With an impressive skyline, extravagant architecture, and giant shopping malls, Dubai is truly a paradise for travelers. Dubai can be expensive for tourists when compared to other destinations. But you can enjoy a memorable vacation if you plan your holiday carefully and choose the right Dubai tour packages. Read on to learn a few tips for travelling to Dubai on a budget.

Choose The Right Time to Visit Dubai

November to April is the high season in Dubai, with the crowds peaking especially around Christmas. The weather is pleasant around this time, and there are plenty of festivals around this time to keep tourists engaged. The Dubai Shopping Festival, the most extravagant of all, is held from December to January. Some of the other festivals around this time include Art Dubai, Dubai Expo, Dubai Auto Show, and the Dubai International Film Festival.

But if you’re looking for cheaper hotel accommodation and flight costs, we suggest choosing Dubai tour packages during the off-season, i.e., from May to August. While the average temperature is around 40°C at this time of the year, you can cover attractions that offer air conditioning practically everywhere. The Ramadan month is also a good time for budget Dubai trip packages. Western tourists don’t prefer Emirates during this time of the year because of the conservative mood during Ramadan. Generally, drinking, eating, or smoking in public is frowned upon during this time, and you’ll be expected to dress conservatively. It’s an excellent time for Indians to visit if you don’t mind eating at open screened areas created especially for tourists and dress conservatively during this time.

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Make A List of Attractions You’d Like to Cover

Sightseeing is one of the major expenses in Dubai, with average ticket costs ranging from 50 AED to 150 AED for popular activities. For instance, prices for Dubai Aquarium could start at 120 AED and go up to 300 AED. Prime tickets to the top floor of Burj Khalifa could set you back by 459 AED, and non-prime tickets cost 359 per person for adults. A desert safari could cost as much as 1000 AED, with prices starting from 250 AED onwards. But there are plenty of activities you can enjoy for free as well.

For instance, you can see the world’s tallest building from the mall and even enjoy the daily fountain show for free. Entry to the Dubai Mall is free, as is entry to the many souks, as long as you don’t buy anything. Similarly, you can see the Dubai Frame for free, but it costs around 50AED to enter. The Jumeriah Mosque is free if you don’t take a guided tour.

When choosing Dubai tour packages, decide beforehand the attractions you’d like to visit and the ones you’d rather skip. This way, you needn’t spend money on unnecessary attractions.

Eat At Restaurants In Residential Areas

Being a multicultural city, Dubai is home to countless restaurants serving a range of cuisines from around the world. You can sample authentic Indian, Chinese, Sri Lankan, Filipino, and Lebanese food in mid-range restaurants in Dubai. Other cheap food options include shawarma, falafel, kebabs, biryani, and hummus with pita bread.

You can include a fancy dinner at one of the posh restaurants in the Burj Khalifa or Burj Al Arab as a special treat but look for cheap restaurants run by the immigrant population for the rest of the stay.

Shop For Souvenirs for Cheap

You don’t have to shop for souvenirs at the Dubai Mall. There are plenty of places where you can shop for cheap souvenirs. For instance, the Lulu Mall is the best place to buy good quality spices for cheap. Some of the spices are even cheaper when compared to prices in India. It is also an excellent place to buy dates cheaply. Karama Centre is great for affordable souvenirs like mugs, trinkets, decorative hookahs, ceramic cutlery, etc. The Dubai souks are a great place to buy attars or oil-based natural fragrances made without alcohol.

Flying To Dubai

Irrespective of when you’re booking tickets, we suggest you delete your browser cookies before booking tickets. This is because airlines use an automated system to price seats. These systems use social media and search engine data to compute ticket prices. Ticket prices are also lower during weekdays and early mornings. And if you have a tight budget, look for tickets on budget airlines – it takes less than 5 hours from Chennai to Dubai, and it doesn’t make much sense to spend 30,000 INR on a business class when you can travel for less than 10,000 INR on a budget airline.

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