cruiser to sail from the Bay of Bengal to Chennai and Sri Lanka all year round. Cruising with Cordelia Cruises makes a trip as wonderful as a destination. Chennai is the main port of Cordelia during the monsoon season, offering sailing to Sri Lanka.

Cordelia’s luxurious cruise has all the comfort you desire in your tour. The Cordelia Cruise Itinerary is full of exciting activities. This makes it more alluring for all kinds of tourists. Hospitality is always remembered post visiting the destination.

Cordelia Cruises offer the best hospitality which gives you a homely feeling on board. Its accommodation varies from stylish guest rooms to stunning penthouses and suites where every detail is graciously designed.

The staff at Cordelia demonstrate an ideology of uncompromised quality service. Empress of the seas is one of the recently owned cruises of Cordelia which is known for its exciting activities and modern amenities. You will be taken to several breathtaking places like Lakshadweep, Diu, Andaman, Goa, Mumbai, Bay of Bengal, and many more.

Price of Cordelia cruises Chennai

When you think of spending your vacations in such places, the very first thing that pops up in mind is the prices. Isn’t it? But you will feel relieved to see that the on-boarding price of Cordelia Cruise Packages in Chennai is affordable.

The Cordelia Cruises Booking price is fairly economical with all the provisions. Well, the price varies as per the destination or journey. Looking at the facilities and services provided, the cost of the cruise justifies it.

Let us now glance over the services offered by Cordelia cruises :

Indian and international cuisines:

The topmost chefs on board are experts in cooking their signature cuisines for you. Order your desired meal and Cordelia will make it for you.

Bars and various party zones:

Every party starts with a dance and ends with booze. You will discover top-notch bars, innumerable drinks, and party zones that will create the best memories of your holidays.

Fitness Center:

For all the fitness freaks out there, Cordelia cruises have a modern setup of workout zones for you. Enjoy your holidays without missing your daily workout sessions.

Live bands and DJ parties:

Cordelia Cruises Ship is best known for the live bands and music performances by popular artists. The DJ parties on the cruise will surely refresh your mood. The live performances will make your journey special and exciting.


Are you fond of movies? If you love binge-watching. Cordelia has got you a personalized theatre on board. You can now enjoy all your favorite movies with your friends and family on the cruise.

Swimming pool:

Pools are the best places to relax and rejuvenate yourself. Simply hang out with friends, sip your favorite drinks and enjoy the best days of your holidays.


We are not joking at all. You can actually shop for your favorite brands and customized labels on the cruise. Well, almost everyone loves to shop. Considering this, the Cordelia cruise has brought in a vivid shopping experience for you all.


If you love playing indoor games with friends and family, here’s a deal for you. Enjoy a variety of casino games at Cordelia Cruises. The best part is that it is completely free of cost.

From bowling to open-air cinemas, state-of-the-art fitness centers to basketball fields, dance to workout, fitness and spa therapies to pool lounging, surfing the web to browsing the bookstore – there’s something for everyone on Cordelia Cruises Chennai. Book your enchanting experience with Cordelia Cruises now!

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