With temperatures touching 45 degrees Celsius, Dubai is not easy to go sightseeing on foot. To explore the city’s culture, glitz and famous attractions, you will need to take the help of the various transport services and get around without hassle. From the city’s public transport to private cars, here are the 5 best ways to travel around Dubai.

1. Public Transports


Dubai offers two metro lines for citizens and guests to travel around the city. With over 45 stops, you can cover most tourist attractions using the Metro services. You can also take the Metro to and from the Dubai international airport. The Metro will be one of your cheapest ways to get around Dubai, as the travel fare will depend on the distance and the zone you’re traveling. Make sure you follow public transport rules, which entail not consuming food or drink and travelling in the correct category of cabins. Since the Metro rails are above ground, you can enjoy scenic views of Dubai’s famous Sheikh Zayed Road, which boasts of the city’s well-known structures.


You can also choose to take the most recent form of public transportation, the Tram, which connects the commercial and the residential areas of Dubai and is one of the easiest ways to get around Dubai without a car. Reach the famous Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina and Dubai Media city through a flat rate irrespective of the distance and the destination.


Another exciting way to explore Palm Jumeirah Island is to use the Palm Monorail that connects Dubai’s mainland to the Palm Jumeirah Island station. Plan a day of fun using the monorail to travel from the city to Atlantis the Palm.

Dubai Metro Tours

2. Big Bus Tours

To avoid travelling around Dubai for hours in Dubai buses, opt for the Big Bus Tours to get around the touristy bits of town using a fun and informative tour. A guide on the bus will provide you with a detailed story and background of the city and its popular locations. Enjoy the views from a double-decker bus and visit the various sightseeing spots of your choice through GT Holidays’ Dubai travel packages. The big bus tours offer hop-on/hop-off services to all the major attractions like the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Fountain, Atlantis The Palm and the Gold Souk so that you can quickly get on and off the next Big Bus once you get done visiting the place.

3. Taxis

Like any other city in the world, Dubai taxis are one of the most efficient ways of getting around the metropolis. You can hail a cab off the streets, call one over the phone or book via the RTA Smart Taxi app. With so many choices and no shortage of cabs, travelling by taxi is the best way to get around Dubai. You will find that the taxi prices are relatively low and the rates depend entirely on the distance to your destination and traffic. You can alternately book a ride through a regional app called Careem, which allows you to get a car to your location. Though you pay a slightly higher price for a Careem cab, you get the benefit of travelling in the comfort of better vehicles that offer amenities like water and phone chargers.

4. Water Taxi/Boats

Since many attractions in Dubai are around water, you can opt for Water taxis, a unique way of getting around Dubai without a car. All you have to do is go online to look up the schedules and purchase tickets. Enjoy travelling in the water ferries and taxis that run across 44 stops and experience Dubai sightseeing from a different perspective. Explore the city’s grandeur through a scenic boat ride via Dubai Creek. The slow speed of the water taxis allows you to enjoy the surroundings and capture some great pictures of the city on camera. If you want to ride the waters the traditional way, book yourself a traditional wooden “Abra” boat that can take you down Dubai Creek or through Souk Madinat Jumeirah. Take a city tour on a traditional dhow boat and go across Dubai Creek to the historic old town neighbourhoods for a minimal fee. For a luxurious journey over the waters, you can hire private boats on an hourly basis and yachts to sail around in Dubai’s waterways for a fun day at sea. Our agents can customise a private yacht for you through our Dubai honeymoon packages from GT Holidays.

5. Bikes

In a well-planned city like Dubai, you will find paths that make it easy to bike from place to place! In this bike-friendly city, you can rent a bike and go sightseeing at your leisure without having to worry about schedules. Biking around is one of the best ways to travel around Dubai and check everything on your bucket list. You will be able to rent bikes for a day at many of the famous tourist spots. Visit the beautiful structures, beaches and dunes and return the bike at the end of the fun day.

Dubai is a city that is known for its popular landmarks. Please take one of the above transports to visit the attractions, as they are the best way to get around Dubai. Visit GT Holidays to book your dream vacation to Dubai through our Dubai tour packages. Follow our Instagram profile to know about the latest offers and discounts.