Are you a history buff and planning your next vacation to Bali? If yes, then Bali offers many time-honored landmarks to explore. You can trace the history of Bali centuries back through its roots in Indian and Chinese culture. Understand the story of the past ages through Bali’s numerous historical buildings, monuments, and palaces. The ancient sites will allow you to experience Bali’s rich heritage through its carvings and structures.

Take a guided tour to get in-depth historical information about Bali. Our agents can help you to include a historical guided tour in your Bali travel package.

Here are the top 6 historical places in Bali that are a must-visit.

1. Mount Batur

You must add the famous volcanic Mount Batur to the top of your Bali historical sites list. It is regarded as one of Bali’s most sacred places and is said to be more than 50.000 years old. The mountain was more than 4000 meters high before its first eruption 29,300 years ago. You will find the place very scenic due to the beautiful deep crater formed during the volcanic eruption 10,000 years ago. The volcano is still active and hence produces natural bubbling hot water springs. You can take a hot water bath to improve your skin and enjoy the views around you. Make a trip to the picturesque Batur lake adjacent to Mount Batur. You can enroll for hiking and camping activities that begin around midnight and end in the morning by watching the famous sunrise.

2. Besakih Temple

You will find that Hinduism is practised religiously throughout Bali, and temples spotted all around the island are proof of the same. Visit the largest and holiest Besakih temple, one of the ancient landmarks in Bali, to understand its historical and cultural significance. The temple of Besakih bears an apt name of the ‘Mother Temple’ in Bali with its 1,000-year-old collection of around 86 temples. The set is one of the oldest collections of temples on the island. Get awestruck by the temple’s artistic and fabulous stonework structures, displaying different aspects of Hinduism. The temple is now under the World Heritage Site since it truly showcases Balinese cultures and customs. Explore the temple to get a closer look at the temple’s architecture, which dates from prehistoric times.

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3. Taman Nusa

If you want to take an overview of Indonesia’s history dating back to the Bronze and Kingdom ages, a visit to Taman Nusa should be on your to-do list. Stroll around the 15-hectare park that showcases 60 traditional historic houses recreated accurately with exhibits inside the houses as well as outdoors. You will be able to look at artifacts from all across f the Indonesian islands, highlighting its significant cultural aggregation. Enjoy going back in time as you walk through the various prehistoric ages and observe the construction of the Borobudur temple and statues of Indonesian historical figures. Book your Bali tour packages from GT Holidays and get a glimpse into the daily lifestyles and rituals of the past, along with live musical performances. You can pick up some handicrafts from local artists and get your picture clicked in the traditional costume for a minimal fee.

4. Puri Saren Palace, Bali

Travel back in time when you visit the Puri Saren Ubud, or the Ubud Palace, one of the famous historical places in Bali. You can see how well the Balinese architecture has been preserved in the palace, originally built during the early 19th century. The fabulous structure showcases some stunning stone carvings constructed as part of the traditional Balinese residence of the Ubud king. A walk through the palace allows you to witness traditional designs with pleasing aesthetics and cultural symbolism throughout the building. You will always feel very pleasant walking around the palace since it has a large auditorium offering openness and a banyan tree in the charming garden setting that provides shelter during the daytime. Today, the Puri Saren palace serves as a cultural safehouse of Balinese arts, literature, and dance, and many international events are held in its meeting halls. Our Bali honeymoon packages ensure that your itinerary has the visit planned to the Ubud palace. On certain special days, you will find some rituals taking place within the ground, and you may also get lucky to witness traditional dance performances at night.

5. Gunung Kawi

What’s more interesting than visiting an ancient Hindu temple complex constructed in the 11th century? You need to be passionate about Bali’s historical sites and monuments and fit to visit the Gunung Kawi temple complex since it is situated on the Pakerisan River and its only access is down a flight of around 300 steps. As you climb up the steps, you will be surrounded by scenic views of the lush green rice terraces. On reaching the temple complex that King Anak Wungsu built to honor his father, you will notice 10 giant statues, or ‘Candis’ depicting the royal family of the Udayana dynasty, carved onto the cliff’s surface. Some more stone monuments await your presence on the other side of the bridge. You will find these stone carvings and the ‘Candis,’ one of the most stunning archaeological sites.

6. Ujung Water Palace

If you wish to visit another grand palace to see the grandeur of the olden times, then Ujung Water Palace will give you an extraordinary glimpse into it. It was built in 1909 by the ruler of Karangasem and had its main building, ‘Gili Bale,’ beautifully surrounded by water. You can walk over the well-constructed bridge to the main structure and stroll through the grounds decorated with ornate fountains. Make this spot a part of your Bali honeymoon packages itinerary, as the well-maintained gardens, the fountains, and the bridge makes it a perfect place to get some memorable pictures clicked of you and your spouse.

The Balinese people strive to protect and respect their region’s traditional culture by preserving their treasured artistry, music, and historical landmarks in Bali. Plan your trip to Bali with GT Holidays, the best travel agency in Chennai. Our agents will include most of Bali’s religious and historical places in your itinerary. Follow our Instagram profile to know about the latest offers and discounts.