As a first-time traveler, you may get quite overwhelmed about what to expect in Bali. The paradise island is undoubtedly as inviting as the pictures, but you must always stay prepared with the local customs and ways to have an enjoyable holiday in Bali. Whether you travel solo, as a honeymoon couple, or with a group of family and friends, you need to have a Bali travel guide for first-timers regarding the do’s and don’ts of travel and stay in Bali.

To help you make your first trip to Bali memorable, we have made a list of tips for you to follow.

Book Your Travel Through Certified Travel Partners

Using professional and experienced travel partners is essential to ensure your smooth first trip to Bali. Experience travel hosts like GT Holidays offer several Bali travel packages, perfectly designed to cater to your needs. You can also customise your Bali trip to ensure you can explore the island at your pace and budget. Our agents can help you with the latest travel documents and accommodation to food and sightseeing so that you don’t feel lost in a foreign land. Our agents can also help you find the best deals for Bali, especially if you book your trip in advance.

Use Rental Services

If you want to explore Bali, you need to get good transportation. Taxis in Bali are costly, and driving yourself might get confusing and tiresome in traffic. The best way to move around Bali is to use apps to call for a transportation service. Gojek, Grab, and Blue Bird are the various apps that allow you to call for a car or a bike to your destination. GT Holidays ensures that your transportation for sightseeing is part of your Bali tour packages. Our local guides can take you to the different locations and help with the information regarding each place. The guided tour will help you explore famous spots without worrying about transport.

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Carry Cash

During your first trip to Bali, it is imperative to carry enough cash for local expenses and shopping. Most vendors do not accept credit card payments except for specific restaurants and upmarket shops. You should look for an authorised money exchange place and get the required cash as per the market rates. Better still, carry IDR from India itself. GT Holidays can help you get the currency from an authorised agency that offers good service and security.

Go Off The Beaten Track

Most tourists head to popular places like Seminyak and Ubud in Bali. Though they are fun spots to be, you must try to go off the beaten track and head to the northern part, which is less crowded and has beautiful temples and waterfalls that you can explore. Places like Kuta offer a naughty side of Bali with buzzing nightlife and many bars, while Seminyak has luxurious accommodations and restaurants as part of Bali honeymoon packages. For high-end locations and cultural sites, you can go to Ubud, but for a cozy stay, you can head to Cangu.

Take Day Trips

You must also head out of Bali and take day trips to scenic places like Nusa Penida and Gili Islands. Visit Nusa Penida, a hidden treasure located southeast of Bali for its incredible beauty, and explore the underdeveloped island. The white-sand beaches with pristine blue water and high coastal cliffs drop at Broken Beach, and snorkeling to spot Manta Rays. The Gili islands, especially Gili Trawangan, are a popular destination for scuba diving and incredible nightlife.

Try Local Cuisine

You need to try the local cuisine in Bali to make it worth the visit. Try traditional dishes like Nasi goreng, Mie goreng, martabak pancakes, satays, and noodle soups which are delicious and a must for food lovers. The local restaurants known as Warungs offer authentic Balinese food on a very pocket-friendly budget. Just remember to ask for ”tidak pedas” meaning ”not spicy”, if you cannot handle spicy food!

Basic Etiquettes In Bali

One of the most vital things to remember on your first trip to Bali is to respect Balinese customs and traditions.

  • Dress and act modestly: The locals are conservative in their ways and are not used to public displays of affection. You are expected to dress modestly when touring public places, especially temples. Everyone must cover their shoulders, upper arms, and legs while visiting holy sites. Ensure that you aren’t bleeding due to wounds or periods when entering a temple, as it is considered impure.
  • Use your right hand to touch or give: Since they consider that the left hand gets used mainly for hygienic purposes, the right hand is pure to give blessings are make offerings.
  • Don’t touch people’s heads: The locals believe that one’s soul resides in the head; hence it’s not right to touch heads. Locals like to greet tourists with a polite smile and expect you to return the gesture.

Now that you know how to prepare for your first trip to Bali, Visit Us or call GT Holidays to book your tour soon.