When is the Best Time to Travel to Europe from India

Europe is a diverse continent in terms of geography and culture. The best time to visit Europe would vary depending on what you’d like to explore across the 45 countries on the continent. If Europe is on your itinerary, learn when to book Europe tour packages.

The Best Time to Travel to Europe Depending on the Weather

If you’re planning a summer vacation, June to September is the best time to travel to Europe when the average temperature ranges from 18°C to 30°C. But the temperature isn’t homogenous across the continent. For instance, the temperature in Scandinavian countries like Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, etc., ranges from 20° to 25°C. It’s the same in Slavic countries like Slovenia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Poland, etc., although it could be slightly higher. But Southern Europe can be hot with the average temperature in countries like Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Malta around 36°C.

The Best Time to Travel to Europe if You’re Budget-Conscious

While summer is a great time to explore Europe, it is also the busiest season, with hotel prices and flights the most expensive during these months. Hotels can easily charge double or even triple their low season price. If you are looking for budget-friendly Europe trip packages, the best time to travel to Europe is during the spring shoulder season, which runs from mid-April to mid-June, and during the fall shoulder season of September. During these months, there are fewer crowds, and prices are cheaper.

Best Time to Travel Europe

The Best Time to Travel to Europe Depending on the Activities You Plan

If you love skiing, look for winter Europe honeymoon packages between November and April. And if traveling to Finland, the skiing season extends up to June. January is the cheapest time to visit Europe for a skiing holiday. But if you plan to attend Oktoberfest, you must visit Munich in September – October. December is the best time to enjoy the many Christmas markets of Vienna, Florence, Prague, Frankfurt, and Strasbourg. If you’ve always dreamt of enjoying Tomatina, August is the best time to visit Spain. The Venice Carnival is held in February, while the Glastonbury Festival is around June.

The Best Time to Travel to Europe if You Don’t Like Crowds

Europe is swarmed with tourists during the summer the airports are crowded, museums are packed, restaurants are overflowing, and you can barely move through the streets. January is the least crowded and the best time for cheap European vacation packages. The above is just a rough guide, and a lot depends on where you want to travel in Europe and what you’d like to explore. And that is where our travel advisors come in we can create customized Europe holiday packages to match your budget, activities, and experiences you’d like to have.

These are just some of the many interesting facts about Europe that you may not have known until now. Are you looking to explore Europe in depth? Visit or Call us for information about Europe travel packages; we’ll gladly assist!

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