The Maldives always attracts you with its enticing beaches and scenic islands. If you are looking for a quick trip to take some time off from a busy life or a romantic weekend away, then the Maldives offers several options. Spend an idyllic weekend at these mesmerising islands in the Maldives and make the most of your time away. Here are the 5 must-visit weekend getaways in the Maldives.

1. Male Island

The best way to make use of a weekend is to plan a trip to the stunning Malé city in the Maldives and enjoy a relaxing vacation. Get surrounded by gorgeous views, colourful buildings and sandy white beaches, and stay at one of the best resorts with accommodations at an affordable budget. Choose to stay in one of the famous water villas overlooking the turquoise waters through our Maldives travel packages, which get rated among the best in the world. Make the most of the water sports available in the capital city by heading for snorkelling, scuba diving, sea walks, and submarine ride amidst pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters. Take a walk around the city’s many historical and cultural landmarks, like the Grand Friday Mosque and Tsunami monument or visit the local fish market to check out the variety of fresh catch from the ocean. A candle-lit dinner or a sunset cruise will add more romance to your weekend.

2. Baros Island

Looking for a romantic getaway in the Maldives? Head to Baros island, where turquoise waters and the white-sandy shores await to pamper your senses. Baros island is a natural paradise that welcomes you with its towering palms making for a lush canopy overhead. Located just 25 minutes by speedboat from the Maldives’ international airport, the island is a perfect romantic getaway in the Maldives. Stay in comfortable accommodations through GT Holidays that surround you with 360-degree views of the oceans and offer privacy. Head to the Lighthouse lounge bar with your partner to catch the sunset, dine in private and relax in your villa as you stargaze amidst the calming sounds of the ocean. Baros Island can help rekindle romance through a short weekend trip. Book it soon through GT Holidays.

Weekend Getaways Maldives

3. Mirihi Island

If you are looking for a short weekend getaway that gives you a feeling of staying on your private island, then Mirihi Island Resort is the right place. You will be relaxing on a small and precious gem of an island that welcomes you with its white sands and fringed palms swaying in the gentle breeze. You and your partner will find that the island is one of the best getaways from the Maldives since it’s surrounded by endless views of the turquoise ocean, offering you privacy with world-class luxury, a fantastic ambiance, and multiple activities that make for a fun weekend. Go snorkelling with whale sharks and mantas, take a sunset cruise or choose island hopping as your leisure activity. There’s something for every traveller at the Mirihi islands.

4. Maafushi Island

Are you looking for a romantic getaway after getting married and after the many rituals? Head to Maafushi islands, the dream destination for many honeymoon couples, through our Maldives honeymoon packages. With budget accommodations, spectacular location, adventurous activities and ample privacy, there can be nothing better a newly married couple needs. Walk hand in hand on the sandy white beaches, go diving with sharks or take underwater scooters; there’s enough to do on Maafushi island for couples. Activities like scuba diving, kayaking and speedboat rising will make for some romantic moments that can make memories for life on this exquisite island.

5. Vaadhoo Island

If you are looking for romantic, magical weekend getaways in the Maldives, then the Vadhoo islands will leave you speechless. The spectacular island is famous for its bioluminescence phenomenon, the Sea of Stars. The phytoplankton species under the sea glitter and glow like stars, making the waters of Vadhoo island glow a brilliant blue under the moonlight. The phenomenon occurs mainly during the months from June to October; hence it is best to plan your bookings with us accordingly. Swim with your partner in the glowing water and capture the magical moments. During your stay, you can enjoy some water sports like scuba diving, snorkelling and kayaking on the Vadhoo island with our Maldives tour packages. Our agents can find some great and budget-friendly accommodations in some of the most exotic resorts on the island. Make the best of your stay and learn more about the Maldivian culture that has stood the test of time.

The Maldives is truly a haven of peace that offers you and your partner an experience of a lifetime. GT Holidays welcomes you for an unforgettable vacation in your dream destination, from adventure and relaxation to tranquillity and romance. Call us today for further details on weekend getaways in the Maldives. Follow our Instagram profile to know about the latest offers and discounts.