Europe is a dream destination for travelers. But there are many things travel agencies and websites don’t tell you that are hidden behind the beauty and charm of Europe. For one, it is an expensive destination with lots of unexpected costs. Besides accommodation and sightseeing, flight charges form a significant part of the expenses. If you plan to visit the continent this year, here are a few tips for booking flights to Europe.

Delete Browsing History or Search Incognito

There are rumours that travel meta-search engines and travel websites sneak in cookies to learn more about your travel plans. If you constantly search for flight tickets for a place, they’ll jack up the prices on purpose to push you into panic buying, lest the prices increase when you return the next time you search. Switching to incognito mode or clearing cookies on your computer restricts websites from using your digital footprint to track your search queries.

Look For Cheap Airlines

It’s no secret that budget airlines can save you a significant amount of money. But if you’re sacrificing comfort for money, there must be a fair trade-off. Many cheap airlines sneak in hidden charges, forcing you to pay more than advertised. In fact, a recent survey by NetVoucherCodes found that 97% of European Airlines have at least one hidden fee. Some of the common areas where these hidden fees are applied include seat selection, additional check-in baggage, printing boarding passes, priority boarding, and onboard wifi. Make sure you read the fine print when buying cheap tickets. Some airlines include most of these expenses in the airfare, but their original fare starts at a higher price.

Book Flights During Off-Season

Look for Europe travel packages during the shoulder season, i.e., from late January to early March, Easter to early June, and from September to November. Winter and summer are peak seasons and not the best time to look for a bargain. It’s a common myth that mid-week is an excellent time to book cheap tickets. But that’s not always the case and depends on several factors, including holidays. Tickets are generally cheaper immediately after a major holiday. We recommend you search for flights for the whole month to find the most reasonable date to travel.

Book Early to Save Money

It’s a universal truth that booking early helps save money on flight tickets. But when booking tickets from outside Europe, we recommend booking at least a few months in advance. This is because flight prices increase as the flying date approaches.

Don’t Fly Direct

Flights to busier travel routes are generally cheaper. You can then book a cheaper flight on some of Europe’s best discount airlines. Naturally, this depends on the season and time of the year because flights are expensive during May and June, irrespective of the destination. Book a flight to London or Paris, and then book a flight from London to your preferred city.

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