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Explore Classic Egypt for 8 Days | Itinerary

Egypt, Cairo
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7 Nights 8 Days

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Daily Tour

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Duration : 7 Nights / 8 Days

Destinations : Cairo – Nile Cruise – Luxor – Sharm el – Sheikh


Egypt is a wonderful yet affordable destination for history lovers. GT Holidays offers an exhaustive Egypt travel package itinerary that covers the best this country has to offer.

Day 1: Arrival in Cairo

Upon your arrival in the illustrious city of Cairo, you shall be ushered to your selected hotel with all due expedition. It is here where you shall conduct your check-in, affording you the opportunity to unwind and rejuvenate after your journey. As the sun's final rays dissipate into the horizon, you shall be treated to an exquisite performance - the Sound and Light Show at the Pyramids of Giza, a mesmerising narrative of ancient Egyptian history. A peaceful night's rest awaits you at the hotel in Cairo.

Day 2: Cairo

With the break of dawn, a delectable breakfast shall set the stage for your day's explorations. You will embark on a journey to the magnificent Great Pyramids of Giza, a wonder of the ancient world that continues to stand tall and awe-inspiring. The Egyptian Museum shall beckon to you with its unparalleled collection of historical treasures, while the Khan El Khalil Bazaar, formerly referred to as the Turkish bazaar during the Ottoman era but now more colloquially known as the "Khan," shall provide a delightful shopping experience. The remaining hours of the day are yours to relish at your leisure. You shall retreat once again to the comforts of your Cairo abode for a restful night.

Day 3: Cairo to Aswan, Embark on a Nile Cruise

Following a delectable morning repast, you shall be gracefully conveyed from your hotel to the airport for your flight to Aswan. Upon arrival in Aswan, you will be escorted to the cruise terminal, where you shall commence your journey aboard the Nile Cruise. Your day's itinerary shall encompass a visit to the High Dam, the Unfinished Obelisk, and the resplendent Philae Temple. Your night shall be spent in repose on the cruise, savouring the culinary delights of breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Day 4: Exploration Aboard the Nile Cruise

Enjoy your breakfast. Today's sojourn embarks upon the exceptional Kom Ombo temple, a remarkable edifice dedicated to two deities. This temple, the Temple of Kom Ombo, stands as an architectural marvel from the Ptolemaic dynasty within the Egyptian town of Kom Ombo. Subsequently, your voyage takes you to Edfu, where you shall visit the grandiose Temple of Horus, featuring a colossal statue of Horus depicted as a majestic falcon, commanding attention at the entrance to the primary temple structure. As twilight descends, you shall rest and rejuvenate on the cruise while partaking in the culinary delights of dinner.

Day 5: Luxor's Temples and Treasures

Start the day with an energetic breakfast. In the historic city of Luxor, you shall be captivated by the presence of some of the most awe-inspiring temples in Upper Egypt. Your day's agenda will include a visit to the awe-inspiring Karnak and Luxor temples, as well as an exploration of the Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, and the Two Colossi of Memnon. Your night shall be spent in a state of serene repose aboard the cruise, punctuated by a nourishing dinner.

Day 6: Nile Cruise – Luxor – Sharm el-Sheikh

At the break of dawn, following a satisfying breakfast, embark on the delightful task of disembarking from the Nile cruise. Your next destination is the enchanting Sharm el-Sheikh, a destination that has garnered international acclaim as a premier holiday resort town, celebrated for its vibrant underwater ecosystems, renowned for diving and snorkelling. Upon your arrival in Sharm El Sheikh, you shall be gracefully transported to your hotel for a seamless check-in experience. The day unfolds in leisurely repose, affording you the opportunity to bask in the surroundings. Slumber finds you at the hotel in Sharm el-Sheikh.

Day 7: Sharm el-Sheikh

Following a nourishing breakfast, the day unfurls leisurely before you, an open canvas on which you may paint your preferred activities. An enticing option presents itself: a full-day excursion to Tiran Island by yacht. This journey commences as you are elegantly conveyed from your residence to the jetty at the Red Sea. Here, you shall board a snorkelling cruise boat, embarking on a captivating voyage through various facets of the sea, guided by an expert. Your senses shall be treated to the mesmerising sight of some of the planet's most vividly hued and uniquely patterned fish, complemented by the living splendour of the coral reefs. Your reprieve is once again spent at the hotel in Sharm el-Sheikh.

Day 8: Depart Sharm el-Sheikh – Cairo by Road

With your stay at the hotel concluded, it is time to bid adieu to Sharm el-Sheikh. The day's course takes you on a terrestrial voyage from Sharm to Cairo by road, leading you to the juncture of your flight to Cairo. Upon reaching Cairo, you shall be transferred to Cairo International Airport, facilitating your embarkation on your departing flight.


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Egypt, Cairo


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