Dubai is home to people of many nationalities and offers diverse cuisine to please every pallet. But if you are planning a trip to the city, you must try a variety of Dubai’s famous food to get a taste of the local cuisine. Explore the various dishes made using a combination of Iranian, Lebanese, and Arabic food that will leave you craving more. Below are some dishes that represent Dubai’s local cuisine inspired by their tradition and culture. Check out the 9 famous foods of Dubai that you must try during your trip.

1. Harees

One of the everyday dishes found in most Emirati kitchens is Harees. Made with crushed wheat and minced meat or chicken, Harees is cooked with onions, cumin, salt, and water. As part of a traditional dish that requires much time and skill, Harees are served at special occasions and weddings. Considered one of the most famous foods in Dubai, you can often find the dish on most menus across Dubai’s finest restaurants. The recipe of Harees continues to be passed down through generations since it’s an integral part of the local culinary heritage.

2. Luqaimat

As a dish served for special occasions and various cultural events, Luqaimat’s are hot dumplings similar in taste and texture to a doughnut. Considered an essential part of Dubai’s traditional cuisine, Luqaimat’s are a ‘must-have’ dessert made at home or in restaurants. Most cafés offer daily fresh batches of Luqaimat and serve it with a sticky date sauce, topped with sesame seeds. Try the sweet Luqaimat on your couple’s trip through our Dubai honeymoon packages.

3. Knafeh

Another dessert you should try is Knafeh, a famous Dubai food originating from Palestine. Try the popular pastry dish, which has become a local favourite and is made of dough, sour cheese, and crisp sugar syrup and served fresh. It is readily available during Ramadan since the locals prefer it during sundown when they break their fast.


4. Oozie

In Dubai during Ramadan, you will find Oozie, one of the best-known dishes, as part of the iftar meal. Oozie is made of rice stuffed into pastry pockets and served with salad, yogurt, or fried or roasted nuts mix. You can also have Oozie with meat during the festival, especially during festivals, events, and weddings. It features prominently at special occasions such as wedding parties and festive celebrations. Try visiting during Ramadan with our Dubai travel packages to enjoy the various varieties of Oozie available.

5. Margoogat

Enjoy the meaty, tomato-based stew known as Margoogat, which is full of heat and cooked with turmeric, cumin, and a spice mixture called bezar. You can try the different variations across the city and choose from chicken, lamb, or some made with baby marrow and potato. Our Dubai tour packages can take you to restaurants where you can try popular dishes.

Dubai Famous Food

6. Chebab

Start your mornings with delicious Emirati-style’ Chebab’ pancakes, typically served as breakfast. Chebab is stuffed with sour cheese and sweet date syrup before heating. The sweet and sour elements combine during cooking, and you will find its flavour similar to a decadent and cheesy Swiss fondue.

7. Majboos

With recipes passed from generation to generation, Majboos has become popular amongst locals and visitors. The lamb is spiced with looming, made from dried, ripe limes and saltwater, and later cooked into a stew with tomatoes and rice. Try this traditional rice dish of Dubai with unique, sharp, spicy, and rich flavours. Spices like cloves, cardamom, turmeric, cinnamon bark, and Baharat give a unique flavour to the dish, making it on the list of Dubai’s famous food. Served with basmati rice and various types of meat or chicken, you will find the dish with distinctive flavours of spices and assorted vegetables. Try the chicken or meat Majboos at family events or Iftar meals during Ramadan.

8. Khubz

Khubz or ‘Kuboos’ is a classic soft Arabic bread made with all-purpose or wheat flour. Try the freshly made ones at a bakery or restaurant with fresh hummus and an aubergine dip called ‘mutabal’ as its perfect accompaniment. You can also use the Khubz to wrap all the juicy, delicious ingredients of shawarma, and it can also be paired with any gravy dishes.

9. Madrouba

As one of the famous foods of Dubai, Madrouba is mainly eaten with chicken, though it is also served with fish, lamb, and crushed grains as per taste. Madrouba, meaning ‘beaten’ in Arabic, is prepared using rice, garlic, onion, tomatoes, yogurt, some seasoning and moderate use of butter, which gets beaten together in the last stage of the recipe. The smoothly mashed dish is easily digestible and ideal for all ages.

Whether you’re looking for a sweet or savoury snack or a complete meal, Dubai’s famous food allows you to explore the city’s culinary delights.  Visit Us or Call GT Holidays and learn how to book your trip to Dubai.