Europe is a beautiful continent with diverse cultures and a shared history. It is also a dream destination, with millions of Indians aspiring to visit Europe at least once in their lifetime. The continent is also full of things people must try before they die, a bucket list of experiences that’s sure to alter their perspective of life. If you’re planning a dream trip, here are a few things to help you pick the best travel plan for Europe.

Don’t Pack Too Many Destinations in One Vacation

Europe is a vast continent with diverse offerings. Don’t make the mistake of hitting multiple countries in one trip. You’ll be running from one incredible destination to another, yet savour none. We understand Europe is a great place with hundreds of must-see cities. But visiting London, Paris, Rome, Venice, Athens, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Zurich in a single Europe tour package will only overwhelm you. Rather than visiting a new city every day, we suggest you stay at a place for a few days because the longer you spend in each place, the more you’ll appreciate it. Also, this way, you won’t spend most of your time on trains and planes. In fact, some cities like Rome and London can keep you busy for at least a week.

Some Of The Major Cities Can Be Underwhelming

We’ve been fed so many stories about iconic European cities like Paris, London, and Rome that it’s impossible not to have sky-high expectations even before landing there. But, in reality, many of these cities can be far removed from their reputation. For instance, London is a multicultural city, hardly offering the authentic British experience. Paris isn’t as glamorous or romantic as it’s made out to be Parisians can be rude and impatient. Rome has a huge garbage problem pickpocketing is also common when standing in queues outside the museums and monuments.

To truly appreciate the continent, pick Europe trip packages that cover the heart of Europe the smaller cities and villages with the best cafes, some of the prettiest sceneries, and the most genuine people. If you’re travelling for the first time, we suggest you pick European travel packages combining the big iconic cities and smaller towns and villages.

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Some Of The Lesser Travelled Countries Are Equally Attractive

Some less-explored countries, like the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, and Croatia, are equally mesmerising but cost much less. The Krka National Park in Croatia is famous for its natural beauty and abundant flora and fauna. The Azores archipelago in Portugal is better than any tropical forest and the shooting location for Jurassic Park. Lake Koman in Albania is better and much less crowded than the limestone cliffs of Phang Nga Bay in Thailand. If you want to take the less travelled path, we suggest you look at our unconventional Europe vacation packages.

Make A List Of Things You Must Do In Europe

From soaking up the beautiful Swiss village by train to going on a tapas bar crawl in Madrid and visiting all the Game of Thrones sites in Ireland, Croatia, and Spain, there are hundreds of things you must try at least once in your life in Europe. But you cannot experience it all in one trip. That is why we suggest listing everything you want to do in Europe and then picking Europe tour packages that match your list. This is undoubtedly the best travel plan for Europe. At GT Holidays, we customise trip packages to fit your requirements and budget, ensuring a unique vacation experience.

Don’t Plan An Itinerary Without Research

Before planning an itinerary, you’ll need to research flight costs, the best time of the year, availability of sunlight, hotel rates, local festivals you’d like to cover, and tickets to popular tourist attractions. Our travel concierge can help you throughout the process, covering every little detail from booking your tickets ahead of time to highlighting unique hotels in smaller towns and even preparing a list of things you must do during the vacation.

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