If you haven’t visited Dubai, you have yet to experience the excellent blend of grandeur and traditions. Dubai tourism sits on top of the most beautiful cities in the Arab world as it introduces every visitor to the definition of luxury, style, and opulence. Get amazed by the city’s incredible skyline and the stunning landmarks that showcase Dubai’s religion and culture.

Read on to understand how the department of culture and tourism in Dubai has helped attract tourists from all over the world.

Dubai Culture

Dubai gives you a cosmopolitan vibe as it embraces different cultures and traditions. Home to over 200 nationalities worldwide, Dubai perfectly blends its rich culture and heritage into every aspect of the city. Experience the Emirati culture with its unique mix of traditional Arab and Bedouin cultures that hold strong influences from Persian, South Asian, and African cultures.

You will find Dubai a cultural melting pot in the desert, with its uniqueness embracing the different nationalities who consider Dubai their home. From Arabic coffees and spices to textiles and gold, ensure you make the most of your trip by sampling every bit of Dubai’s culture and tourism through its various attractions and traditions.

Dubai’s Architecture

As a tourist to Dubai, you will get mesmerized by Dubai’s architecture. As you go sightseeing in Dubai’s old town through our Dubai tour packages, you will notice the traditional Arabic architecture in the city’s older buildings. In contrast, a display of blended Emirati culture and modern luxury is seen in the city’s latest structures. Notice the influence of Dubai’s rich historical context being preserved in its modern buildings and landmarks to give you a sense of traditional connection. The architects have used innovative practices like sustainability and an artistic reference to the past styles on many of the landmarks designed in Dubai.

Tourism in Dubai

Dubai Shopping & Food Festival

To have a wholesome experience of Dubai’s culture, you must visit during the Dubai shopping festival. Enjoy various cultural activities in Dubai, where festivals attract travellers from around the globe to take advantage of the reduced shopping prices, explore significant sporting events, and watch fantastic fireworks. Watch some amazing cultural shows and participate in unique leisure experiences. You can also enjoy cultural surprises during Dubai’s food festival, where you can enjoy local cuisines and food festivals held at the shopping malls. Celebrate the diversity of unique culinary flavours and fantastic dishes. Experience Dubai tourism by attending several cultural festivals held throughout the year and get an excellent opportunity to learn about UAE’s traditional arts, music, and dance.

Desert Safari and Adventures

The department of culture and tourism in Dubai offers traditional and cultural lifestyles as part of tourism through its rugged terrains. You can use camels and off-road trucks to add to the thrill of your Dubai trip. Tour the desert with camels, enjoy the dunes with quad bikes and explore the starry skies with overnight stays. Enjoy an eventful night in the desert of Dubai with wildlife-watching, a dance show with barbeque, and the joy of dressing up in traditional attire. The rich cultural experiences and traditional activities will make your Desert safari in Dubai an experience worth cherishing. GT Holidays offer customised Dubai honeymoon packages that take you and your partner on adventurous rides.

Dubai Religion

As a centre for cultural understanding, Dubai is very tolerant of other religions and is home to many churches and temples, but the city comprises mainly Muslim residents. Islam is the official religion of Dubai; hence you will notice the influence of Islamic and Arab culture on every aspect of Dubai’s lifestyle. From architecture and music to attire and cuisine, you will find the role of Islam very prominent throughout the city. Take a tour to explore the Arabian Culture and historical landmarks in the city, like the Jumeirah Mosque, considered one of the most remarkable cultural landmarks in Dubai. Observe the traditional Fatimid style that originates from Egypt and Syria and the domes with intricate geometric designs, Arabic calligraphy, and keel motifs.

Cultural Differences

With a confluence of 200 nationalities, Dubai has celebrated the blend of Emirati, Arabic and international cultures over many years, but it is very different from the western world. As a visitor, you may find some cultural differences in Dubai that might be a culture shock. You will see locals walking around in traditional attires, prayers getting called out from mosques, wafts of sweet smell coming out of the Seesha’s and the presence of Arabic language everywhere. As a visitor, you must respect and adhere to the local cultures and values.

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