Dubai in the past was a far cry from the skyscrapers and glamour you see today. The region was once just a barren land but later evolved into a settlement with magnificent architecture. Go back in time to find out about the discovery of oil and trading history shaped the country’s future. The beautiful structures of the past have since turned into today’s Dubai’s historical places that boast a rich heritage.

While visiting Dubai, you must plan to take some time off to explore the cultural places in Dubai that are soaked in rich history. Plan a tour and explore the top 10 historical places to visit in Dubai.

1. Dubai Museum

If you are a history enthusiast, you must pay a visit to the Dubai Museum with one of our Dubai travel packages. The Al Fahidi Fort of the 1780s houses the museum that offers you a peek into the life of the Arab houses, souqs, and mosques before the oil boom. You will encounter various displays at the museum with exhibits and artifacts of the past that include a collection of old weapons and arms from different historical periods. The dioramas give a clear insight into the daily life of the locals and showcase the rich history of the Emirates and the Arab world.

2. Dubai Old Town

A visit to Dubai’s old town gives you a glimpse into the daily life of the Emiratis before the economic and tourism boom. Explore the intriguing Arabian architecture, classic low-rise apartments, ancient cultural customs and traditional markets as you walk through the streets. Being one of Dubai’s historical places, Dubai’s old town has restaurants that offer authentic meals with the ultimate Emirati experience.

3. Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood

Book Dubai tour packages from GT Holidays and walk into the Al Fahidi historical neighbourhood to experience old Arabia through the different structures. The XVA Gallery allows you to immerse yourself the ancient art, and the Philately house offers an insight into the postal advances of Dubai city with its rich stamp collection. Visit the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural understanding and learn about the ancient Arabian culture, beliefs, and lifestyles.

Historical Places in Dubai

4. Explore Crossing the Creek with Traditional Dhows

Take a ride in an Abra, a traditional Dhow and cross the bustling Dubai Creek that separates Bur Dubai from Deira. Abra means ‘to cross,’ and the early settlers used the boats to cross the Creek for generations as it was once Gulf’s most successful pearl-diving port. Get a glimpse of the past where the port was once a brimming site with fishermen and merchants sailing across the Creek.

5. Al Seef

You can also explore Dubai’s traditional heritage through Al Seef, one of the cultural places in Dubai and a bustling waterfront destination. Stroll through the streets and the artisan markets to experience the Bedouin roots of the city. Visiting Al Seef is the best way to experience the historic retail of the past and understand Old Dubai.

6. Soak in the Souks

Visit Dubai’s souks for the perfect yesteryear feel. Experience the buzzing trade as you catch merchants from around the Gulf selling wares. Take your spouse to Dubai with our Dubai honeymoon packages and shop at the Gold souk. You can also make your perfumes or get enticed by the vibrant aromas of the Spice souk. The wide range of traders at the souks of Dubai takes you back to the olden times.

7. Souq Ad Hadid Archaeology Museum

If you want to dig into Dubai’s ancient past, there’s no better place than the Souq Ad Al Hadid Museum for an example of historical places to visit in Dubai. Explore the Iron age through the artifacts in the museum and get a hands-on experience of digging out the artifacts using a simulated archaeological site. You can get an immersive audio-visual experience of the Rub Al Khali desert and explore an excavation site through the 3D cinematic experience.

8. Burj Nahar

As the name suggests, the Burj Nahar was one of the fortifications built to save the old city of Dubai from a hostile tribe. Built around 1870 with mud and coral stone, Burj Nahar is a historical site in Dubai located on the eastern outskirts of the Creek in Deira. Experience the grace of the majestic watchtower, located on Omar Bin Al-Khattab Road in the Deira district, that, to date, reminds you of Emirati history. Explore the beauty of the historical tower and its surrounding area, which got restructured in 1992 with a pretty Palm Garden. Ensure you carry your camera, as the location offers ample photo opportunities throughout the day.

9. Jumeirah Archaeological Site

How about getting transported in the past to the Abbasid era? Head to the Jumeirah archaeological site with our Dubai tour packages and explore some ancient treasures. Check out several artifacts, including pottery, coins, tools, etc., to get a feel of the olden times. If you are an archaeology enthusiast, you will love the experience of these historical sites in Dubai!

10. Hatta Heritage Village

If you want to go back in time and explore a village from the olden times in the Emirates, then make a trip to the Hatta heritage village. Just drive down 150 km from central Dubai to the Hatta Heritage Village and discover the historical significance of the Bait Al Wali. With ancient artifacts, mosques and forts, the village offers a complete experience of the bygone era.

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