If you are traveling to the Maldives for its scenic landscape and unique over-water bungalows, we promise you won’t be disappointed. But there is so much more to the Maldives than its laid-back island lifestyle. The various islands on the North and South atoll offer abundant natural beauty and opportunities to experience spectacular underwater marine life.

Though many locations in the archipelago offer a great vacation, we have listed our top 10 places to visit in the Maldives.

1. Whale Submarine

Take your kids and friends to witness the rich marine life in one of the top 10 tourist attractions in the Maldives, the Whale Submarine. Get on board a watercraft for a 45-minute underwater cruise in the deepest diving and largest submarine that carries passengers. As you go almost 150 feet underwater, you get an exciting view of fantastic marine creatures like yellow Boxfish, Common Lionfish, Turtles, Shark rays, etc. For a non-diver, the whale submarine is the perfect way to explore the seas and get a memorable experience.

2. Male

The capital city of Male is where you can find some modern infrastructure and many hotels and restaurants. The city gives you a different vacation vibe as you go bar hopping with friends or spend quality time with family. With our Maldives tour packages, you can tour the main attractions, participate in water sports and visit busy lanes serving delicious local cuisine.

3. Artificial Beach

Visit one of the most beautiful man-made beaches in the Maldives that has become a popular tourist destination. The crescent-shaped seashore offers scenic views, and the pleasant climate will make you like taking tranquil strolls. You can watch the locals and tourists enjoy swimming in its lush blue Maldivian waters. Your kids can explore the various amusement parks and water sports around. The beach is a hub of fun activities like carnivals, parades, and live music concerts.

Maldives Tourist Attractions

4. Maafushi

One of the best places to visit as a family is the uninhabited island of Maafushi. While you get mesmerized by the beautiful and secluded beaches of the island, your kids will enjoy water sports or go shark diving. Swim in the clear waters or stroll on the white sandy beach taking in the pleasant breeze of the tropical island. Enjoy some exquisite food by indulging in local cuisine.

5. Utheemu Ganduvaru

Are you interested in history and culture? Visit the tiny island of Utheemu Ganduvaru, which has a fascinating history related to Portuguese invaders but is also famous as the birthplace of Sultan Mohamed Thakurufaanu. Explore the beautiful stately structures where the venerated Sultan resided. Being one of the top 10 places to visit in the Maldives, Utheemu is also known for the beautiful Manta Ray fish, spotted from May to November.

6. Banana Reef

The Banana Reef is counted amongst the top 10 tourist attractions in the Maldives for its unique shape and abundant and colorful marine life. You can witness some exquisite corals with rainbow hues and various colorful fish. The reef also provides other water sports for you to enjoy. Explore the fantastic underwater creatures by diving or snorkelling and get mesmerised by the place.

7. Grand Friday Mosque

You cannot miss the stunning architecture of the Grand Friday Mosque, a revered religious place and one of the top 10 tourist attractions in the Maldives. You cannot help but admire the simplicity of the white-marble modern structure with a vast golden dome towering over the main square. Visit it during non-prayer times, and you will be able to understand how the place can relax your mind and seek inner peace.

8. Mudhdhoo Island

Catch some magical moments at the glowing beach on Mudhdhoo Island in the Maldives. Capture memorable pictures as the beach glows a brilliant blue at night with a spectacular view of the shores. You need to check in advance regarding the specific season and days to experience the unique feature of the sea creatures casting neon blue lights. If you plan a trip to Maldives, try to take the chance and visit the island for a mesmerizing experience.

9. Fulhadhoo Island

A bit further away from Male lies Fulhadhoo Island, inhabited by locals who offer you a warm and friendly welcome. You will have to take a ferry or boat to the island, home to beautiful panoramic views of the azure ocean. Explore the white sandy beaches, palm trees, and clear lagoons and interact with locals in this fun and friendly getaway. As a newlywed couple, Fulhadhoo island can be on your list as it is among the best spots to visit in the Maldives for your honeymoon. Book one of our customized Maldives honeymoon packages and enjoy snorkeling, diving, and other sports to make the most of your time on the island.

10. Muraka

Do you want to have the unique experience of living underwater and observing the marine life around you? Visit Muraka through our Maldives tour packages and enjoy the spectacular views through the transparent roofs and walls. Along with the surreal experience, you can indulge in various water sports and enjoy the scenic beauty.

No matter what places you choose, GT Holidays can offer everything from idyllic islands to adrenaline-pumping adventure sports through its Maldives travel packages.

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