The small island country of Maldives has more to offer than sparkling blue waters, sandy beaches, and water sports. The islands are home to many ancient historical sites and monuments worth visiting. You get an insight into the rich culture and heritage of the locals through these centuries-old monuments. These historical sites in the Maldives provide many enriching facts and historical nuances depicted through beautiful Islamic art. If you wish to experience the past grandeur and culture of Maldives, read through our list of the top 6 historical places in the Maldives.

1. Muliaage Palace

Visit the beautiful shimmering white Mulee’aage Palace that lies in the heart of Male and is now the official residence of the President of Maldives. The palace is a historical landmark in the Maldives and was built during the early 1900s on the site of Mulee’ge, the ancestral home of Sultan Mohamed Shamsuddeen III. The Mulee’aage Palace still displays the same old glory of its earliest years during the colonial era in Ceylon. Sultan Muhammad Shamsuddeen III commissioned the construction of the palace for his son and heir, Prince Hassan Izzuddin. You may observe during your visit that the ‘new house of Muli’ or Mulee’aage was constructed in a bungalow style, a trend of those times with a grand appearance and unbelievably exquisite architecture.

2. Thoddoo Buddhist Temple

Thoddoo Buddhist temple is one of the most famous historical places in the Maldives. The site was discovered in the 1950s and offered evidence of Buddhism as ancient culture in the Maldives. A buried Buddha statue in the vicinity also depicted that the religion was prevalent earlier. The area has become an important tourist spot and highlights necessary information about the country’s religious history. Plan a trip to witness the temple wrecks, silver relics, artifacts, and roman coins. You will be able to gather more information at the site as it highlights essential details about the country’s religious history. The temple is a popular tourist spot and a sacred site in the Maldives; make sure you add it to your list by booking one of the best Maldives tour packages through GT Holidays.

3. Victory Monument

The Victory Monument is one of Male’s most significant landmarks and symbolizes the bravery of the people of Male. It was erected in memory of Maldivian soldiers, marking their incredible victory over the militant organization Tamil Tigers. The monument is located in an area away from traffic and amidst peace and tranquility as you take a peaceful walk by this monument. Book your Maldives tour package from Chennai and visit this place to remember the martyrs and pay respect to the fallen heroes of the country.

4. Hulhumalé Mosque

Built during the 2000s and set in the center of the island, Hulhumale Mosque encompasses the unique architectural patterns of the Mughal empire. The vast, modern, circular building with white walls, large windows, and a golden dome is a religious site and can accommodate nearly 1,500 worshippers. Considered one of the most stunning mosques in the Maldives, it displays verses from Koran carved on the interior walls. GT Holidays can arrange for a visit through one of its Maldives honeymoon packages for you to adore the beautiful architecture and experience peace and a feeling of divinity as newlyweds.

Maldives Historical Sites

5. Hukuru Miskiiy (Old Friday Mosque)

Hukuru Miskiiy, or Old Friday Mosque, is a well-known historical landmark in the Maldives. The mosque was built in 1658 and is considered one of Male’s oldest surviving structures. Hukuru Miskiy is a beautiful religious place, listed in the UNESCO tentative World Heritage Cultural List 2008 for its unique architecture and intricate carvings on the walls. The mosque’s architecture displays terrific details, making it beautiful and rare. You will find that every corner of the mosque is ornate from the inside out and carved gracefully with coral stones and further decorated by chiseling Quranic scriptures. Tourists worldwide visit this monument as its beauty can leave you speechless.

6. Tomb of Muhammad Thakurufaanu

Travel to the backstreets of Male to visit the tomb of Maldives’ national hero, Muhammad Thakurufaanu, who liberated the nation from Portuguese colonial rule. You will find the magnificent tomb in blue and white colors with beautiful arches, crafted steps, and tall pillars commemorating the determination, sacrifice, and bravery of Muhammad Thakurufaanu. which instilled a sense of freedom and independence in the citizens of the country. When you enter the tomb, you will experience a tranquil and peaceful ambiance that grows into immense respect for the great warrior. Visit and pay your respect to this national hero who was later also the Sultan of the nation.

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