How does the thought of a relaxing and luxurious Cordelia Cruise from Mumbai to Diu sound to you? Fabulous is the word that comes to mind, does it not? After the year we have had due to the pandemic, you definitely need some time off to sit back and wind down. Think of boarding our Cordelia Cruise from Mumbai to Diu, where you will be met with two whole days of top-notch entertainment, delicious food, and all the pampering you deserve.

2 Nights | Diu Cruise

Spend two wonderful nights traveling from Mumbai to Diu and back to Mumbai again. Depending on the date of departure and the weather conditions, the ports of call could vary. Tourists will travel on The Empress by Cordelia Cruises, which is an epic vessel that sailed for the first time back in 1990 under the name of The Nordic Empress.

The Cordelia Cruise from Mumbai to Diu has 63 staterooms with a balcony, 302 staterooms in the interior, 425 staterooms with a gorgeous ocean view, and 5 luxurious suites. There are 796 cabins in total that can hold up to 1800 guests. Some of the special features include a food pavilion, a fine dining restaurant, 3 specialty restaurants, 5 bars, a fitness center, a spa and salon, a theatre, and a Jalesh Casino. The Cordelia Cruise Mumbai to Diu package also has a swimming pool, nightclub, shopping center, Indian and international cuisines available for the foodies to enjoy, also other entertainment options such as DJ parties and live bands.

Our Cordelia Cruise Mumbai to Diu tickets are available on our website and so are all the other details regarding the Cordelia Cruise Mumbai to Diu packages. You can also lookup our straightforward cancellation, rescheduling, and upgrade policies online. The port charges and gratuity will be refunded in full. So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets now and get ready to relax and have some grand fun while sailing on the majestic sea!

2 Nights | Cruise Weekender

If you’re in Mumbai, taking advantage of the glorious sea being nearby is a must. In order to facilitate this very purpose, we present to you our Cruise Weekender that runs for 2 nights, travelling from Mumbai and sailing about the sea and coming back to Mumbai. This is a daily tour that allows for unlimited group size.

The staterooms are divided into four types namely: inside/interior, balcony, oceanside, and suites. They have 302 staterooms, 63 staterooms, 425 staterooms, and 5 suites respectively. The cruise offers adventurous activities such as rock climbing that you can enjoy by yourself or with your family and loved ones. Your kids will have a gala time splashing around in the swimming pool and enjoying the eclectic delicacies the restaurants inside the cruise have to offer. There is also a calm and peaceful reading zone for anyone who wants to escape into their books for a while, and the fitness centers allow the fitness enthusiasts to follow their routine even while cruising.