Visiting Dubai means getting charmed by its incredible architecture. Today you might see many famous landmarks throughout the city, but it all started with a monument built in 1965, originally known as the Dubai Clocktower. The historic piece of architecture, now called the Deira clock tower in Dubai, is hugely popular among residents and tourists.

Read on to understand the significance of the Dubai clock tower’s history.

The Story Behind the Structure

Today what stands as Dubai’s 1st iconic structure was once built only to resolve a problem that arose due to an unexpected gift received by Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum. The Sheikh received the giant clock from his son-in-law, Sheikh Ahmed of Qatar, but didn’t know what to do with it. 1962 marked the first oil export from Abu Dhabi, opening up new trading opportunities for the UAE. Sheikh Rashid decided to use the gifted clock to build a clock tower and commemorate the momentous occasion for the country. He gave the assignment to designer Otto Bullard and Ziki Homsi, an architect who built the original old clock tower in Dubai in a busy neighbourhood of Al Rigga, Deira, in 1965. The tower turned into a famous landmark since it was the only roundabout available in the 60s for traders and travellers to commute between the deserts and the city.

The Dubai clocktower was a beautifully designed structure that served as a vital link between Bur Dubai and Deira. Later, the structure was found weak and faulty due to the material used during the construction and started developing cracks and signs of erosion around 1972. The humidity led to the steel rusting, and the clock needed a manual operation. A decision was made to rebuild and re-strengthen the tower in 1989 using the latest technology. Eventually, the new construction resolved all the issues, and the original clocks got replaced by the latest Omega clocks equipped with GPS devices for time accuracy.

Today, you will find the unique-white structure at the circular intersection at the Al Maktoum Road, standing the test of time in Dubai clock tower history and witnessing 5 decades of development around it.

Clock Tower Dubai

Significance of the Clock Tower Location

The Dubai clock tower location led to it getting renamed the Deira Clocktower. Deira was chosen as the site since it offered a significant access route to Dubai, making the clock tower a prominent structure that travellers and traders could spot. Most traders and travellers in the 1960s used the roundabout of the tower to come across the desert and into Dubai. Today the Deira clock tower in Dubai is situated at the intersection of Umm Huttair road and Al Maktoum road, with access to the famous Al Maktoum bridge, which separates Bur Dubai from Deira.

Why is the Dubai Clock Tower a Famous Tourist Attraction?

Situated just 5 minutes from the Dubai International airport, the Dubai clock tower is a prominent and attractive landmark that is a must-visit when travelling to Dubai. Listed as one of the 17 most exquisite clock towers found globally, it attracts tourists worldwide. The original clocks in the tower got replaced with Omega models in 2008 as the GPS devices could be used for accuracy n time. The all-digital clock does not require to change of the clock hands manually. Travel with GT Holidays Dubai travel packages and visit the Dubai clock tower during the evenings and nights. The surrounding water fountains, palm trees and lights make the Clocktower look very beautiful.

Reaching the Dubai Clock Tower

You can easily reach the Dubai clock tower using public and private transport. Take the Dubai metro and alight at Al-Rigga on the red line, the closest metro station to the tower. You need to walk for 10 minutes to reach the famous landmark. Most bus terminals in Dubai offer buses running as Emirates Express that take you to the Dubai clock tower. You may also choose to hail a taxi or a private car to the location.

When to Visit Dubai Clocktower?

Plan your visit with our Dubai honeymoon packages from November to April, as it’s the best time of the year to visit the Clocktower. You will find the weather cool and pleasant in Dubai to head out and enjoy sightseeing.

Essential Tips While Visiting Deira Clocktower

The local guides will take you sightseeing to the Deira clocktower through our Dubai tour packages. Ensure that you take prior permission from the local authority before clicking photographs. Also, make a note to avoid drinking and driving, as public drunkenness is a punishable offence in Dubai. Be aware that Dubai follows Islamic religion and traditions, so you should dress modestly in public places.

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