Way before the Maldives became popular for honeymooners and luxury travelers, the islands were a favorite destination for group travelers. Most travel agents were busy offering Maldives group tour packages to customers who wanted to travel with family and friends to the paradise island. If you wish to go for a group vacation to spend a memorable time, book a Maldives group trip with GT Holidays.

Group travel helps bring family and friends together and create lifetime memories. Here are 5 reasons you must plan your next Maldives group travel with friends and family.

1. Transport Convenience

Transportation in the Maldives can be convenient while travelling in a group. We can rent a private speedboat to take your entire group together to the resort. Enjoy the experience without the hassle of hiring transportation at the Malé airport by pre-booking your transport with us as part of your Maldives group packages from India.

2. Stay Together

The most significant advantage of a group vacation in the Maldives is that you can stay together on one island in the same resort and choose to book rooms according to your budget. Most islands in the Maldives have one resort with multiple choices in accommodations per your budget. A young couple may book into a scenic water villa while the solo traveller opts for a low-budget garden room, and a big family can book a beach villa for added living space. You can pre-book various types of accommodations for different individuals in the group through our Maldives trip packages. However, since everyone shares the same resort, it is easy to enjoy with your group by exploring and partying on the island together.

3. Group Activities

When you plan group vacations, the various activities make the experience much more fun and memorable. With multiple options in activities in and around the resort, every individual can choose a group activity of their choice. You can rest assured that everyone from kids to the elderly and solo travellers to families will have something interesting to do on a group holiday in Maldives through our Maldives group tour packages. Most resorts plan activities for different age groups. Kids can have snorkelling lessons in kids’ groups or with their respective families, as per their preference. Adults in the group can book activities like cooking, coral painting, diving, etc., with group members that have similar interests. Resorts also organise cultural events where the entire group can have a great time together.

Maldives Group Tour Packages

4. Group & Private Excursions

As part of a group, it’s always better to pre-book your excursions through us so that you can enjoy the experience with your near and dear ones. Our agents at GT Holidays will be happy to set up some popular excursions from your chosen Maldivian resort as part of the Maldives tour package from Chennai. You can select one or multiple excursions depending on your budget and the duration of your stay. The most famous group excursions in the Maldives are a sandbank picnic and a day visit to the nearest public island. Amongst the cruises, the Dhoni sunset cruise and the Dolphin-watching tour can be fun for young and old alike. If you prefer private excursions as a young couple in the group, it is possible to book a separate one as per your choice.

5. Cost-Effective

A group holiday in the Maldives tends to get more budget-friendly as you can save on most high-value costs regarding transport, tours, and a good hotel package deal. When you book your Maldives group travel with GT Holidays, we immediately offer you money-saving deals and discounts that make your trip cost-effective. We help you get deals on not just air flights and local transport but also accommodation, food, and activities at the resort.

So, whether you are thinking of booking one of our Maldives honeymoon packages or Maldives group tour packages, GT Holidays will always ensure you a fun-filled vacation with your loved ones. Call us to book your next trip to Maldives. Follow our Instagram profile to know about the latest offers and discounts.