Are you ready for an in-depth tour of Bali that gives you an insight into its city’s noted landmarks? Then, book our Bali city sightseeing tour for a day full of history, culture, art and stories. GT Holidays ensure you have a complete list of all the top must-sees in the city through our comprehensive and personalized Bali city tour packages. A private city tour with the help of a knowledgeable city expert by your side can offer you a more in-depth understanding of the city.

Here are some exciting places you will visit with our Bali city tour itinerary:

1. Ubud

If you want to head to Bali’s cultural hub, Ubud is the place to go. Located amidst the lush rice field terraces, Ubud holds the island’s most important museums and several art galleries and handicraft shops. Visit the Neka art museum to get enthralled by its wide-ranging collection of Balinese paintings. Stroll around the streets that take you to various spots and stores that display Balinese art and craft. Enjoy the daily dance and music performances conducted at specific times for everyone who wishes to immerse in the local culture.

2. Seminyak

Every city has a luxurious location, and for Bali, it is Seminyak. Seminyak is known to be one of the island’s most luxurious vacation destinations, situated on the southwestern coast of Bali. You will find many high-end attractions, from boutiques and 5-star restaurants to spas and a rich nightlife. Head to Seminyak beach during your Bali city sightseeing tour for the spectacularly panoramic views of the Indian Ocean, where professional surfers ride the huge waves.

3. Kuta

Another premier beach destination in our Bali city tour itinerary is Kuta, which lies on the southern tip of the island. Kuta was once a sleepy fishing village but soon gained fame in the 1970s when it got discovered as an excellent spot for surfing. Enjoy strolling on the long, broad stretch of sand, which is known to be one of Bali’s best-maintained and most scenic beaches.

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4. Pura Luhur Uluwatu

To understand the religious and cultural beliefs of Balinese people, visit the temple of Luhur Uluwatu, located at the southern tip of Bali. ‘Pura’ means ‘temple’ in Balinese, so when you are at Pura Luhur Uluwatu through our Bali city tour packages, you will be looking at one of the nine major Hindu temples on the island, founded around the 11th century. Get mesmerised by the fantastic views around the temple sitting atop the edge of a limestone cliff top overlooking the sea. Since only Hindu priests are allowed into the innermost sanctuary, you can tour the grounds and enjoy the views. Capture some memories of the Ganesha statues at the temple complex entrance, and enjoy a dance performance amidst the changing hues of sunset.

5. Pura Besakih

Pura Besakih is one of the most important of the nine directional temples and one of the top destinations in the Bali travel package. Head to Bali’s highest mountain, Gunung Agung, to visit Pura Besakih, a temple built to protect the island from evil. It’s better if you take a guided tour of the temple to understand its religious importance and get details regarding the architecture of the temple complex. As the oldest, largest and holiest Hindu temple complex perched 1000 metres high on a mountain slope, you can marvel at the 28 structures, built centuries ago on seven ascending terraces in Bali.

6. Pura Tanah Lot

Another famous and ancient temple you must visit in Bali is the Pura Tanah Lot, one of Bali’s most famous Hindu temples. Try to go there in the morning to avoid the crazy rush in the afternoon and evenings. Our guide will impart knowledge about how the temple has been part of Balinese mythology for centuries and its placement as one of 7 sea temples, viewed as a chain along the southwestern coast of Bali. You can shop for trinkets and souvenirs that showcase Balinese handicrafts. If you climb up the temple shrine in the evenings, you will get rewarded with a spectacular view of the brilliant sunsets on the horizon. No wonder it’s one of the top sightseeing places listed in the Bali tour packages.

7. Goa Gajah

A visit to Goa Gajah will make you feel like you have travelled back in time. It would be best if you headed to this one-of-a-kind archaeological marvel in Bali from the 9th century. The cave remains only a few kilometres from Ubud and has many relics for you to explore. From rock wall carvings and bathing pools to ruins of fountains and meditation caves, you can imagine how Hindu sages once used Goa Gajah elephant caves as their spiritual center.

During the tour, you will explore the city’s must-sees and experience the Balinese lifestyle. Whether you take the Bali honeymoon packages or customised Bali travel packages, GT Holidays will ensure you experience Bali’s fascinating landmarks. Call us today to book the Bali city tour packages of your choice. Follow our Instagram profile to know about the latest offers and discounts.