The biggest worry before international travel is what things will be allowed in the host country. If you have witnessed airport security personnel screening and discarding items, you must have typed What can I take to Dubai on Google. At GT Holidays, we don’t provide customized Dubai tour packages but guide you about factors that ensure a seamless experience. We assist with the do and don’ts for all your trips, ensuring hassle-free travel.

If you are traveling to the UAE, read on to learn more about items permitted in Dubai to save yourself a lot of hassle at the airport.

Type of Luggage

You must have seen a lot of people struggling with luggage at the airport due to the type of baggage allowed for travel. It is best to understand the airport rules before you begin packing.

Check-in Bag

Ensure you have a bag with at least one flat surface, like a rectangular bag, a bag with a flat bottom, or a properly sealed box. Do not carry bags that are round, oversized, or irregular in shape or bags with a long strap, as they will get rejected during check-in. Check with your airlines regarding bag sizes since some may have strict measures to carry bags under 90 cm in length, 75 cm in height and width of 60 cm. Be aware that Dubai airports only allow a maximum of 2 baggage pieces per traveler with a total weight of not more than 32 kg.

Hand Bags

Most airlines will allow you to carry two pieces of hand luggage, like a small cabin bag, a purse, a backpack, or a laptop bag. Ensure that your cabin baggage has a maximum length of 56 cm, depth of 25 cm, and width of 45 cm.

Amount of Liquids

Regarding what I can take to Dubai, you must remember that there are several restrictions about carrying liquids on the flight. The amount of liquid to be carried vary for cabin and checked-in bags.

In Cabin Bags

When traveling to Dubai, you need to ensure that you are not carrying more than 100ml per item of liquids, and every liquid should be packed inside a clear, re-sealable bag and packed within your handbags. The liquid items in your cabin baggage should not exceed 1 liter. There are exceptions for some travelers, like parents with babies and travelers with medical issues. If you are a young parent or need medication during travel, medicines, dietary needs, baby milk, and food is allowed on board as a special consideration.

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In Check-in Bags

You can pack liquid in any quantity inside your check-in bags, provided they aren’t inflammable and are tightly secured. You will be allowed to bring 4 liters of alcohol into Dubai.

Types of Medicines

It would be best if you were extra cautious about bringing your medicines into Dubai since UAE has restrictions over certain banned substances. Ensure you carry a prescription from a certified doctor or a hospital that mentions the health status and medication required. Your medications must be maintained in their original packaging and should be within the expiry date limits.

Types of Personal Belongings

With so many travel restrictions, you might wonder, ‘what can I bring to Dubai?’ Do not fret! There’s a list of some personal belongings that get exempted from customs fees when you travel to Dubai. You can easily carry items like baby strollers, wheelchairs, telescopes, and portable items like TV sets, computers and laptops, music equipment, calculators, and typing sets into Dubai. If you bring in video cameras, ensure to carry their appropriate tapes, films, and other accessories.

Total Amount of Money

Traveling through our Dubai honeymoon packages, you may wish to carry enough money for shopping to your heart’s content. You must follow specific rules when carrying cash, cheques, or precious jewelry while traveling to Dubai since the UAE has strict laws against money laundering and suspicious financial activities. You will be expected to declare if you are carrying large sums of money, especially if it’s over Dh 60,000. Thankfully, Dubai customs offers an innovative application called ‘iDeclare’ where you can easily self-declare cash and goods online before you arrive in Dubai. The application simplifies your customs clearance process by reducing the time to less than 4 minutes. You must note that the customs duties of items are decided based on their value and quantity.

Type of Food

Like any international destination, you can bring only a limited quantity of food into Dubai, and that too for non-commercial purposes. Ensure all your food items are adequately packed and stored in your bags. You are advised not to carry fruits, vegetables, raw plants, seeds, or cooked food, as they will be taken away by security personnel at the airport.

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