If you are planning to visit Dubai but think it’s expensive, plan away. With GT Holidays, you can travel Dubai on a budget and explore all the famous places without burning a hole in your pocket. Here are seven ways to ensure you reduce the cost of traveling to Dubai through prior planning and research.

Flight Cost

Low air ticket prices are among the most significant advantages of planning and booking ahead of time. Most airlines offer special prices for popular destinations like Dubai, especially if booked in advance. You can also benefit from discounted fare lists from low-cost carriers or book tickets from budget airlines that work out cheaper. Agents at GT Holidays can ensure that you get the best rates and travel well within your Dubai trip budget.

Hotel Booking

Dubai offers hotels and resorts ranging from 7-star luxury hotels to cheaper accommodations that are value for money. You can find budget hotels at most locations, but older parts of the city like Karama, Deira, and Bur Dubai offer accommodations that come for a lower price. Our Dubai travel packages can get customized according to your budget and offer accommodations with all-inclusive rooms.


Discount Months

When planning a Dubai trip budget, please consider the month of your travel as it plays a significant role in the overall cost of the holiday. It’s advisable to avoid the peak seasons when Dubai experiences maximum tourists since most places raise their prices for increased profits. If you can bear the summer heat, travel during the summer months and the Holy Ramadan. The low months see a dip in tourists; therefore, most airlines, brand companies, hotels, and restaurants offer special discounts to travellers. September is the best month to travel to Dubai on a budget since it’s the cheapest one of the year. Book one of our Dubai tour packages and get the most customized benefits.

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Budget Travel

Travel within Dubai is well-organised, and several options are available, but it can get costly if you choose to travel by taxi or rent a car. As a budget traveller, you should consider taking a metro which is a pocket-friendly option and well-connected to most parts of Dubai, right to the airport. Another option you can try is the local buses that run on regular schedules. We suggest you go with GT Holidays as they offer guided bus tours with Dubai travel packages, thus reducing your stress and the expense of travel.

Food Places

One thing you don’t have to worry about in Dubai is food. Dubai is one of the most famous tourist destinations and has every cuisine available, from high-end restaurants to small eateries. For meals on a budget, you must head to areas such as Bur Dubai and Deira for food items that are reasonably priced. You can enjoy Arabian and Indian cuisine without burning a hole in your pocket.

Sightseeing In Dubai

Dubai hosts some spectacular sightseeing places that can take your breath away. Some popular areas require a high entrance fee, and the costs may override your budget. But plenty of spots do not charge for entry, including the Dubai Mall, Jumeirah Kite Beach, and Souks. You can also indulge in the fun at theme parks and movie theatres. Spend a good time at the museum and bargain at the spice and gold souks. You can go sightseeing in many more popular places through customized Dubai honeymoon packages from GT Holidays.

Money-Saving Apps

The best way to work a Dubai trip budget is by using money-saving apps during your stay in the city. Download the several apps Dubai offers for restaurants, accommodations, and city attractions. Some well-known apps that are a blessing in disguise are Cabone, Zomato Gold, BOTIJM, Voucher Skout, The Entertainer, and Smiles.

Dubai may come across as a costly holiday destination with accommodation, food, travel, and activities taken into consideration. GT Holidays can help cover all expenses under a single package per your budget. Visit Instagram for the latest update or Call GT Holidays to learn more about how to travel to Dubai on a budget.