Europe is geographically and culturally diverse, and yet almost every region is rooted deeply in its art, architecture, cuisine, and religious philosophy. Europeans, in general, have a dressy, casual style. While you will find people in jeans, they’re usually paired with a smart shirt. But most importantly, you’ll rarely see people in shorts, sweatshirts, or sneakers. But every country has its unique dressing style. Read on to learn more about what to pack for a Europe trip.

What To Wear

Before you know what to pack for a Europe trip, you must understand that Europeans are some of the most fashionable people. Europeans prefer to look stylish and friendly and yet give importance to comfort. What to wear depends on where you’re travelling and when. For instance, if you travel to Europe during summer, carry enough T-shirts. Women can pack a few blouses to break the monotony of t-shirts or if they’re going to a bar.

Don’t forget to pack a few long-sleeved shirts for a fancy dinner or other formal occasion. If you’re planning to hike, carry some active-wear clothing. Don’t forget to pack a cardigan or sweater because the weather can be unpredictable. If you’re travelling during winter, you’ll need plenty of extra clothes like thermal wear, stockings, gloves, boots, and thicker jackets. As for footwear, carry boat shoes and casual mocassins that are ideal for European weather.

What To Carry

Most airlines have a 7-10 kg baggage limit per person and a 20-25 kg check-in limit. However, this varies from airline to airline. Almost every airline in Europe charges extra for extra check-in baggage, with a baggage limit less than typical airlines. Don’t forget a smaller backpack to carry essentials like sunglasses, earphones, wallets, sweaters, etc. As for the suitcase, you can carry a wheeled suitcase or backpack, depending on your travel style.

You must remember that private taxis are expensive in Europe. And you may have to walk long distances between different tourist destinations. It’s difficult to carry wheeled suitcases across Europe’s cobblestoned streets and staircases. Travel backpacks are easier to carry but difficult to pack and carry.

Food To Carry

Europe is a paradise for food connoisseurs with a variety of cheeses, wines, and exotic desserts. But it can be too much for the Indian palate, yearning for some spice. Dining at Indian restaurants can be expensive, especially in less travelled destinations. We suggest carrying a few ready-to-eat Indian staples like Maggi, pickles, podis, etc.

Other Essentials

Some countries like Ireland, Norway, etc., have rain almost every day. We suggest carrying a small travel umbrella or raincoat if you travel to these regions. Carry a medical kit with essentials like sanitisers, painkillers, electrolytes, bandaids, travel sickness tablets and prescription medicines. Bottled water is expensive, but good quality tap water is freely available everywhere make sure you carry a reusable water bottle.

If you aren’t sure of what to pack for a Europe trip, we suggest you check with us when booking a Europe tour package.

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