Just as Bali is famous for its beaches and picturesque locations, it is also renowned for its local cuisine. Though some of the Indonesian dishes are common in Bali, you will find the ingredients and spices used locally are very different. Several dishes fall under the traditional and authentic Bali’s famous food, but we can help you with some of the must-tries that you can enjoy during your trip through our Bali travel packages.

After a long day of sightseeing in Bali, try the following foods at some local restaurants or warungs to experience Bali’s food culture. Here are 10 traditional and authentic dishes you will find as Balinese street foods and desserts.

Gado Gado – Salad

Gado Gado is a dish that suits everyone’s taste buds, especially if you are a vegetarian. As a form of Indonesian salad, Gado Gado comprises tofu, kidney beans, cucumber, tempeh, bean sprouts, and occasionally eggs. The salad dressing is made of a special peanut sauce giving the salad a sweet, salty, and spicy flavour.

Mie Goreng- Stir-Fried Noodles

One of the most popular Indonesian delicacies is Mie Goreng, or simply stir-fried noodles, which you must try. As it’s a very regular meal in Indonesia, you will get it at most places in Bali. Being a very flavourful dish with a dash of spice Mie Goreng originated from the Chinese dish chow mein. Traditionally made out of egg noodles, soy sauce, vegetables, and an option of varied meats, you will find both locals and tourists enjoying it.


Ikan Bakar- Jimbaran-style grilled fish

When you get done enjoying your day at the Jimbaran Bay through our Bali honeymoon packages, settle down for a great dining experience as the sun sets on the horizon. Indulge in the romantic setting amidst lit candles and sandy beaches and order the famous Jimbaran-style grilled fish, the Ikan Bakar, for a quintessential Bali dining experience.

Babi Guling – Roasted stuffed pig

One of the most relished delicacies in Bali is the Babi Guling, which translates to “turning pig.” The roast gets done manually, turning a stuffed pig with rich traditional spices and vegetable mixes and slowly rolling it over in an open coal fire. The tender and juicy meat with crisp brown skin is very popular with locals, especially during festivities and ceremonies but is readily available at small eateries and restaurants throughout Bali.

famous food of bali

Pepes Ikan – Steamed Fish

Try an authentic dish made of a whole marinated fish prepared traditionally by steaming it in a banana leaf wrap. The wrap allows the fish to absorb the spices making it very flavourful. Generally, fish like mackerel, sardines, and snapper get used to making Pepes Ikan.

Satay – Grilled meat on skewers

Enjoy Bali’s famous food consisting of barbequed meat on a stick known as Sate or Satay, which is found everywhere and is very affordable. From a cart vendor to high-end restaurants, you will find various meat varieties of satay, including chicken, goat, rabbit, and beef marinated, skewered, and grilled, and finally served with spicy sauce. You may also find satay made with fish, tofu, eggs, or minced blends. Bali has its version, the ‘sate lilit’, made from diced beef, chicken, fish, pork, or even turtle meat mixed with coconut, coconut milk, and a rich blend of vegetables and spices. The meat gets wrapped around bamboo, sugarcane, or lemongrass sticks before getting grilled over charcoal. With enough flavours within the Sate Lilit, you can enjoy it with or without dipping sauce.

Nasi Campur & Nasi Ayam – Chicken Rice

As one of the staples of Bali, Nasi Campur and Nasi Ayam are, the local version of chicken rice served in most eateries and restaurants. The word ‘campur’ means ‘mixed,’ and Nasi Campur comes with a scoop of rice and a mixture of small portions of side dishes with different elements of Balinese food like Babi Guling, spiced chicken or duck, mixed vegetables, tofu, tempeh, fish, and a little spicy Balinese sauce of sambal math. You may also find a version of Nasi Ayam, and Nasi Campur served with a bowl of soup.

Laklak – Rice flour cakes

Eat sweet and traditional Balinese cakes for breakfast made out of rice flour in white and green colours. The use of Pandan leaves helps give the cakes their aroma and green colour. You will usually find this treat only in traditional markets, and you can snack on it anytime.

Bubur Sumsum – Coconut & Rice porridge

Try this comforting, sweet, salty dessert in Bali that is often served as a traditional dessert but can also be served for breakfast or as a snack. Bubur Sumsum is mainly made by cooking rice flour in coconut milk with a pinch of salt, served with palm sugar syrup, and sometimes with sweet potato dumplings. Many cooking classes in Bali teach this recipe which you may recreate easily at home.

Pisang Goreng – Banana Fritters

One delicious Balinese treat consists of deep-fried banana or banana fritters, ideally using the “Pisang Raja” variety of bananas. The banana slices get coated in a simple batter made from flour, water, and salt, then deep fried in oil. You will find variations of Pisang Goreng through different ingredients as they get served piping hot at many street vendors with a bowl of vanilla ice cream or freshly grated coconut.

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