Dubai is the second largest and the most populated Emirate in the UAE. It is also home to millions of immigrants from all over the world, looking to make a life in Dubai. Learn interesting facts about Dubai before booking a Dubai trip package.

Dubai Is Home To The World Record Breaking Buildings

Dubai is obsessed with breaking world records so much so the Guinness World Records opened an office in Dubai. As for now, the city holds over 339 world records, ranging from the world’s largest airport terminal to Palm Fountain, the world’s largest dancing fountain. The most popular on this list is Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building at 825 metres. The Dubai Mall is the world’s largest mall, with over 1000 shops, an Olympics-sized ice skating rink, a 22-screen multiplex, and an aquarium with 33,000 creatures. At 150 metres, Dubai Framework is the world’s largest picture frame. Dubai Police owns the world’s largest and most luxurious fleet of cars the Bugatti Veyron. It is home to the world’s largest vertical maze, Maze Tower, and the world’s tallest hotel, the JW Marriot Marquis. Some other attractions include the world’s largest manmade island and the world’s richest horse race.

The Dubai Shopping Festival Is The Longest Running Festival

This is another Guinness World record-holding feat because the Dubai Shopping Festival has been running since 1996. This month-long festival first started to promote retail and trade but has become a major tourist extravaganza. The highlight of the event is the incredible raffle prizes and contests where people can win up to 100,000 AED cash, luxury cars, gold, and apartments every day. Since its inception, the festival has disbursed up to 1.7 billion AED worth of gifts. You can buy almost anything at the Dubai Shopping Festival, including electronics, mobile, fashion, lifestyle, and home décor. If you are a shopaholic, look for Dubai tour packages during this time.

facts about Dubai

Dubai Is One Of The Safest Cities In The World

Dubai was recently named the Seventh Safest City In The World. Thanks to strict local laws and a well-connected surveillance system, the Dubai government offers its citizens and immigrants an overall sense of security. In fact, Dubai was named the world’s safest city for solo women travellers, with women feeling safe to even travel alone in the middle of the night without fear. It is also safe digitally, with Dubai ranked 1st in Dedicated Cyber Security Teams and Levels of Technology Employed. Capital penalty is legal in Dubai for severe crimes like rape, murder, drug trafficking, and environmental pollution. And it is also one of the cleanest cities in the world.

Dubai Is A Conservative Society But Tolerant Of Modern Ideas

The operative word here is tolerant, i.e., the people respect other faiths, although Islam is the official religion in the UAE. Although Dubai is one of the most liberal cities in the Middle East, behind all the glitz and glamour is a conservative and deeply religious society. People don’t mind drinking or smoking as long as you do it in licensed restaurants, bars, and hotels. Drinking in public places like beaches and public transport is frowned upon. You may even be fined for eating on the metro. Similarly, locals don’t appreciate PDAs, especially around the holy month of Ramadan. Homosexuality is taboo in Dubai, and any same-sex romance in public is out of the question. While pork is not forbidden, you must not eat in public places. Restaurants serving pork meat need special licenses to serve pork.

Dubai Is One Of The Cheapest Place To Buy Gold

Dubai is one of the world’s biggest gold trading hubs and one of the cheapest places in the world to buy gold. It’s also readily available you can buy them at one of the many gold souks and ATMs that dispense gold.

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