Dubai is a tourist paradise in terms of the shopping malls, extravagant architecture and the vast options of adventure activities offered in the city. The latter is especially alluring for GenZ travellers who have grown up in an age of Instagrammable adventures. If your idea of a vacation includes scuba diving in Dubai, here are a few ideas to help you plan the perfect Dubai tour package:

Best Places for Scuba Diving in Dubai

If you’re a beginner, consider going scuba diving at Jumeirah Beach. It is also budget-friendly when compared to other places, thanks to the numerous stores that offer affordable scuba diving equipment on hire. It could cost around 3,000 INR per person for scuba diving at this place.

Martini Rock is an excellent place for scuba divers to explore colourful marine life, including corals, turtles, moray eels, seahorses, parrot fish, and manta rays. Martini Rock is one of the most profound diving sites in the UAE. The place gets its name from the contour of the rock that resembles a martini glass on its side. The best time to go scuba diving here is at night.

For those in the mood for some Indiana Jonesque-style adventure swimming, head straight to Zainab Wreck. This deep wreck site is a 45-minute ride from the Palm Jumeirah, with plenty of barracudas and yellow snappers for company.

Is Scuba Diving in Dubai Expensive?

It depends on the location. For instance, if you plan to go deep-diving at the world’s deepest swimming pool, Deep Dive Dubai, a one-hour dive could cost you around INR 18,000 for a one-hour beginner dive, but a certified dive experience could set you back by INR 36,000.

In comparison, a 3-4 hour scuba diving experience at Dibba Rock in Al Fujairah would only cost INR 10,000. Diving with sharks at the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo could set you back by INR 18,000.

When Is the Best Time for Scuba Diving in Dubai?

While you can deep dive at Deep Dive Dubai any time of the year, the best time to look for adventure-based Dubai trip packages is from September to March. The weather is pleasant around this time of the year, and the water isn’t too cold or hot. Winters are also the best time to spot exotic marine species like sea cows, sailfish, and sea snakes. We don’t recommend scuba diving in summer, i.e., from June to August, but if you have chosen budget-friendly Dubai vacation packages, go for it.

What To Remember When Going Scuba Diving in Dubai?

Divers must not wear heavy jewellery or expensive watches and other accessories as they are prohibited. You must carry your mobile phone or cameras as well. The crew will take photographs and videos. Also, you cannot wear your swimming gear or other diving costumes.

Things to Know Dubai Scuba Diving

When Is the Best Time of The Day for Scuba Diving in Dubai?

Your diving experience will likely change depending on the time of the day you choose. For instance, mornings are warm but calm and serene. It’s also the best time to photograph marine life because the diving spots are not crowded, and the aquatic animals are active. Afternoons are warmer, but sunlight ensures excellent visibility. Evenings are tranquil and the best time to watch marine life as they retire to their abode. It’s also the time when the many nocturnal marine life makes an appearance you must not miss the beautiful views from underwater.

Nighttime is the best for scuba diving in Dubai. You can see the many nocturnal marine animals and the many bioluminescent organisms that live underwater. The darkness allows divers to enjoy the visually pleasing spectacle.

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