Things You Need to Know About Cordelia Cruises Ship India

Cordelia Cruises strives to improve and drive the cruise experience in India through experiences that are chic, luxurious, and most importantly, essentially Indian. Cordelia is a cruise liner for Indians provisioning to the way Indians love to vacation. The packages include but are not limited to Goa, Diu, Sri Lanka, Colombo, Mumbai, Chennai, Lakshadweep, and Trincomalee.

Cordelia, meaning an epitome of the daughter of the ocean in Latin, stands true to its name. It is a representation of style, luxury, and substance. Its route is determined by the ageless blend of free-spiritedness and elegance, to go past the conventional and traverse new horizons. It is run by Waterways Leisure Tourism Pvt. Ltd, India’s premier cruise liner. Waterways Leisure Tourism Pvt. Ltd is an undertaking by the Dream Hotel Group.

How to you plan for a Cordelia Cruise Ship Trip?

Cruising is an excellent way to celebrate vacations. Rather than stressing out when booking traditional holiday packages due to hotel bookings, transport arrangements, and filling in sightseeing activities, cruise holidays let you savor your well-earned vacation time in luxury on the open seas with your family.

First and foremost, necessitate how long you desire your trip to be. Cordelia Cruises by GT Holidays offers trips as short as two nights and as long as seven nights. When settling on the period of your vacation, make sure to analyze transit time to and from the embarkation location.

Subsequently, you’ll want to choose which embarkation point you want for the beginning of your cruise. Possible considerations include the distance from your home, coveted cruise destination (e.g. Cochin), and price.

Once you’ve settled on an embarkation point, you’ll want to comprehend the logistics of getting to and from the embarkation point. For instance, will you fly or drive? Will you want a hotel before or after your cruise?

Once you’ve determined where you’ll be holidaying and for how long, the next step is to select what type of trip you’re looking for. For instance, do you want a peaceful, relaxing cruise sunbathing in Cochin, or do you want an activity-filled holiday, island hopping across Lakshadweep? Is there a distinct destination that catches your imagination — such as Diu, Sri Lanka, or Chennai? If so, now’s the time to make your dream a reality!

You additionally need to decide if you want a cruise ship targeted more at couples or families. While all Cordelia cruise ships offer amenities for both adults and children, some cruises are more tailor-made for one or the other.

After you pick your cruise ship, you’ll want to choose the kind of stateroom you will stay in. This can be a prominent decision since the space available in the different rooms can differ considerably. You will want to think about whether you want a suite or a stateroom, and how many you’ll want (if traveling with kids). You’ll also want to examine if you want an indoor room or fancy having an ocean view via porthole or balcony. Make sure to look at the facilities granted with each suite and stateroom, so you can obtain the one that adequately suits you and your family’s needs. Finally, get a look at the price variations between each of the many room types. Determine how much you want to consume and find a room that suits your budget.

Robust safety policy

Healthy Wave is a plan designed by Cordelia Cruises to ensure the security of guests and staff on land and at sea. There are several checks performed by the staff to assure all protection of the guests and staff through onboarding and Check-in.

Infrared screening for fever

Some guests may be put through supplementary health examinations or disallowed boarding if they are symptomatic.

Fit-to-travel certificate

Guests above 70 years of age must present a fit-to-travel certificate provided by a certified medical practitioner.

Scheduled check-in slots

All guests are allocated a pre-scheduled check-in time slot at the port.

Elevated health protocols

Social distancing

Extra waiting areas have been provided onboard to promote social distancing.

24×7 medical centre

Cordelia Cruises feature a fully prepped and equipped onboard medical center as per WHO standards and provisions. Guests are also provided round-the-clock consultation and isolation ward assistance.


All crew members wear face masks, undergo temperature examinations twice every day, and observe rigorous cleanliness rules.

WHO-standard sanitization

The whole ship is sanitized and disinfected completely, using industry-standard cleaning tools, before sailing and while at sea, at frequent intervals daily.

Guest areas

All guest rooms, linens, and public areas are sanitized and disinfected regularly. This involves cleansing of washroom pipes and cabin alleys twice daily with hospital disinfectants.

Public areas

All public areas experience a two-tier sanitization procedure: fogging, cleaning, and wiping up with hospital-grade disinfectants. Hand sanitizer dispensers are open for guests to use throughout the common areas. The lifts are cleaned every two hours. Repeated touchpoints like lift buttons, handrails, tabletops, and door handles are cleaned every hour. Restaurants, food pavilions, and bars are disinfected thrice a day. Entertainment amenities for children and play areas are disinfected often. The spa, gym, theatre, and shops are disinfected twice every day. Food and beverages will be served by staff wearing masks and gloves. Sourcing of supplies has been prohibited from regions seriously hit by the pandemic. Culinary use of wild animals is banned onboard.

Air filtration

Fresh air is purified and furnished to the cabins and onboard public areas. Air filters and cooling coils are examined, cleaned, and replaced regularly to secure clean air aboard the ship.

How Much Does a Cordelia Cruise Ship Trip Cost in India?

Each Cordelia Cruise Trip cost varies from the other depending on the number of days chosen, the location, and the type of room you choose. For more information on the cost of the trip, you can get in touch with GT Holidays via their Instagram. You can either call them on the number mentioned on the page or drop a message by clicking on “enquire now”.

With food, drinks, activities, gym, spa, and others to choose from enjoy your time here at Cordelia cruises. You will have the best experience here with friendly staff and good ambiance leaving you feeling relaxed and having a blast at the same time.