The Maldives offers plenty of activities to explore, with numerous islands on the archipelago. As a visitor, you may plan a leisurely trip to simply lounge and unwind at your resort, but to make your stay exciting, you should add a list of amazing things to do in the Maldives to your itinerary.

To make your vacation a good mix of fun and action, we have listed a list of the fun things to do in the Maldives.

1. Island Hopping

Even if you prefer your stay on a private island, the best way to explore Maldives’ culture and history is to go island hopping as one of the fun activities in the Maldives. Our agents at GT Holidays can help with booking a day trip through local tour operators who will help you explore multiple islands through inter-island transportation. We can make your customized island-hopping itinerary a smooth and comfortable experience.

2. Surfing

The Maldives is a popular destination that attracts surfers from across the world. World-class surfers prefer to visit the Island for its excellent surf breaks. If you are a surfing newbie, we can add some surfing lessons to your Maldives activities package on one of the many islands that offer them to amateurs. For non-surfers, it’s a great way to enjoy watching the pros handle the waves effortlessly.

3. Spa Massages

If you intend to have your honeymoon in the Maldives, go for packages that include spa massages. Allow skilled masseurs to erase the stress of the wedding rituals amidst soothing music and relaxing aromas. GT Holiday offers many Maldives tour packages for you to choose from, where we highly recommend a couple’s massage to add to your romantic experience on the Island.

4. Sunset Romantic Dinner

As a couple, there cannot be a better romantic destination than the spectacular Maldives to splurge on a romantic night out. Take a break from the buffet-style meals in the Maldives, and enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner watching the beautiful sunset by the beach or the pier through our Maldives honeymoon packages. Our agents can help reserve a table for two under the starlit sky, overlooking the ocean, and relish the mouth-watering cuisine.

5. Snorkeling & Diving Trips

Snorkeling and diving are among the most fun activities in the Maldives. With 22 atolls and approximately 1,200 coral islands, you can get ready to experience the spectacular and pristine underwater world. Most resorts in the Maldives offer snorkeling and diving, but we can book you into one with an accessible house reef so that you can go for your trips directly from the beach at the resort.

Fun Activities Maldives

6. Dolphin Watching

Dolphins in the Maldives are known to be the most active and playful creatures, seen gamboling about on the waves. One of the unique things to do in the Maldives is to go Dolphin watching, an adventure suitable for couples and families. We can help book a private Dolphin excursion for you to provide a better chance of spotting pods of dolphins out at sea.

7. Parasailing

Enjoy one of the most incredible and budget-friendly ways to experience the beauty of the scenic atolls of the Maldives from above through parasailing. Soar above your boat and feel the wind in your hair as you take in the breathtaking views below.

Book your Maldives honeymoon packages from Chennai with GT Holidays and get ready to indulge yourself in various activities, both over and under the ocean waters. Follow our Instagram profile to know about the latest offers and discounts.