Dubai is a conservative Muslim city but one of the most liberal places in the Gulf. In general, the UAE is tolerant of other faiths but requires visitors to dress modestly and be mindful of their culture. With such conflicting views, you may be confused about what to pack for a Dubai trip. Here’s a straightforward packing list that’s easy to understand. Make sure you go through it thoroughly, even before looking for Dubai tour packages.

The General Advice

As we said earlier, the UAE is a conservative Muslim country but a far cry from other Middle Eastern countries that still follow strict Islamic rules. Visitors are expected to dress modestly, especially in public and religious places. This rule applies to men as well.

Packing Clothes

The rules about what to wear and what not to wear depend on where you are going and what you’ll be doing. For instance, you can wear a bikini when you’re at the beach or a swimming pool. But you can’t walk through the lobby in a bikini or walk to a shop on the beach wearing swimsuits. Remember to carry a maxi dress to cover up when walking around in a bikini. Don’t pack super skimpy bikinis, as they’re usually not encouraged.

If your Dubai trip package includes visiting theme parks, pack maxi skirts and dresses cut just above the knee. While it’s all right to wear shorts (not the super short ones or really low-cut ones), be prepared to be stared at by people. For visits to religious places like the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, wear loose-fitting, non-transparent clothes that cover the knee and shoulders. While earlier, you could rent an abaya, the mosque no longer offers them. Visitors must carry one while visiting the mosque or at least carry a headscarf to cover their heads.

Packing Footwear

It’s best to carry two sets of footwear trainers if your Dubai vacation package includes dessert safari and adventure activities. Trainers are also good to wear, considering you’ll have to walk long distances. You’ll also need a pair of sandals to keep your foot comfortable during the vacation.

Skincare Products

Don’t forget a moisturizing lotion with a high SPF. The sun may not be as piercing as in Australia, but it is still very hot. With average temperatures ranging from 40°C during summer, it is easy to get sunburned. Even during winter, the sun can be intense, with a very high UV index. Don’t forget to carry Vaseline to protect your lips and elbows from chaffing.

Other Essentials

Carry a water bottle, a hat, sunglasses, and hand sanitizer. The latter is especially important in crowded places. You’ll also need a good deodorant and face wipes.

Cards Or Cash

While most places accept credit and debit cards, you will need a loose change in some places. It’s also easy to pay with cash at the traditional souks and the souvenir shops at Karama Market. Most shops accept GPay as well. Mastercard and Visa are the most commonly accepted cards in Dubai.

Don’t Carry Drugs, Poppy Seeds, Or Prescription Medicines

You wouldn’t carry poppy seeds as a tourist, but it’s among the list of items not allowed within the UAE. The country has a strict zero-tolerance policy towards drug abuse. Even controlled prescription pills aren’t allowed unless visitors carry proper documentation. You must also seek prior approval from the Ministry of Health before carrying controlled medication to the UAE. While you can wear religious symbols, you cannot bring stone sculptures, lithographs, or original engravings to Dubai. You cannot carry any product made in Israel or items with an Israeli logo. You must also not wear clothes with messages or images hurting the religious sentiments of Muslims.

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