Planning for a perfect vacation in Bali but don’t know where to start? Do not worry! From traditional temples and historic sites to scenic mountains and spectacular beaches, we have got you covered. GT Holidays offers you a detailed traveller’s guide to Bali to create an itinerary per your choice of locations.

In the perfect holiday destination of Bali, decide when you wish to take a cultural trip and when to leave for an idyllic getaway. Read our suggestions through our Bali trip guide for the information you need to know before you go.


The moment you set foot in Bali, you can sense how important faith and customs are for Balinese people. From the 10,000 elegant temples scattered across Bali, and hence known as ‘The Island Of Gods.’ With our Bali travel packages, you will learn about more than 300 ancient temples, some of which are the finest and hence need to be visited.

Pura Tanah Lot Temple: As one of the most famous temples, Pura Tanah Lot is a photographer’s delight. Founded in the 16th century around the coast of Kuta, the temple is one of the holiest places in Bali. Visit this scenic and most photographed symbol of Bali and pay your respects at the multi-tiered shrines.

Besakih Temple: Situated on Bali’s holiest and highest mountain slopes, the Besakih temple complex is a primary sacred site in east Bali. The Balinese Hindu worshippers wear their finery and make elaborate offerings with the belief that the gods sometimes descend to reside in the temple. Explore the colossal complex, which holds 20 temples spread across the site for almost three kilometers.

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All the scenic pictures that have attracted you to Bali are genuine, and you will find that out when you visit some breathtakingly beautiful places. Take a day trip with our Bali honeymoon packages and visit the famous rice terraces, volcanic mountains, and gorgeous waterfalls with your partner.

Gunung Batur and Danau Batur: For an out-of-the-world experience, take a hike in the scenic Batur area, where a gigantic volcano erupted almost 30,000 years ago. One of the most famous spots in the Bali trip guide is the volcanic mountain peaks and silver-turquoise lake in the 13.5 km crater that offers an unparalleled view. On the floor of this crater, you will find Gurung Batur, an active volcano of 1717m with 4 minor peaks, and Danau Batur Lake next to it. You will get a memorable location experience, especially if you visit the top around sunrise.

Sanur: When you visit Sanur, it gives you a secluded and peaceful village vibe. Take a stroll along the 5km-long sandy beach that wraps around the town, or try swimming during high tide. Stop by the attractive restaurants mentioned in our traveller’s guide to Bali situated all along the shore.

Nusa Lembongan: For an ideal getaway to white-sand beaches and wild mangroves, head to the tiny island of Nusa Lembongan, which you can easily explore on foot or by bike. From backpackers and locals to divers, snorkelers, and surfers, the scenic beaches and the island’s laidback pace draw everyone to its picturesque shores.


Visit the hippiest part of Bali, Canggu, for its spectacular beaches that exude wild beauty. Within the bylanes, you can visit artisan shops and yoga studios that are scenically surrounded by rice fields and lined with luxury villas.


Your travel to Bali will be incomplete if you miss its major cultural destination, Ubud. With plenty of old Hindu temples and the Ubud palace, where traditional dances are performed every night, Ubud brings the local history and culture to the fore. Walk on the streets lined with craft shops, art galleries, yoga studios, and organic cafes. Catch the traditional Kecak and barong dance on the grounds of the Ubud palace. The vibrant history and the fabulous architecture speak volumes about Bali’s culture.


If you want to spend a day of leisure with friends and family or as newlyweds, then you have a fantastic set of serene beaches in Bali that are nothing short of heavenly and on top of our list in the Bali tour packages. Spend time with your loved ones soaking in the sun or exploring the various offered water activities, from snorkeling and diving to viewing the thriving underwater life to swimming or participating in water sports on crystal-clear waters. You can visit famous beaches like the Kuta, Seminyak, Jimbaran, Blue Lagoon, Kelingking, and Broken Beach. Lovina Beach is another excellent spot offering 8km of black sand, from where you can explore the volcanic areas and the northern coast of Bali.


As a tourist, Bali will offer you several activities as per your interest. From experiencing the rice terraces, going volcano trekking and scuba diving to night safari, enjoying coffee plantations, or a soothing spa session, you can customise your itinerary by adding the best of activities Bali offers.

Bali is known for its traditions, culture, and scenic locations that offer adventures from sunrise till late at night. We hope our traveller’s guide to Bali helps you to create an itinerary of your choice. Visit Us or Call GT Holidays for booking details.