People travel to relieve stress, but oftentimes, travel itself can induce stress. The pressure of choosing the right location, finding affordable accommodation, planning sightseeing activities, safety concerns, handling unexpected events, etc., could lead to people having a negative vacation experience. But travel has its positives as well. For one, we can learn new things, spend quality time with family and friends, and gain a whole new perspective on life.

At GT Holidays, we’re committed to taking the stress away from vacation. As the number one travel agency in Kolkata, we have arranged thousands of international and domestic tours for individuals and corporate clients. We’ll do the planning so that you can enjoy the holiday experience.

As one of the best tour operators in Kolkata, we specialize in researching new destinations and activities, comparing ticket prices, looking for discounts and deals, and planning every detail, so you enjoy the journey. Call us if you’re planning a vacation; our travel agent in Kolkata will help you plan an itinerary based on your inputs – from destinations and activities to accommodation options and budget.

Over the years, we have created millions of travel experiences, including adventure tours, pilgrimage tours, group and family vacations, food tours, eco-tours, honeymoon vacations, medical tours, Ayurveda tours, health and wellness tours, and even cruise tours. Our tours are all-inclusive, i.e., we’ll take care of accommodation, food, sightseeing, travel, tickets for attractions, entertainment, airport transfers, and even adventures.

But our scope isn’t restricted to travel planning alone. As partners with trade bodies and industry experts, we have access to the best and latest deals. As one of the best travel agencies in Kolkata, we’ll negotiate fares and hotel rates, so you get the best deal possible. We understand last minute delays, flight cancellations, traffic jams, lost baggage, and political turmoil could leave you stranded at the airport. Thanks to our experience, we know what to do during such situations. We work in the background, allowing you to enjoy a seamless vacation. A dedicated tour manager is available 24×7 by chat to answer all your queries promptly.

Why Are We the Best Travel Agency in Kolkata?

We are an accredited and certified travel agency in Kolkata, complying with all legal requirements. This ensures you can get the best discounts when booking tickets and accommodations. Signing up with an accredited agency also helps during a problem. For instance, we can rebook if bad weather or political unrest has affected your travel plans. Unfortunately, there’s not much a travel aggregator can do during a crisis. Whether you are dealing with lost baggage or missed flight, an experienced travel agency in Kolkata can help you out.

But with us, safety isn’t a concern, to begin with – we know if the place is safe for travel. Unlike travel writers who post misleading travel reviews about a place to promote a destination, we know ground facts. We have the necessary expertise to book where you want and when you want.

As the number one travel agency in Kolkata, we arrange for everything, including tickets, visa applications, and even travel insurance. We are familiar with the visa requirements, including immunization and vaccination needs, before traveling to a country, so you don’t end up stranded in a foreign country without the proper papers.

Call us to discuss your travel requirements and learn how we arrange stress-free tours for our clients.

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