If you think of the Maldives as a place with over-water bungalows, colourful fruit platters and turquoise oceans, think again! The archipelago can take you away from your laid-back vacation to a fun-filled adventure in an instant with the numerous adventure activities in the Maldives. Enjoy the many action-packed activities that suit every age bracket and competency level.

If you plan to do some adventure sports in Maldives, here’s a guide to help you choose 10 activities to make your vacation memorable.

1. Snorkelling

A fun way to experience underwater life in the Maldives is to go snorkelling. The guides will take you to specific locations with fantastic coral reefs that are home to different aquatic creatures. Enjoy your trip by swimming around eagle rays, napoleon fish and exploring healthy corals by booking Maldives adventure packages through GT Holidays.

2. Scuba Diving

If you are adventurous, then it’s time to explore the deep waters of Maldives by learning Scuba diving through PADI-certified professional diving instructors. Our agents can help you book a scuba diving session in advance through our Maldives tour packages. Dive into the ocean accompanied by an experienced instructor and swim alongside various tropical fish and vibrant corals. You will receive photos and videos of the activity as evidence of a truly memorable experience.

3. Seaplane Ride

Need some thrill during your vacation but not a sports enthusiast? Hop on to a small, loud, shaky seaplane and ride amidst strong winds to get that adventure rush. Use this primary mode of transportation in The Maldives to hop on and off different islands for a short visit. Fly around 10,000 feet high to soak in the stunning views of sandbanks, islands and the turquoise ocean through our Maldives honeymoon packages.

Adventure Activities Maldives

4. Flyboarding

Most islands have caught on to the latest water sports trends, and Flyboarding is one of the fun adventure sports in the Maldives. A flexible device known as the Flyboard is connected to your feet and to a hose that supplies water. When the water pressure gets turned on the hose, it shoots you 15 to 20 feet in the air. Once you learn the tricks, you can do flips or fly and leap across the lagoon.

5. Dhoni Ride

For the soft-hearted, a cruise around the beautiful islands of Maldives is an adventure in itself. Take the spectacular sights of turquoise lagoons and white beaches amidst calm sea breezes. Indulge in several photo shoots with the tropical paradise as your backdrop. We can book your ride through GT Holidays Maldives travel packages for you to sail amidst crystal clear waters and blue sky.

6. Fishing

If you are in the fishiest place on earth, it makes sense to try fishing through excursion programmes. Book one of the Maldives adventure packages and make a day out of the trip to some of the richest fishing grounds and catch some exotic fish. You will have a variety of species at your disposal, from snappers and squirrel fish to tuna and grouper. Capture the precious moments to create some great Instagram pictures.

7. Surfing

Do not get confused by the calm and shallow waters of the Maldives. If you are into surfing, get outside the lagoons with the help of local guides to find some of the world’s best surf breaks. You can sign up for a guided surf tour, the most sought-after adventure sport in the Maldives and head to some of the best spots to surf on warm waters. If you are a beginner, it’s best to take help from a guiding company and an instructor to learn the sport.

8. Parasailing

Love the adrenaline rush of water sports? Try one of the popular adventure activities in the Maldives, Parasailing, over the calm, blue waters of the beautiful island lagoons. With a warm climate throughout the year, you can choose to do parasailing anytime, provided the wind conditions are right. You will be almost 500 feet above the waters and will be able to get great aerial views of the island below.

9. Kayaking

Enjoy paddling your boat alongside your spouse over the amazing blue waters with our Maldives honeymoon packages. Kayaking brings great joy to the heart as it’s one of the most peaceful rides that allow you to glide across the clear waters and explore the magical aquatic life beneath you. If you are new to kayaking, choose a guided trip to watch the dazzling sunset with your partner.

10. Glass Bottom Boat Rides

If you wish to see the underwater life in the middle of the ocean without diving in, then take a ride in a glass bottom boat. The boat will ride into the vast ocean and allow you to observe the marine flora and fauna underneath.

If you love the beach, the ocean and water sports, then book your adventure activities in the Maldives through GT Holidays.