You may know Dubai as part of the Arabian Desert, but now the city has become a favourite destination for water sports lovers. The vast coastline of the Arabian sea, the calm waters and world-class beach facilities are enough to lure you to try out a least some of the wide variety of water sports in Dubai. Enjoy activities that are available for all ages, beginners and experts alike.

Here are the top 9 water sports activities in Dubai that you can indulge in while on your Dubai trip.

1. Parasailing/Paragliding

One of the easiest ways to get a birds-eye view of Dubai and the Persian Gulf is through parasailing. Soar above in the air with the help of professionals as you sit strapped into a parachute attached to a boat below. See all the iconic landmarks set amidst Dubai’s skyline and get panoramic views of Burj Al-Arab, Palm Island, Jumeirah Beach Residence and more. Experience an adrenaline rush by parasailing around Dubai’s coastline through our Dubai tour packages, and make it one of your memorable moments of the trip.

2. Jet Skiing

Jet skiing is the most popular water sport on most beaches worldwide. Enjoy the thrill of being on the jet ski and riding at a speed fed with its sheer power. The Blue Sea water sport in Dubai is one of the leading providers of jet skiing services with quality equipment and professional and licensed staff. Ride the jet ski on the crystal-clear waters of the Persian Gulf and take a tour of the sights in Dubai Marina. Visit the Umm Suqeim Marina with your friends and family and choose from a half-hour, one-hour, or two-hour tour of riding on the jet ski!

3. Speed Boating

What’s more fun than taking your entire family on a fun speed boat ride as part of water sports activities in Dubai? Get on board the speed boats, take a delightful tour of the Dubai beachfront with 4 of your family members, and cherish a unique shared experience for a lifetime! Click some pictures of the city’s top landmarks while you enjoy the thrilling ride. You can take an evening slot to catch the gorgeous sunset and the reflections of the iconic Dubai skyline.

Dubai Water Sports

4. Windsurfing

If you are a severe watersports thrill-seeker, windsurfing is one recreational activity you must try in Dubai. If you are new to the sport, learn the art of blending sailing and surfing at the Jumeirah beach through professional and friendly instructors. Take on the fun windsurfing by booking our Dubai travel packages and satisfy your adrenaline while taking a waters tour.

5. Flyboarding

Want to feel like a superhero? Try Flyboarding through one of the best watersports rentals in Dubai. The water sport activity involves standing on a jetpack with a powerful motor to help you propel up high on the water like a superhero. Licensed instructors will guide you till you figure out the mechanism. Enjoy the activity along with the spectacular views of Dubai.

6. Fly Fishing

If you are travelling with your spouse and want to try out a water sport together, then Fly Fishing can be fun. You and your partner will be seated on an E-shaped inflatable strapped safely to speedboats. Experience a joint thrill of the speed and the wind in your face as you go past Dubai’s skyline. Our agents at GT Holidays can pre-book the activity through our Dubai honeymoon packages.

7. Water Skiing

If you are confused about which water sports adventure to go for, we suggest you ride the water ski. Water skiing is one of the best water sports you can enjoy through a watersport rental in Dubai. The powerful machine offers a thrilling ride by letting you zip along the water’s surface. Similar to skiing on snow, water skiing is one of the best Dubai water activities for speed seekers, where the speed gets determined by the speedboat that tugs the ski board.

8. Wakeboarding

Want to try something a bit more challenging than water skiing? Try Wakeboarding, where manoeuvring on the water gets all the more exciting! As one of the popular water sports activities in Dubai, Wakeboarding allows you to indulge in stunts and other acrobatics, unlike the waterski.

9. Kitesurfing

You will find beginners and professional surfers on their waterboards tied to giant parachutes balancing over the waves while they kitesurf. You can try kitesurfing through our Dubai tour packages to experience the sheer power of the wind and try to harness it with the help of the wave board.

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