If you are a history and culture enthusiast, you must visit the Maldives to learn all the stories about Maldives’ famous monuments. Apart from the exotic natural settings of the island, its top historical sites have also been part of its popularity.

Several famous landmarks in the Maldives reflect the bygone era of the Maldives through its ancient craftsmanship, occupations, palaces, and religion. You can notice the influence of countries like Arab, Indonesia, Africa, Sri Lanka, and India on the island’s culture through the various Maldives monuments. Read on to find out which 4 Maldives’ famous monuments make it to the top 4.

1. The Victory Monument

The Victory Monument is one of the most important historical monuments in the Maldives. It was erected to commemorate the victory of the people who fought against the Sri Lankan Tamil Tigers. Located in the capital city, Male, the monument symbolizes bravery and showcases a black slab listing the names of the martyred civilians and the service members. The memorial stands in a peaceful location and is free from traffic. Experience tranquility while taking a walk around the monument. There is no entry fee at the Victory Monument, and it stays open throughout the year.

2. Hulhumale Mosque

The Maldives was under the British colonial powers until it gained independence in 1965. Before that, Islam was introduced to the Maldives in the 12th century AD. The presence of Muslims in the Maldives is evident through the several mosques on various islands. One such beautiful creation is the Hulhumale Mosque, built using impeccable Mughal architecture. Choose from our Maldives trip packages to tour the Hulhumale Mosque and adore the intricate beauty of the stunning monument, and experience the divine peace the place offers. You can visit the mosque on all 7 days of the week from 9 am to 5 pm.

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3. Hukuru Miskiy

The Hukuru Miskiy, or the Old Friday Mosque, is one of the oldest and most beautiful mosques in Malé. Visit the Hukuru Miskiy through our Maldives honeymoon packages to see the spectacular coral stone carvings that highlight the designs of the monument. Within the ornate structure that dates back to 1656, a few Quranic scriptures were inscribed by people. The mosque has been added to the UNESCO World Heritage list due to its unique architecture depicting the sea culture. The scenic and serene beauty outside the mosque makes an excellent backdrop for pictures. The mosque is open every day between 6 am and 7.30 pm.

4. Tsunami Monument

Every monument tells you a story that’s either happy or sad, leaving behind memories for future generations to remember. Tsunami Monument is one such landmark that you should visit. The monument is located in Male and was constructed in memory of the people who lost their lives in the 2004 Tsunami. The Tsunami Monument is a place for families to remember their loved ones through the 74 names of Maldivians, engraved on the steel structure, who got struck by the tragedy.

Apart from the above 4, various islands in the Maldives have some of the best ancient historical sites and monuments in Asia. Book your Maldives tour package from Chennai and learn about the heritage of the Maldives’ famous monuments. Follow our Instagram profile to know about the latest offers and discounts.