The Maldives is a perfect holiday destination for ocean lovers and marine life enthusiasts. Imagine walking out of your resort with your diving equipment and entering one of the best reefs for an adventurous time. Most resorts in the Maldives mention house reefs, but it is best to understand how you can benefit by staying in one through GT Holidays’ Maldives travel packages.

If you have Maldives as a destination on your bucket list, here are the details you need to know regarding house reefs and where to find the best house reef resorts in the Maldives. Get ready to discover the Indian Ocean’s underwater life up close and personal!

What Are House Reefs?

Simply put, house reefs are coral reefs situated in front of resorts and usually within a comfortable swimming distance from the beach. The Maldives is a prominent and popular location for dive resorts as it offers nearly 900 house reefs for you to plan a snorkelling and diving holiday. The colourful house reefs are made of coral formations that grow above the water’s surface, offering you access to a wide range of marine life at your doorstep.

What Are the Advantages of Resorts with House Reefs?

The Maldives house reef resorts have many benefits to you as a tourist and the reef. Here are a few advantages of staying in a resort with house reef with Maldives tour packages:

  • Most house reef resorts get built in areas where the weather conditions are more stable, like in bays or beside the island. Hence, you will notice that house reefs are typically a bit more protected from currents and waves than regular reefs.
  • Resorts with house reefs generally have a jetty or pier for their boats, providing a unique habitat for marine animals. The pilings act as a sanctuary for aquatic creatures and protect them from strong currents and predators. Due to the advantage of the pier, most resorts can offer you to be around a cluster of varied fish and other marine life that you may not come across in the shallows.
  • The most crucial advantage of house reefs is that you can expect a great snorkeling experience without the fuss of jumping on a boat and spending time riding to a distant location. The house reef will be open for visits per your schedule, allowing you to get comfortable and familiar with the surroundings in the house reef. As you spend more and more time, you’ll start to notice the unique behaviour of the various fish and animals. As a photographer, you will understand the light and timings to click a particular creature as your subject. Book Maldives honeymoon packages and spend some couples’ time exploring underwater marine life.
  • Last but not least, most resorts prohibit fishing on their house reefs and, in fact, ensure rebuilding the corals so that you can find an abundance of friendly marine life.

Which Are the Best House Reef Resorts in the Maldives?

From 900 house reefs out of the total 2500 reefs in the Maldives, picking a good house reef resort for a memorable island holiday can be daunting. To help make your choice a little easier, here’s a list of some of the best house reef resorts in the Maldives.

maldives houe reef resorts

Coco Bodu Hithi Resort

Stay at the Coco Bodu Hithi resort, located in the North Male Atoll and famous for being one of the best Maldives house reef resorts for snorkeling. The marine life and clear waters make it very inviting for you and your family to experience vibrant corals and several species of fish and sea animals. The resort also plays an essential role in Marine Conservation by preserving the reef and utilizing its coral nursery program to revitalise and build the corals.

Mirihi Island Resort

Most guests stay at Mirihi Island Resort primarily for diving reasons. The resort offers the best house reef and caters to the needs of all divers, from first-timers to experienced ones. Whether you want to learn the basics or fine-tune your techniques, the certified experts at Mirihi Resorts help you with personalised service. Head underwater to understand why the house reef is one of the best. Swim alongside dolphins and whale sharks when you dive or mingle with the colourful fish amidst the breathtaking, vibrant corals when you snorkel.

Filitheyo Resort

With 7 access points, and abundant marine life, the Filitheyo resort in Faafu atoll is one of the best Maldives house reef resorts. Explore the house reef through snorkeling or diving and discover various exciting marine life, including reef fish, sharks, eels, rays, turtles and lobsters. The resort houses a diving center for you to experience and admire the abundant fish life, along with 2 boat wrecks which attract fascinating marine life.

Baros Resort

If you are an underwater enthusiast, you must experience the enchanted underwater adventures in the world-class house reef of Baros Resort in the Maldives. With 30 dive sites and a resident marine biologist, Baros is an underwater paradise home to hundreds of brightly coloured tropical fish, turtles, and black-tip reef sharks. Go snorkeling or diving in these translucent azure waters for a once-in-a-lifetime marine experience.

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