Dubai is one of those magical cities that looks like a fairytale and feels like taking a peek into a highly technologically bright future. It’s a destination with something to offer everyone, from museums, monuments, and art to beaches, malls, and expensive buildings. No day feels boring or slow in a city as fast-paced as Dubai. With so many spots to cover, creating an itinerary when you’re thinking of a trip to Dubai can often be overwhelming. This is why it’s always better to choose a package tour that already includes the best sightseeing spots to explore along with the fun activities one can indulge in, whether for a solo trip, a honeymoon, or a big family vacation.

Are you searching for Dubai travel packages or Dubai honeymoon packages that will pack all the goodness in one? Picking a reliable and trustworthy travel company isn’t always easy. Luckily for you, we at GT Holidays have all the solutions and answers you’re looking for. Our Dubai tourist attractions packages are of different types, based on your budget and the number of days you can give to your trip. The Dubai sightseeing tour package we create covers all the beauties of Dubai in a manner that lets you have a blissful and satisfying experience. So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us to explore a Dubai sightseeing package you can’t say no to.

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What to Look Out for in Dubai Tour Packages

Listed below are some of the places and activities that form a part of a Dubai sightseeing package:

Burj Khalifa and Fountain Show

A trip to Dubai is incomplete without experiencing the magnificence of the Burj Khalifa. Opened in 2010, the tallest building in the world encounters innumerable visitors throughout the year. You can ride up to the 124th and 148th floors to view the entire city. While you’re up there, remember to get some professional portraits taken against this fabulous backdrop so you can hang them in your living room and relive the memory for years to come.

After the Burj Khalifa, you can witness the Dubai Fountain on the 30-acre Burj Lake. The 22,000 gallons of water from the fountain go as high as 140 meters. Now that’s quite something! The tallest performing fountain in the world is a beautiful blend of water, light, and music.

Desert Safari

When you think of Dubai or the Middle East in general, the golden sands and the great deserts surely come to mind, which is why you must make the desert a part of your trip. This can be done through a desert safari. You can go for a safari during the morning, the night, or any part of the day that suits you.

Tourists can have a delicious meal under the stars while the cool breeze engulfs them, allowing them to interact with the locals and relish some delicious Middle Eastern cuisine. One can go ahead and have a BBQ dinner and a scrumptious breakfast and opt for camel rides or even sandboarding.

Warner Bros. World

The Warner Bros. World in Abu Dhabi forms a part of most Dubai travel packages. Reputed for being the world’s largest indoor theme park and also the first Warner Bros. indoor theme park, this is a unique immersive experience where you get to be surrounded by the larger-than-life magic of your favourite fictional characters and superheroes. For a good reason, adults and kids love to lose themselves in this fantastical world of stories, fairytales, adventures, and beyond.

The park contains 29 exciting rides, live entertainment options, and kid-friendly attractions. Visitors meet characters such as Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, Scooby Doo, Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny, and The Flintstones. Not only can you dine at themed restaurants, but you can also build your collection through the exciting and exclusive merchandise available at the stores.

Ferrari World

Watch out for the fastest roller coaster, the Formula Rossa. Situated on Yas Island, Ferrari World is the first Ferrari-themed park ever to be created and features in most of the Dubai sightseeing packages. Containing 40 record-breaking rides, this is the best spot for those who love the adrenaline rush that comes from a thrilling experience.

Some elements include a 60-minute roof walk, a 30-minute zipline experience, and the chance to gorge on slices of authentic Neapolitan pizza at Mamma Rossella, a popular and award-winning restaurant. There is also the option of eating at Il Podio, which has delicious Arab, Indian, and Western dishes and interactive food stations.

Global Village and Meena Bazaar

Global Village is an annual event serving as a potpourri of culture, entertainment, shopping, and dining to locals and tourists. The theme park features cuisines from different countries, food stalls, retailers, kiosks, and more.

While it’s true that Dubai has numerous spots where you can shop for luxury brands, if you’re looking for something more local and traditional, Meena Bazaar is the place you should go to. Some of Dubai’s oldest textile and gold businesses can be found in this bazaar. As you peruse through the area, you will come across shops and vendors selling fabrics, shoes, jewelry, bags, traditional readymade garments, spices, perfumes, and ceramics. If your tummy rumbles while shopping, you can also stop for a quick bite of chaats and samosas.

Miracle Garden and Butterfly Garden

Inaugurated in 2013 on Valentine’s Day, Miracle Garden is like heaven with its colorful and fragrant ambiance, containing more than 150 million flowers in full bloom. Open to tourists every year from mid-November to May, it is the largest natural flower garden in the world, spread across an area of 72,000 square meters.

Claimed to be the largest of its kind in the world, the Butterfly Garden in Dubai features ten custom-built domes containing 15,000 butterflies of more than 50 varieties in various colors and sizes, just flying around and leaving the visitors in awe. The garden lets the visitors witness the evolution of a butterfly through different stages.

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